The philosophy of the age. The mysterious cycles in a person's life

The road of life

Our life is a long road. When you're young, it seems endless, and you live with the feeling that you have and in your a lot of time, so many that don't even know how to use it and what to fill.

At the end of life when much of this road has already passed, you look back and see that the years flew by like one moment. Realize that time you had not so many, and there are very few.

The long road of life a man lays himself on the models, the Nature and Destiny. These models Way provide for their periods and their movements stop, countless opportunities, challenges and tests that are given at each stage so that a route goes primarily to grow and develop. What all of this is using the man himself, and what will ultimately get its way, depends on his own efforts and desire to understand why and for what he builds. That is the philosophical approach to the subject that we are discussing.


Life stages

Age in philosophy, it is one of the periods, phases, or cycles, of human development. The onset of each age is accompanied by physiological changes in the body, but this is only the visible part of the iceberg. Much more interesting is that simultaneously happening in terms of mental and mental and how it affects the way of life. Philosophy is another key question: how does each cycle takes the spiritual development of man and how it affects its fate and destiny?


Three points of view

Age — the concept is very specific, but at the same time and relative. The sense that invests in a person depends on what he considers important in life.

If you age is a "number of years from birth" confirming that your physical body (a natural process) is slowly but relentlessly getting older, and if you see your happiness in that a longer look young and beautiful — I fear nothing please you will not be able. Your happiness will be short-lived: even the best plastic surgeons sooner or later find themselves powerless before the mighty laws of Nature.

Perhaps you are among those for whom there are two "age", "youth", which lasts as long as you are free, yet live for themselves, avoiding responsibility, difficulties, challenges, and decision-making; and the "end of youth" — when "happy" life ends, because there are different liability issues and serious life challenges, and this becomes a cause of chronic depression and dissatisfaction.

Then, most likely, you just refuse to grow up. Some psychologists call such people aging children... Not too flattering, especially because others think you are not young and helpless touching or funny, even if you are not many years.

Or maybe, you associate the concept of age is primarily a state of mind and consciousness and less with physiological changes in the human body. In this case, your approach is deeply philosophical.

A young one who, regardless of age, living heart, alive and searching mind, who preserves the youthfulness of the soul. His life is filled with meaning, which it finds because of the constant search and efforts, strongly, subtly and deeply living out what was happening to him, due to the richness of his inner world. Quickly and prematurely ages a person of any age, if his heart hardens, soul and mind is devastated, and life devoid of meaning.

Young remains anyone who recognizes and overcomes barriers, limitations on the ability to show the best qualities of the mind, heart and soul. Old becomes anyone who falls into the trap of such restrictions and circumstances.


Age cycles

According to many ancient and modern philosophical and religious teachings, astrological and psychological concepts, human life is arranged in the image and likeness of the life of Nature and the Universe. She's just one big cycle of existence inside other, more mysterious cycles of the great process of Evolution, which can not comprehend the limited human mind.


Philosophers talked about seven critical seven-year age cycles (they are considered to be from birth), all of which are conditions for the development of one of the seven plans of the human existence. Thus, during life, he receives all the opportunities for holistic and comprehensive development of his spirit, mind and body.

This ancient concept has significantly expanded the modern astrology, particularly the famous School of humanistic astrology. Swiss astrologer A. RUPERTI calls the age of the fruitful soil, which Matures in-depth experience and awakens human consciousness, reveals the treasures of his Soul, passing the natural stages of development.

He drew attention to the fact that in different age cycles of the same event often takes on quite different values: changing its meaning, changing human reaction, the lessons he must learn, and qualities of soul and mind that needs opening.

Astrologer D. Radar finds the most interesting relationship between the full cycle of holistic human development throughout life and the full 84-year cycle of the planet Uranus.

The cycle of Uranium, in relation to a person's life, the astrologers are divided into stages in different ways: they talk about the seven cycles of 12 years, about 12 cycles of seven years and about three cycles for 28 years. Often it is considered 12 cycles of seven years. Radar also advises to consider the first of 10 seven-year cycles, from 0-th to 70-th year, because after that starts the repetition on another level what has already been passed.


The years of "examination"

If the cycle of Uranus is divided into three periods for 28 years, then the key for the development of the person is made 0 (year of birth), 28th, 56th and 84th years of his life. They are called critical in the deepest sense of the word — it was in these years are the most severe tests, the inlet line under what has already been lived, passed. They have the real hamlet's "to be or not to be?".

How will put these vital exams, depends, whether will change radically the destiny of man, whether he will step into a new life or remain in the old, condemned his soul to a slow death, albeit painless.


From birth to 7 years

Little, just-born man has not yet adapted to the new conditions of life in matter, and therefore, as says the legend, fate gives him a friend and helper, unearthly creature — a guardian angel. According to ancient tradition, every child up to seven years has a guardian angel.

It protects the baby from all the dangers of life, while he will not be on his feet, and, most importantly, helps to keep communication with the heavenly world, from whence the child came, and peace to his own soul.

If the child's attention has not yet absorbed all the material things and Hobbies, if his soul is still not hard and retained the immediacy and purity, the communion with the angel could be the beginning of the formation of his inner world. So there are first questions about the meaning of life, about beauty, and about the universe, the first born of dreams and aspirations, and all his life retained a craving for the unseen and magical.

All this is reflected in games, drawings, stories of child, and their parents can obtain valuable information about the other, unseen side of life your baby.

Such inner responsiveness, the ability to see with my heart and feel the soul of beings and things will culminate in five years, to then sharply decrease, and after seven years will disappear, if not to strengthen in the children's minds before you start school age.

Everything else we drop, adding only one. Do not indulge the whims of his child! Before school child should understand that he is not the center of the universe! If we fail to instill in him a basic understanding of what is possible and what is not, then dealing with it will be very difficult and emotional outbursts can last a lifetime.

Age period to seven years is extremely important, since everything that happens at this time, one way or another will affect the future life. If, for example, in this age of food the baby doesn't calcium, then it will be suffer the body. If in a child's life would lack love, warmth and parental authority, friendship, and understanding, then the rest of his life people will feel deprived and will experience huge difficulties building relationships with other people and trying to adapt to the social environment. But if at this age the child is not to be missed food for the soul — his whole life could be wasted, he could never understand why he was born and for which he lived.


From 7 to 14 years

The child at this age begins very clearly aware of his inner self and to separate themselves from their environment. At the same time and gradually it awakens an important need: to evaluate, to reason, to act like an adult and strive to as such it is perceived.

Wisdom of the heart is replaced by the logic of the head, and inner dialogue with the soul of beings and objects, a dialogue with the outside world. Your contribution to this significant change in the consciousness bring in the TV, school, family and environment, i.e. the whole system of education, system of norms and principles of social behavior, and laws that reflect the concrete life reality, which he must gradually learn.

Therefore, in this age, the crucial role of parents and adults as teachers and mentors, whose authority is not based on a demonstration spanking or revealing a promotion, but on deep mutual trust: when there is one who knows more — for example, a sort of ideal, and those who know the least who recognize this example and therefore it should.

Cycle in the age 7-14 years in child awaken the major energy resources and potentials, so it becomes very active, dynamic, moving with the same dynamic, active and be moving and his mind and inner peace. Few of the adults notices the awakening in this age of spiritual hunger, the growing thirst for knowledge. Child is interested in everything from the device world to the structure of the car...

His curiosity burning, sincere, and contagious. It gives a wonderful opportunity for a parent to revive old, return to youth, to feel amazing, genuine interest in everything that happens. And most glorious of all, when we suddenly cease to understand who is pushing for the opening — baby us your child's interest and ability to be surprised or we inspiration of an adult, which again spoke of the soul of the child.

And perhaps, losing this chance, we condemn their children to a life of mediocre.


From 14 to 21 years

Each rating cycle has its own problems, but the crisis of adolescence is different from all others. Its scale, drama and quantity involved in his characters he resembles a real tragedy — Shakespeare rest!

On the one hand, a violent reaction, moods, emotions, unpredictable behaviors and thinking, romantic outbursts and a serious hobby then one, then another and then — depression, passivity, laziness, isolation, feelings about their "svezheulozhennyj" complexes, such glorified adolescence.

All the fuss erupted due to the fact that, despite rapid growth, physiological maturation and obvious outward signs of an adult, our hero remains largely still a child, naive and restless and deep down wishing to be cared for, protected, fenced from the pressures of life.

On the other hand, he is well aware that childhood was over. He's already a Mature man so he should look in his own eyes and, more importantly, in the eyes of others. And if the child in the teenager takes over, the adult in this body trying to get rid of this baby, trying not to show it.

All this causes confusion and self-doubt. Trying to hide them and wanting to look confident, the teenager rushes from one extreme to another, behaving unnaturally.

His representation of himself — an idealized, and the requirements to themselves and to the environment are exaggerated. It is primarily for the exterior, which becomes the main concern.

Especially inconvenienced at this age, feelings of sexual inferiority. "What if I have something wrong?" this question often asked by teenagers, and attempt to answer it leads to additional complexes and suffering: fear of the first time, the timidity, the shyness, the fear of being not up to par, fears that inharmonious proportions and the shortcomings of his body will cause laughter...

In this age, the parents should not leave the child without support and let him deal with its problems alone. Indifference will not speed up the overcoming of such crises. Calm, serious conversation will calm the teenager, will help to understand many issues and, most importantly, not to dwell on such experiences. Parents need to show that in the life of a Mature man is something else, more important, interesting and inspiring... Otherwise, we risk to grow up neurotic, and pathologically preoccupied with his persona of a person.

To help your teen to discover other horizons, no need to invent anything: his inner world is constantly growing and is filled with a variety of interests, delicate feelings wonderful, romantic dreams and dreams. Adults only need to help the teenager to disclose the treasures of his inner world. Because it is inherently incorrigible romantic and an idealist. He lives high feelings and inspirations, and so sometimes he has the power to move mountains, only you'd let him!

The soul of a teenager — that fertile soil in which appear the first stirrings of the true abilities, talents, aspirations, and revelations. Then they will form its inner core and the meaning of life.

And most importantly: if in the previous stage, the child needed the parent-teacher, now he needs a parent-friend. He wants someone who could be a mirror of his feelings and experiences, someone you can trust with any secret. The teenager revealed only to those who touched something thin string of his soul, his inner world. On the other, he will behave formally, keenly feeling the falsity and insincerity, sometimes perceiving the approach as trying to "attack yourself"... the answer is born of aloofness, which can escalate into a protest. Parents need to treat the teenager like an adult, not forgetting that to approach him slowly, sincerely and without asking anything in return.

As a rule, all ends happily to 18-19 years, with age. Before the young man and woman is already different task — to become separate and independent, both physically and mentally, especially in relation to parents and family.


From 21 to 28 years

It is believed that young people at this age can already quite responsible for their actions. May marry, to vote, to choose a profession and a passion to work and provide for themselves, to live independently.

Here it is, the long-awaited freedom to choose who they want, do what I want, I am the master of my own fate and manage, at its own discretion, want to — do things, you want — you take of yourself, no one above me should not, nor to whom I should report!.. All so, there is only one little "but".

At this age reaches its climax the arduous process of becoming a "full member of society." With an adult young man the society has no bones, it removes all the masks, and it becomes clear that they are ruled by the cruel laws of the jungle and what really you have two options: either to adapt to these laws, to see them as a necessary evil if you want to live quietly and safely, or still fight for their own individuality and moral criteria, knowing that the risk at any moment to be destroyed by these same laws.

This is the essence of the crisis life cycle of 21 to 28 years, this is the main task of the great test of maturity is to survive in any way, but not to destroy the soul. In this struggle for the survival of face-to-face two fundamental life-giving principle: the material and the spiritual. Which of them will be stronger, which will win depends on the fate of man.

It can be solved with one flash of intuition, one action at the behest of the heart, but just as we can destroy with her own hands if our intuition, our heart and soul "fail" at the right time.

At this age we are like the people who are going to build a house. Everything that happens to us at this stage, all our efforts, revelation, and knowledge become the "building blocks" which we collect bit by bit. To build the building we will start in the next cycle of life. But precisely because the material that accumulated in the period 21-28 years old — it must be remembered. Then find the missing items will be much harder.


From 28 to 35 years old

We often hear the catchphrase: "I set myself a period of 30 years. By this time, have a lot to catch: to take a walk and smell the roses, enjoy the free life and create a family, to live the means of the parents and find a paying job, to protect the candidate, maybe even a doctorate."

If after 30 your life is over and what you don't have time to reach up to this period, are unlikely to catch up later. As a result committed many big mistakes, accept hasty decisions, there is a lot of conflicts and complexes. We want to sit on multiple chairs at the same time, I want to have everything and get nothing.

Our life becomes a constant race and the hustle and bustle, the days are painted on minutes, and still we lack time. So often, we allow ourselves the extreme routine, the boredom, passivity, until the periodic of the depression, the cause of which is external and internal fatigue.

But in the rare moments stop makes itself felt, our second nature, pushed somewhere deep in the subconscious. Tear out the soul of a romantic, the poet, the artist, and in these moments we do not know. It is very strong inexplicable domestic nostalgia.

The heart wants to love truly and be loved, asking for purity of heart and purity of relations, asks adventures, asks beauty in all its manifestations. Music, poetry, books, nature — all this becomes relevant again. Sometimes breaks out the soul of the philosopher and the scholar, hungry for knowledge. Suddenly we begin to ask questions about God, about the meaning of life, about the purpose. Suddenly aware of how narrow our horizons and what we don't know and I missed it. We want to study, to learn, to develop skills and talents, to discover the world and people.

The task of the age groups 28-35 years that this deep and sincere to the needs and aspirations of the soul to give vent to, unleash, to develop and strengthen them.

For so fate gives us a Chance to find yourself, open your Way, to open one or another facet of his meaning of life. At this age it's easy to see and, oddly enough, at this age, life circumstances allow you at least a fraction of what is revealed, to realize.

If the chance is missed, if our second nature does not receive the necessary food to grow, up to 35 years, and the effects are almost minimal: there will be only a deep nostalgia for the real, authentic life and dissatisfaction. But in the next age cycle, after 35 years, it can turn into deep crisis — the famous "midlife crisis".

Chances are in this age do not fall from the sky, and come along with a fundamental rethinking of all that came before, and are accompanied by a rather difficult challenge.

All falls in a heap — on the one hand, many important and difficult problems to solve, with all the usual, stereotypical ways of their solution won't work. On the other hand, fate suddenly sends opportunities that did not exist before. Each of them has its "pros" and "cons", and we are required to make a choice, clearly aware that it is only right and already for a long time.

In fact, the choices we make, is always the same: either the head or the heart. Either we choose a stable and quiet life, ignoring the needs of the heart and soul, condemning yourself to a life empty and meaningless. Either we choose the needs of the soul and heart, sacrificing much of what has provided us with a stable and quiet life.

Our choices must be conscious and independent. We must understand found we like it or not, I was right there once again, responsible for his decisions and actions. The right decision can be taken, do not answer two vital questions: 1) what I do not like in a former life and why (criteria — the needs of the soul and of the heart), 2) what is most important to me, why, for what and for whom I live (the criterion is the same)...

Find your way easy. You need patience and perseverance, because there is a long road of trial and error. The main thing is not to give up before time and do not compromise with your soul, heart or conscience. Luck is always a reward for the courage, tenacity, faith, patience and of course love.

Anyway, if up to this period man was still fighting the material and the spiritual, in this age he is already Mature enough to choose, irrevocably, one of the two.

No wonder they say that all of the following age cycles are a kind of continuation of the cycle of 28-35 years and what then happens depends largely on how we have lived through this key period of our lives that it opened and what priorities were placed.


From 35 to 42 years old

In this period person experiences the famous "midlife crisis" or "mid-life crisis", which becomes a natural extension of the defective lived previous — key — stage of life, an unfortunate consequence of all of the missed opportunities in it.

Once again, we begin to think about what "you should have thought before," and ask the questions that had to find the answer.

Such a crisis, each in its own style. But sooner or later the soul once again begin to torment the questions: "why do all that?" "But whether it's my life?" "This way I go?", "Why do I exist?", "Why do it?". The person feels very lonely — internally and sometimes externally. And the most irksome feeling that the time for "real life" is not enough and what is not, as before, to postpone it "for later".

The processes occurring during the crisis, only indirectly connected with external circumstances. Therefore, many psychologists agree that a similar crisis does not age, and deeply spiritual.

As said by C. G. Jung, in this age, man again gets the opportunity to hear the voice of his Soul, his Self. He and his life radically changed, and for this purpose all conditions are created. Spirituality needs to take the place of common sense, wisdom of the heart — the place of the logic of the mind.

In fact, the midlife crisis is another chance to change everything. If he is overcome successfully and we find the missing links, we need to ensure that our life has a new meaning, may result in a profound spiritual rebirth, expansion of consciousness, a new vision of the world and his destiny, the attainment of individuality. This confirms the experience of many prominent people who have experienced an acute spiritual crisis about 40 years. For this reason, many people about 40 years, change a family, a profession, a way of life and start from scratch.

Often, unfortunately, the man manages to sleep through this opportunity, to stifle the voice of his Soul. However, you can't escape yourself. Dire consequences await those who succeed. Such people can be petty, angry and confused old men, whose lonely life is filled only with sickness, gossip, and expectation of death.

Even for those who have already found the meaning of life and a labor of love, this period is not simple. Enough to find a meaning, few know where we are going and what they now need all this to fit. "Mid-life crisis" in this case manifests itself in painful awareness of the discrepancy between the height and beauty of that business or purpose, which man had chosen, and his real abilities and capabilities. And again start the same deep rethinking, trying to be better and to do better, to overcome the boundaries of knowledge and opportunities to break down stereotypes.
And again the same effort in another way to hear the voice of the Soul, to re-open other people and the world.


From 42 to 49 years old

For anybody not a secret that by this age, relationships with loved ones usually become a habit, losing their usual warmth, tenderness, depth and power. Any relationship periodically require reassessment and renewal or revival. This age provides a unique chance to do it forever or new way to love their loved ones, if all these years our feelings can withstand all tests. And it will have again to answer the question: "What binds us together, what unites, what keeps it together? Habit? the dependence on each other? material gain? friendship? love? responsibility for others? General business, aspirations, dreams? or both, and the third?"

If the previous cycle had once and for all answer the question of what is important in my life, in this age once and for all need to answer the question: what is important in my relationships with loved ones and the world around you?

This age gives you a unique chance to re-experience Love — the different forms and States, and to strengthen the ties of the heart, connecting us with other people.

The couple, who managed to get her through all the crises, to 45 years to feel the renewal of feelings and attitudes, and not because they suddenly change for the better, they just stop blaming their own problems.

In this age of love can become not only a vital core, but also an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration and effort.

Because of the belief that we are not just in demand, and need others, we can be born many new ideas, initiatives and creative ideas that will bring benefit to many.

Given the amazing opportunities at this age, you need to remember not just what love is for all ages, but also that love cannot be replaced by surrogates. Why not indulge in a virtual reality TV shows and romance novels and have no illusions that it will be replacing what is lost in life. Also (especially men) do not think that acquaintance with a young woman that would be able to assert themselves, to feel human have not yet lost their physical attractiveness and potency of youth, automatically "provide" love. Don't try to run from their age, do not convince yourself and others that you are younger than you really are. The Mature age has its beauty and strength that very few people indifferent.





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