How many players get Ukrainian (23 photos)

Ukrainian football always keeps a secret salary of its players.
Rumor has it that hide information about salaries beneficial to the clubs in order to reduce taxes.
The following presents a score of experts salaries Ukrainian football players, because the numbers do not even spelled out in the contract.

1. Andriy Voronin
Annual income: $ 3, 5 million.
FC: Dynamo (Moscow)
Position: Forward

2. Andrei Shevchenko
Annual income: $ 3, 2 million.
Age: 35
FC: Dynamo (Kiev)
Position: Forward

3. Dmytro Chygrynskiy
Annual revenue: $ 2, 7 million.
Age: 25
FC: Shakhtar (Donetsk)
Position: Defender

4. Oleksandr Aliyev
Annual revenue: $ 2, 7 million.
Age: 26
FC: Dynamo (Kiev)
Position: Midfielder

5. Anatoliy Tymoshchuk
Annual revenue: $ 2, 2 million.
Age: 32
FC Bayern (Munich)
Position: Midfielder, Defender


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