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Almost all men, and sometimes even some women watching football. Over the long history of this popular sport world could learn not only the names of famous players, but also a lot of funny and sometimes sad facts and stories to match. I suggest you read some of them.

John Penalties
In 1891, an Irish expert on the rules of football John Penalties proposed to introduce a penalty kick for rough play or handball, deliberately committed by a player of the defending team within its penalty area. The first such attack was made in the Irish Football League. Now, all over the world it is called a penalty.

Red card for wedding
The famous German footballer Hansi Müller and outstanding correctness, in one of the matches suddenly entered the hassle with the judge, for which he was dismissed. It later emerged that he did it intentionally, as the club refused him leave. And for the holidays, he had a good reason: he had to attend to his own wedding ....


Unusual match took place in 1959 at the city stadium in Gelsenkirchen (Germany). The Administration set up a meeting and handball players at the same time. All four teams were on time, and between them is a ferocious debate - who should play. No one wanted to concede. All four teams took to the field and started the game. It was a strange game. Worn on the field about four dozen players, throwing two balls. "Despite the untold difficulties, and both meetings were brought to an end," - said the city sports newspaper. Account with handball - 14: 2, the players - 4: 2. The losing team handball match protested, since it was a championship game. But the audience was delighted: they were able to visit the most original game of the season.

Assists drought
Assists drought struck at the turn of the 60s-70s in the field of a number of European countries, which immediately reflected in attendances. Referring to this problem, described the English weekly initiative of the curious amateur club "Hendon", whose leadership has offered its fans downright revolutionary transaction. Was proclaimed the slogan: "No goals - admission is free!". The essence of innovation is as follows: if the match ends in a goalless draw, tickets remain valid and the next match. And so long as the zero series is not interrupted.

"Talented" scorer
Since early in the season, defender Roberto Vasquez, speaking in the 70s for the Argentine club "Barik" scored an own goal seven goals, coach Hernando Aguirre decided immediately to retrain him in attacking. "Do not disappear as talent" - so he commented his decision. And how on earth. In the next game, playing on a new position, Vazquez again managed to send the ball into his own net. There is already a coach angelic patience came to an end, and with the player said goodbye.

Frost-resistant tiffozi
During a football match in Molfetta (Italy) due to the cold weather in the stands was only one spectator, who is quite expansive reacted to have occurred on the game situation (apparently cold and forced him to do so). After the game, both teams came to the podium, on which there was a fan, and rewarded him with applause. For resistance.


Penalty dream
Most quarterback of the football team of the Italian city of Verona Bonitstsoni dreamed of that in one of the matches in the national championship he was instructed to perform a penalty kick. Finally a dream come true. Bonitstsoni scattered, struggling hit the ball ... and immediately woke up from a terrible pain. shot hit the back of the bed. The doctor has diagnosed - a broken finger. "This is the strangest injury in the history of Italian football," - commented on this occasion the president of football club "Verona».

Life Saving judges handiwork ...
In the Spanish city of Segovia in the 60s-70s there was a pretty original tradition. When the local football team lost the match, the fans threw the judge in the river. Have not helped to end it any fines imposed on the club or disqualification of the stadium. And then the football authorities actually admit their powerlessness were appointed to matches in Segovia judges who know how to swim.

Footballer husband gave his wife win the sweepstakes
The meeting English teams "Sheffield Wednesday" - "Barnsley" victory went to "Sheffield" dobivshemusya success in the 92nd minute. The only goal was scored by left winger Chamberlain. Management of the club gave him a bonus of nine pounds. But his joy was short-lived. When he got home, he learned that his wife, who was present at the meeting, made a bet in football betting. In case of a tie she could get 6000 pounds.

Own goal from the penalty spot
When the referee a football match in Bukskhayme (Germany) has appointed a penalty kick, the players of the offending team does not want to accept this decision. They argued, pleaded with the judge to cancel the penalty, but he was adamant and he set the ball on the penalty spot. Then one of the defenders of the protest in the hearts hit the ball, and he flew into the net. The judge, as if nothing had happened, pointed to center field. In all likelihood, it was the only goal scored from the penalty spot.

Devoted fans "Gunners»
In 1959 in London celebrated the anniversary of one John Smaydla. He was not a public figure or a famous athlete or a popular film actor, but simply a fan of London "Arsenal". However, a fan of slightly unusual. For over 30 years Smaydl never missed a game your favorite team, whether in England or abroad. However, after the celebrations Smaydl admitted that the two games, he still had to miss. In 1933, he missed the game because it got lost in the fog. Even after 6 years he managed to catch only the second half of the game "Arsenal" - "Blackpool", because on that day he married.

Gunfight at the match
In the mid-70s to the tragic history of Argentina during the match two Argentine teams "Pines" and "General Caballero Sport Club". 43 minutes into the match, the match referee Jose Leon Begudo player removed from the field "Juventud" Joaquin Masialya. And as he was with their fists tried to challenge this decision, the arbitrator coolly pulled out a gun and put him firmly undisciplined player. This story was continued: sitting on the podium athlete brother shot the judge.


26 red cards
At the end of the 70s in the match commands Mexican Judge Gonzalez showed 26 (!) Red cards. First, a rough game, he removed from the field several players from both teams. Then, when the general brawl, and all remaining players. And when on the field ran coaches and team representatives, and then expelled from the field.

The joy of the birth of a child helped footballer
First game between the teams of the Swedish "Gothenburg" and Degerfors city team was sluggish, and none of the teams managed to open an account. All that changed in an instant. Forward "Gothenburg" Johansson, who before the meeting had taken his wife to the hospital, reported the birth of his daughter. Johansson seemed changed. He immediately became a central figure in the field and in the remaining time scored four goals. "This is what can make the joy," - said after the match referee, congratulating Johansson. "What is there joy, - said football player - I'm dreaming about the guy. That is why I so damn angry and vented evil rivals ».

Belgian namesakes
In the match held at the beginning of the 70s in one of the Belgian cities, all participants (both teams and three judges) were the same last name: Van Loi. One team was made up of 89-year-old grandchildren Joseph Van Loi, the other - the younger brother of the grandsons of Joseph - Albert. The judges were namesakes. The game ended with a score of 5: 3 in favor of the grandchildren of Joseph. Despite the fact that the players were connected by family ties, the game does not differ correctness: the judge was forced to remove the three players.

House arrest passionate fans
Sunday. In the fire protection of a small Italian town of Campos suddenly sounded the alarm. Duty immediately plunged into the car and rushed to the scene of a fire. However, having arrived, they saw no fire, no smoke clubs. But in the house on the second floor and hysterically screaming, "Help! Fire! ". Now there was a staircase. Down to earth person. Without thanking and nothing explaining rescuers, he ran away. During the arrest revealed that he is a passionate fan of Giovanni Kuidzaro, the day most interesting football match was locked his wife does not want her husband every Sunday left the house. And resourceful fan came up with a good way to get into the game.

Penalties head
Absolutely incredible penalty scored in August 1971 a team player "Builder" from Poltava Alexander Valiant. However, listen very Molodetsky. "I clocked, bent his head and hit the stationary ball. Score! The ball hit the bottom right corner of the goalkeeper, "- said the footballer. It is extremely difficult to imagine how this could happen, but do not believe the author of this unique goals, too, there is no reason.

Family football
In the Polish city of Bydgoszcz took a curious match, attracted many spectators. Reporters local newspapers met with the team, fully equipped members of one family - sons of a bricklayer Osinskogo. And while 11 boys aged 15 to 28 years lost, the audience warmly welcomed the "creator" of the team.

Footballers robber
A crowd of drunken men broke into the night in a tavern on the outskirts of a small Sicilian town. Strangers refreshments smashed glass and stole several bottles of wine. When frightened bar owner jumped out of bed and went downstairs, intruders and gone. Cleaning the room, the owner found a small bronze figure of a football player. It was easy to establish that it is through this figure was open the door of the inn. For the same figure the police managed to find themselves crooks. They were local football club "Riatstsa", which in the past season were awarded for this statue ... good behavior.


Judge watchmaker
Favorite activity of the Italian referee Paolo Guzzi (he judged in the 60s) - repair and construction hours. When you create one of the samples he showed a great sense of humor. On the dial were depicted players. Every quarter of an hour came the angry cries of fans. Every half hour, the whistle sounded fans. Every hour, accompanied by cries of similar "Judge on the soap!". But the interesting thing happened after hours punched twelve times: from their body appear bandaged referee and pursues him on the heels of a crowd of angry fans with umbrellas and sticks.

Married against bachelors
The stadium in Buenos Aires once an experiment, the purpose of which was to prove the superiority of the players over the married bachelor. Everything went quietly to penalty against married. When the penalty has been implemented in the field jumped ... wife. They have beaten the judge and awarded the victory to their husbands. To avoid trouble bachelors did not protest. The experiment failed.

Wife threatened the judge
Renowned Portuguese football referee Jose Abendola suddenly began receiving anonymous letters, the authors of which threatened to beat and even kill him if he did not cease to appear on the pitch. Good manners fans knowing his own country, frightened referee went to the police. After the conducted investigation revealed that send emails ... the wife of a judge. "I could not get my husband to stay home at least on Sunday - she said the police. - I had to make a last resort ... ».

Arbitrator diplomat
The stadium of the Colombian city of Santa Marta ended the match of the local team "Unión Magdalena" with the club "Deportivo" and the bill still has not been opened. The situation escalated in the stands, the referee who is familiar with the temperament and customs of local fans, not without reason, feared big trouble for themselves and the visitors. A few minutes before the whistle, he beckoned to the captains, and developed the following plan: the time will be extended to give owners the opportunity to score in the same protocol will be entered by 0: 0. Symbolic goal flew into the gate "Deportivo" at the 92nd minute. Hours with a stop watch at the stadium was not, and the audience accompanied the judge and players with applause. When the morning they learned from the newspapers that the score remained the same, the referee diplomat was already far away. How can react to the incident Colombian Football Federation? Given the judge threatened the danger it had approved his actions and approved the report of the match.

In 1984, in a small Armenian town of Gyumri in the meeting of the teams and players of Gyumri Yerevan dairy factory to 80 minutes of the game the score was 0-0. But after deviated kick one of the players Gyumri ball slowly went over the line, but it is not clear where the hare jumped out on the field and away from the ball rolled into the goal. And the match referee could do nothing other than a legal goal to the disgust of the players from Yerevan. Goal recorded on the striker from Gyumri, who touched the ball last.

5 cards to one player
A curious incident occurred in Brazil at a football game in the state Piyaui. During the meeting, local teams "River" and "Oeyras" judge showed 5 cards to one player. Team player "Oeyras" Paulo Araujo received from the referee Edmilson Timoteo da Silva two yellow cards and was automatically dismissed the third card - red. However, Araujo fields are left and continue the game. The arbitrator found his presence only after the player once again broke the rules and got already third yellow card. After the second red card football player was forced to retire from the field again.

The fastest goal
Youth The young striker "America" ​​(Belo Horizonte) Fred match traditional Cup Sao Paulo for the youth teams scored a goal in the opponent's shot from the center circle after 3, 53 seconds after the whistle to start the match. This is the fastest goal in the history of world football. However, Fred did not have long to enjoy - the opponents of the "Villa Nova" after such a bad start of the match wound up and answered five balls, knocking the champion team of the tournament.

The youngest fan
"The young football fan lives here" - wrote one English newspaper in the late sixties. It is difficult to argue with that, because Eddie was born ... Hartford during a football match between teams "Stoke City" and "Arsenal". Immediately after the match, the newborn presented a soccer ball autographed by all the players and the three arbitrators, as well as checkbook to 50 pounds. In addition, the manager of "Stoke" declared himself the guardian of football Eddie and added that in the future the boy will accompany the club in all his travels as a talisman.


The judge made a draw
Prelyubopytny incident occurred in the mid 60s to match the two Spanish teams - "Rioni" and "La Katina." Shortly after the beginning of the meeting the ball bounced off the leg judge was in the net gate of the home - the club "Rioni". The arbitrator, despite the protests of spectators and players, a goal is scored. as time went on, the owners could not get even, because of what the situation is in the stands and on the field is gradually heated. Judge feverishly thinking about plans for the salvation of the violence raging fans ... Suddenly three minutes before the end of the game the ball hit him in the head and in a moment was in the gate room. Hero of the meeting in a state of shock carried from the players of both teams.

Football archaeologist
During a friendly football match in the Italian town of Asti frontline local team Maschio, not hitting the ball, kovyrnul ground. So much so that seriously injured his leg. When the soil was investigated, they found the skeleton proved valuable historical findings. Maschio received a cash prize and the icon for "craving for archaeological research».

Football luggage for kangaroo
In the late '60s Australian football club "Nokport" got mascot - kangaroo. Animal, always accompanied by a team so used to the players that allow you to store your bag in a variety of things. After one game there found four passports club players, few bills, and ... empty bottles of beer. This is the fans took advantage of the credulity of naive animal.

The most expensive game in life
An avid fan of Madrid "Real" Felix Gael could not get a ticket for the match "Real" with the team "Athletic" (Bilbao). A few minutes before the start of the match a man suddenly gave him his ticket. Delighted Gael in a burst of gratitude gave him a lottery ticket.







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