You can, without a shadow of a doubt, say that football is now the most popular game on the planet


You can, without a shadow of a doubt, say that football is now the most popular game on the planet.

Representatives of different cultures on all continents enjoy playing football since childhood. The game's story is rooted in the mists of time. Actually the ball - the subject of a spherical shape, perfectly suited for active play. Balls of different sizes are used in other games. Spherical balls are also very popular games - billiards and bowling. Chinese Zhu - Ke, Spartan and Roman Episkiros Harpastum are direct ancestors of football. The Slavs ball even resembled modern, as was the size of a human head, and was made of leather. Although soccer is considered to be the birthplace of Britain, this is not entirely true, this game has got to the British Isles in about the XIV century, from Italy, where it was called Calcio. But today is not so important who invented football. Much more interesting by the fact that the game has spread, literally, all over the planet. Human civilization is composed of a mosaic of distinct cultures with their traditions and way of life, but all fell in love with football. Nowadays, in addition to the big football, there are plenty of games based on it. To start the mini football, soccer and motorcycles called motoball. Have fun playing football even on cars. And, of course, video games are full of football simulators and strategies.

Very popular today enjoy this game as foosball. This is, without exaggeration, a great invention covers all larger circle of admirers. The simplicity of mechanical design, combined with a composite shell allows to establish quickly and table football, unlike pool does not require a large space. Play table football as easy as in the present.

On the internet today you can find anything. Quite a few here and online stores that sell a variety of goods., as the name implies, offers everything for billiards. However, fans of table football, also will find here everything you need for the game, starting with goals and players, and ending with handles for the game. Desktop mini football presented at the store page in a variety of designs and price ranges. Due to the various sizes, table football can both children and adults. The most purchased table football - Torino, even for free deliver in Ukraine.



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