March 9 will be a full Solar Eclipse at 18°56" of the Pisces sign

March 9 will be a full Solar Eclipse at 18°56" Pisces.

The Eclipse will be full and therefore very important, crucial for the entire world. Eclipse focuses on the axis Virgo/Pisces axis service. It is necessary to observe purity in thought, feelings and actions, become an empty vessel for filling the new divine qualities. In the world strengthens the unity. All the dark will be squeezed to the surface and become obvious to fix.



23 March 2016 will happen penumbral lunar Eclipse at 03°17" Libra. Identify the need for a peaceful resolution of military conflicts. This Eclipse may lead to a peaceful solution of many conflicts and great changes, the fate of individual States and the world in General. Every person is on a Cosmic scale with his responsibility for all decisions in life decisions. Reveals the secrets of working in Space the sun and the moon at times of eclipses, and the influence of this process on the planet and people in the age of Aquarius.

During a Solar and lunar Eclipse eclipses in the Cosmos is the Creation, the mystery of the ritual, conducted by the Goddess and God, with the participation of the faithful gods, which contributes to changes in Space. Two large ball moving in Space, performing a ritual dance before the upcoming great events. Eclipse of the Sun and moon, is also the result of the work of the virtual world. During an Eclipse the Sun moon and stars sacrifice their lives.

Spring Eclipse of the Sun and moon contributes to the attraction to the planet Virtual World. Autumn Eclipse facilitates shutdown of the Virtual World when the planet is in the separation of light and dark forces and remove the last together with last. During those two weeks from each person is a dark web, and need to try that a soul inflamed by love, joy, and fire light to dark web burned down, and we must try not to get into someone else's web, is in the network of the Dark. This period is the transformation of the Sun and moon, which are removed from the old cover, freed from all unnecessary things for the Future and be transformed. This releases a huge amount of magical energy that covers the entire Space, activating the movement of the Light from the Future. At the time of the Eclipse one goes down, another one rises up to meet in the neutral zone, where they are in complete safety for themselves.

During a lunar Eclipse drumbeat the Moon is dancing around the Sun, drawing the Lotus, the Flower of Life. When the Moon is dancing, Sun is burning all the negatives it received for nine billion years from the planet.

Eclipse of the moon affects all the kingdoms of Nature, causing activity in all elements.

Before the time of the Eclipse, the Sun and the moon from the Source are returned to their hologram together with the hologram of the Holy Trinity, that through the North pole and includes the Arctic ocean, and the water carries this information across the planet, joining the previous information. Returns information that have not been involved on the planet, was not involved the unsolved cells in the human brain. From the distant past come pink-green crystals pristine perfection and purity, which are deposited on the moon after the Eclipse, after exposure on the moon and on the planet of fire, coming from the Sun at the time of the Eclipse. Under the sun-fire on the moon burn the negatives.

The work carried out during the lunar Eclipse, allows people to regain lost skills, high consciousness that will help them regain the lost connection with our heavenly parents, the cosmos and the nature of the planet. After the Eclipse of the moon in space is the release of ice crystals from the miracle of the ocean, contributing to changes on the planet. At this time the planet rises on the physical plane is offset from the axis.

Magic ritual conducted at the time of the Eclipse of the moon when solar radiation covering the whole Space has an impact on every creature living in this Space. People will feel some confusion of consciousness in order to everyone once again made a choice. People may panic, some possible mental breakdowns. A single ball of psychic energy of humanity affects the planet and all the elements, and the continents will receive assistance to do a somersault.

After the end of the ritual appears in the sky a bright new star that will bring people new information and a new opportunity to connect with the Future.

For the Sun and moon approach each other is difficult — it is necessary without losses for each of the partners to produce a rapprochement in the right place at the right time. The sun and the Moon two eyes of the Cosmos, when one looks from the top, second from the bottom.


Total Eclipse of the moon makes the human consciousness available to perceive the subtle energies of the future to undergo their own mutation.

In turn two elements to visit the planet, making a positive past. At the junction of manifestation on the planet of ice and fire, comes a new wonderful life. When the proximity of water and fire becomes dangerous, rising wind calms them, becoming between them, to calm the raging power of both. The body of the people trained by the manifestation of the elements, become malleable, ready to enter new information and new life from the Future. Then the man at any moment is assembled, ready for all sorts of eventuality. This is a long process, and all living things will suffer from sudden changes in the manifestation of the elements.

With the Solar Eclipse the distance between the Sun and Moon is reduced to a minimum, and the fire of the Sun, entering the core of the moon, puts her vitality. The water crystals from the moon are in the center of the Sun to preserve the conditions of life, vitality and the energy of Love. No single element can not do without the help and support of others. Each of them can only exist in harmony with other elements.

Eclipse allows you to direct light of the Sun and vital energy Source in the direction of the supernatural worlds in order to awaken there dormant elements. And also to the vitality of the inhabitants of the subtle worlds up above. The process of making subtle worlds and the physical worlds, and also in order that the soul comes into the physical world, have not lost connection with his family. The exchange of energy and information between these Worlds should be ongoing for the harmonious existence of the Cosmos. It also becomes a fact of caring about the soul that she felt lost at the bottom, her alien worlds.

The Eclipse of the Sun looks like a joining of two halves, which form the heart, or the disclosure of the Sun, its internal part. At this time inside the Sun there are mysterious events. Inside it is detected as if a small Sun-where the Goddess, God and the Holy Ghost, which govern the events in Space. The moon is very close. On the planet there are new rays. At this time the planet gets the love, sent by the people to address the Goddess and God. People feel a bit strange. Of them goes something high. Using people is both a cleansing of the planet. In these processes involved the Sun and the Moon. Over the moon are already filtered energy. In the moments of the Eclipse, and is always on the 21st, you should relax. These days and past, and the rest of the world loved ones can remember each other and communicate with each other, for these worlds are very close. With the Sun and the moon are equally evident physical and supernatural worlds. All people need to ask for forgiveness for himself and the departed souls not to be pumping energy from the Goddess and God. It is necessary to both sides.

During a solar Eclipse the Sun and the planet are approaching each other at minimum distance. While on the planet increase vibration, surging to a nine-dimensional world. Everywhere on the planet gets very hot. The moon is also approaching the planet along with the stars. At the time of the Eclipse of the Sun there is a sharp increase in its activity and it is so large that it can burn all life on the planet. That is why the Moon covers it himself, saving the life on the planet.



Make a fire only a Moon pointing towards the Sun cold.

The moon clears the Sun the rain blue crystal and white gold from the remaining iron. The sun is becoming easier, freed from iron, and not so hot. At the same time decreases its radioactive radiation. The Sun itself is exempt from all outdated, it is reborn and renewed. At this time the planet rises on the physical plane is offset from the axis.


Accelerating the arrival of monads those people who arrive from the future.

The magical energy formed as a result of the Eclipse destroys the people belonging to one-third of them anchored in the roots of black magic, giving the opportunity to feel in their bodies the movement of the soul, which will allow them to see they committed the dark deeds and actions.Water on the planet saturated with magic of the Sun and moon.


During this period, people are given the opportunity to gain new qualities.

Since the beginning of the age of Aquarius eclipses take place in different regions of the world, successively in a spiral bringing the planet, prepared for her the evolutionary process of a new place. The increase in the number of eclipses on the planet contributes to the transfer of Creation from the subtle world into the physical world.

After the Eclipse of the Sun the lives of all people on the planet can change for the better if they don't fall victim to the darkness. Each departed the Eclipse it should be noted, as a holiday. That will fix at this point, the people they become.

To accelerate their individual development during this period is quite real. For this we need to understand, learn and apply everything in life that contributes to this acceleration, and to remove everything that hinders.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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