Doubles with celebrities

It is believed that each person has to double. In the light of every day there is a lot similar to each other people, with no family ties between them. Celebrities, too, are not left behind. That's like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel in these photos, though not very similar, but with the right angle are perfect copies. And not only they, but to finally see this request to proceed under the cut.

One of these two would just tweak the nose - and that form is not very similar))

But here the question eyebrows.

Dye her hair - what could be easier?

Not cheated nature of similarities and men))

Here I do not see much in common)) do not even see it, but the author of the collage is clearly something beheld.

Well, if you make allowances for the age ...

And if not reversed captions of photos ???

Generally one person. Poor tax office!

"I'm in love with you, like a mirror, look ...»

And then - as if the past and future meet.

I would like to entitle this way: make homemade and professional))

Cut the eye is easily changed using adhesive tape.



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