8 fake cities

in different parts of the world people have built the city, which was not exactly true, as the New York, London or Moscow. But many of them are legitimate communities where people live, work and engage in various activities. Some long time recreated with the utmost care and then as useless were destroyed. And there are those that were just a cover for safety. Here are 8 of false and artificial cities from around the world: 1. fake Afghan village in California, SSHA

In the Mojave Desert in California, the United States, there are about 15 fully functioning Afghan and Iraqi villages that were created in order to recreate the conflict zones in the Middle East. At the training center are put on Irwin hundreds of actors playing Arab residents, act as fruit sellers, police officers, wounded and dying in battle. The population of the military town of a little more than 800 residents, and it is for Americans and Canadians who are going to go to the territory of the Middle East. Although this place is a training base, it could be called the whole city, which number exceeds some real settlements. 2. Ukrainian city as set ploschadki

On the outskirts of the Ukrainian city of Kharkov there was a fake city, built as a film set for the film "The Dow" about the life of the Soviet physicist Lev Landau, who became a place of residence for the 210,000 members of the crew. They lived there, dressed in costumes of the Stalinist era, and the whole situation is reminiscent of the lifestyle of the 1950s. Filming began in 2006 and ended in late 2011. All this time in the territory of the artificial city called the "Institute" people are not just playing a role and use the subject of time, but also lived, worked and conducted research. 3. Artificial Martian colony in Utah, SSHA

People for a long time sought to colonize Mars - one of the most studied planet. The initiator of the development and colonization is the organization "Martian community", which aims to study the Red Planet. But given the fact that people have not yet landed on Mars exploration is taking place in the US state of Utah, where the research station of Mars. In the desert, strongly reminiscent of the Martian landscape, live in small homes tending to the Red Planet marsonavty. Participants conduct research here, testing different devices and try to live in Martian, but without the conditions of weightlessness. 4. Fake Paris to divert nemtsev

Although this city has not been completed, it is quite an interesting story. During the First World War, the Germans were going to enter Paris from the air and bomb the city. The French decided to build a second Paris, in the hope that German planes would not notice the difference and will destroy the mock city. For the construction of the Paris-2 was chosen as the area of ​​the town Maisons-Lafitte is 24 km from the center of Paris, which is also located on the river Seine. It was recreated famous neighborhoods of the capital, including the Arc de Triomphe and Paris Opera, as well as industrial areas. Wooden houses were made up to the smallest detail, and special lighting effect created work in the factories. But despite all efforts, a copy of Paris and was not finished, as the war ended, and the city has not been tested and dismantled after the war. 5. Twin Cities in Kitae

It is not surprising that in a country that is famous for its fakes, you can find many versions of artificial towns created for tourists who want to travel without leaving home country. One such example is the city of the Thames, named after the River Thames in England. Here you will find the typical attributes of the English city: the red phone booths, the cobbled streets, Victorian terraces, corner shops and of course the fake River Thames. Besides foggy London, in the Chinese district of Songjiang can find a fake Paris, Vienna, New York and Zurich. City-doubles almost half-empty as residents of expensive cost. 6. False border town of North Korei

At the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea is a small village known as kijong-dong or, as they like to call it the South Koreans, "the village of propaganda." In North Korea, they say that here lives about 200 families, for which the city is home, where there is a kindergarten, a school and a hospital. Although access to the city banned kijong-dong is clearly visible from South Korea, which sees very well that the city is constantly empty. The houses do not have windows, but the light always comes on at the same time, creating the illusion of people living here. As a result of confrontation between the two sides came the "war flagpoles." In the 1980s, South Korea has built a 98-foot flagpole in his border city across from the "village of propaganda." In response, North Korea has built a 160-meter flagpole with an even more massive flag to show their superiority over the eternal enemy. 7. Artificial city for experiments SSHA

Pegasus Global company decided to build a "Center of Innovation", which is reminiscent of an average American town with urban canyons, suburban districts and settlements. In fact, this is an artificial city that was built for testing new technologies (green energy, wireless appliances, etc.). Companies will be able to pay the rent of the city to test their technology in an environment similar to the real. And although the city can accommodate about 35 000 people, then they will not. 8. Artificial Atlantic City in New York City, SSHA

For the filming of the American TV series "Boardwalk Empire", it was built boardwalk area of ​​91 meters, which was in exactly the same quarter of the city of Atlantic City - a famous gambling center. The construction took about $ 5 million, and the city-double was performed with the utmost precision, recreating the atmosphere 20s. After filming the town it was dismantled and abandoned, as if nothing had happened.

Source: www.infoniac.ru/news/8-poddel-nyh-gorodov-so-vsego-mira.html


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