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Racing game - the software and / or a device that simulates driving. It can be used for driver training and entertainment.
To play in the computer is often used Races racing wheel.
Racing game enthusiasts call themselves simreyserami.

All simulators are classified by realism:

* Arcade simulator (for example, a series of Need for Speed). These games are designed for you to spend your time, so greatly simplified management.
* Realistic (like Live for Speed). Such games convincingly mimic the behavior of cars and accessible only to skilled drivers. Even those who are involved in a real race, driving games used for training or entertainment

Other classification:

* According to the type of roads / trails: urban, highway-ring, rally, off-road, fictional, shooting and so on. D.
* Additional types of gameplay, but the actual driving: setting up and tuning the car, the manager of the racing team, racing career, modderstvo and so on. D.

Genre Racing game is considered to be settled, with a stable readership.

Pole Position - playing the slot machines, and later ported to many consoles and home computers. In this game, the player controls a race car with the purpose of qualifying to go in the race "Formula 1" at the Fuji circuit. After successful qualification, the race begins race with several cars.

The original game was released in 1982 by Namco. In 1983, the «Pole Position» has become one of the most popular games of the year.

In 1983 he released sequel - Pole Position II. This version has several new routes, improved graphics and a new musical theme

Out Run - racing game of 1986, designed by Yu Suzuki and Sega-AM2 market videoarkad

At the time of its release the game was a unique opportunity to select the path of motion. Before each test point there is a fork, which allows the player to choose one of two ways. (This branching system is also used in the game TX-1 Atari / Tatsumi 1983, but in that game the way the choice of the fourth fifth path is also defined.)

There were two machine design - the usual arcade machine with a steering wheel and gear lever, as well as the gas and brake pedals, and a version with a seat that was more like the back of the Testarossa. Normal version also existed in two versions - full-sized and mini.

The game was one of the arcade hit, and is considered one of the best racing games arcade. Its popularity was caused by an innovative engine, a choice of music and the way of movement. An important role was played by the graphics, the rear view of the machine, which gave players a greater sense of speed than most previously released racing games, where it was used a top view ("helicopter"). Like other Sega games of the time in Out Run technology was used to scale two-dimensional objects on the screen of the machine in three-dimensional (superscalar technology), which is considered one of the best for a long time.

Stunts (also known as 4D Sports: Driving) - a computer game in the genre autosimulator developed by Distinctive Software, Inc ... The publisher of the game was the company Brøderbund, release in the US took place in 1990, in England in 1991. Initially, the game was released for the IBM PC, later ported to the Amiga.

Outwardly unremarkable race with a computer opponent, if not the possibility to make such a dizzying stunts, from which at sitting behind the monitor will go head around. All of this is provided by a wide range of different elements of the road, such as: serpentine ring, hinge, trampolines, etc ... Combining in! Editor trails! all of these elements, you can get your own unique track, which can be immediately "on the spot" to try to pass. The process of passing / tumbling can be recorded and viewed from different viewpoints

Ultimate Stunts - a cross-platform free and free clone, distributed under the GNU GPL. Uses OpenGL

Grand Prix - a series of four simulators racing in the class "Formula 1", which was developed under the leadership of the company Microprose Jeff Kremmonda.


* Good physical model of the system settings of the car.
* High modifiability.
* Convenient keyboard control.
* Excellent ergonomics, well-readable devices.
* A large number of settings helm.
* An interesting multiplayer mode on a single computer at a time.
* Good intelligence computer cars.


* Outdated engine (GP3 and above).
* The constant frame rate.
* Poor network game.
* Poorly implemented penalties.
* Poor support for short races.
* Weak support reps.

In all games the cars were without tobacco and alcohol advertising (because of the ban on them in the UK)

In-game simulated a large number of options - including aerodynamics, tire wear, and so on. D.

A set of settings was small: tires, spoilers and gear ratios.

Kremmond, try out the "driver assistance" in a game REVS, I developed this idea in F1GP. The optimal trajectory, incised on the track, traction control and even autobrake allowed to sit for the game, even an inexperienced driver.

Supported by modem to play together.

However, the game has a constant frame rate, which later became the scourge of the entire series. When the computer does not do the job, the game does not skip frames (as most modern games) and slowed down. That is, if you put a prohibitively high graphics settings, with which the computer can not handle it, you can ride with the slowing of time. And one player with too high set graphics settings slowed the entire network game

The Need for Speed ​​racing game in 1994, developed by Electronic Arts Canada and published by Electronic Arts. This is the first game of the series Need for Speed, winning more than 15 different titles in the gaming industry. The game has two video modes - 320 × 200 or 640 × 480. The game uses the 8- and 16-bit sound, there is the possibility of including the surround.

Some features:

* Replays. During the race, and at the end it is possible to see the replay of the race. When viewing is possible to change the type - of the car behind the car, from the count, with the bumper cars (possibly only in the SE version) scan speed - in real time, with deceleration time 1/2 and 1/4. Use the scroll bar you can easily reach any place of the race, and repeat can be written to disk (only in the PC version).

* The best moments of the race. After the race you can view the best moments of the race - will be automatically selected by some of the most interesting episodes of the last race and shown the most spectacular camera angles, it will also change automatically repeat rate.

* The game has the data about the machines - general (including the value of the car), features (including speed, acceleration characteristics, controllability), mechanics (including the characteristics of the engine, transmission and suspension), historical information (including photos and date of production of the most famous models of the company ), as well as digitized video with the participation of each of the cars.

* The game can go together with conventional machines, this is possible only if the game mode Head to head on the road (in the version for 3DO and Time Trial).

* The game has the police, but only on the roads and only in Head to head (in the version for 3DO and Time Trial). The approximation of a police car signals the radar installed in the car. If the police stop the player, the first time he gets a "fine" to 5 seconds (gives Speeding; rarely Warning, if you reserve a car, but did not exceed the speed. The second arrest in the same area is the end of the race. The police can stop the player provided The car police is completely in front of the car player, with the machine the player is slowly losing speed down to zero. If the machine is a player got into an accident and / or rolled over, we find a number of cars and the police "disappear" from the scene of the accident and the detention of the machine until it is dispersed does not occur. In the version for 3DO in the passage of the road there are 4 cars, with a bonus given, if you go faster than the first half of section control time (calculated in such a way that the only possible without crashing).

* In the game there is only one track, the race which takes place at night - it's Lost Vegas (bonus track). Racing on the remaining tracks are held in the daytime. With NFS morning and evening runs, you can create a copy of daytime routes, renaming them. In TNFS SE ability to change the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) is included in the route menu.

* Due to the fact that the track Lost Vegas has a great mountain, sliding down to it, you can accelerate to a speed much higher than the maximum speed of the machine.

* In the version for 3DO can accelerate to 20-30% of the car by entering the code that requires the three joysticks. Mode is valid until reset. Records are not fixed.

* If the Control Central hover over the title The Need for Speed ​​at the top of the screen, and then select Credits, then clicking the left mouse button on the fourth screen of the creators of the game you can see the group photo staff Electronic Arts Canada. In the lower right corner will be written greetings and special codes for the game (if the victory in the tournament). In The Need for Speed ​​Special Edition Group screen missing.

The game has 4 race modes (Time Trial, Head to head, Single Race, Tournament) each of which has its own peculiarities. Terms of the race also depends on what route is chosen - or the circular road. In the version for 3DO attended only the first two without reservations in the table of records

Carmageddon - a computer game, where the main attraction - worn on the bristling spines hellish cars, beating pedestrians and various animals. The creators of the game inspired by the cult classic 1975 film Death Race 2000

The goal - to win the race, and the victory can be achieved in three ways: to come to the finish line first, passing all pedestrians or destroy all opponents. Since the first too boring, and the second is difficult (usually present on the map about 500 pedestrians), the destruction of rivals on wheels - the only thing that remains the player bored. Over time, the player will be able to improve your car (to increase the armor, engine power or strengthen "attack" surface). Also, after a while, the player becomes available cars opponents.

The soundtrack to the game had been taken from the album Demanufacture band Fear Factory

Because of the informal and unusual gameplay (the player to knock down pedestrians and animals) game in several countries issued in a censored version - people and animals were replaced by zombies (UK) or robots (Germany). Later, in the UK the game was re-released uncensored. For the "abbreviated" version of the fans have been developed so-called "bloody" patches, returning everything in its place. The game has been completely banned for sale in Brazil. In Australia, the game was released uncensored version rated MA15 +.

Carmageddon Splat Pack - addition to the game Carmageddon. It included new tracks and cars. Also, the expansion has enabled dominant while graphics accelerators 3dfx Voodoo

Live for Speed ​​- a computer simulation of car races in various classes of machines.

Despite the similarity of names with Need for Speed, the game has nothing to do with the latter, as well as with the company Electronic Arts. LFS developed by a team of three people: Skauenom Roberts (Scawen Roberts), Eric Bailey (Eric Bailey, two - UK) and Victor van Vlaardingen (Victor van Vlaardingen, The Netherlands). They also own the same name company is the publisher of the game.

The main feature of LFS - high realism of physical model, which is achieved through a detailed simulation machine according to the rules of Newtonian mechanics. Detailed modeled suspension, their work can be considered directly in the game, the suspension arms bent and broken from the blows, the machines get damaged, which also modeled itself on impact. The temperature of the tire changes dynamically and is calculated for a plurality of individual sections of the surface.

Prior to paying a license game operates in a free demo version. In the demo version available 3 road vehicle: front-wheel drive, rear wheel drive and a single "Formula BMW»; and one circuit (asphalt and rallikrossovaya runs in one direction)

There is a system of text commands and scripts; Schematic Editor, which can be placed cones, stacks of tires, fences and jumps on the tracks; Editor synthetic sound; support fast laps with a set of rules.

Multiplayer functionality in LFS is close to the 3D-shooters (eg, Quake 3) and at the time of release was one of the most comfortable among auto simulators. Drivers are fined and disqualified for speeding in the pit lane, may be mandatory pit stops, players are automatically removed, riding against traffic.

Setting the dynamic characteristics makes it possible to achieve a high likelihood of normal modes of the machine. Strengths modeling - 1) the opportunity to recreate in a car simulator on its size and the minimum number of characteristics 2) realistic behavior in abnormal situations: drifts, supercritical angles of attack and corkscrews.

The LFS is modeled mechanical suspension, deformation and temperature of the tire, the deformation of the suspension arms, the distribution of mass and inertia of the car in all axes. However, certain characteristics are also set by the numerical parameters: friction tires, aerodynamic drag.

Need for Speed: Underground - arcade racing simulator released by Electronic Arts in 2003. The game was created in the wake of rise in popularity of street racing, thanks to the movie Fast and the Furious. Underground revived the series Need for Speed, adding a career mode and the possibility of tuning the car. All races are held within the city at night. Instead of expensive exotic cars, Underground player must ride a conventional production car. Underground was a very successful project and gave birth to light a sequel.

The game has sold more than 1 million copies on each console.

Critics also caressed the game, despite the complaints of too many repeated lines, stupid AI and the lack of online mode in versions for the GameCube and Xbox

City in which the player competes, the signs hanging on the street, called "Olympic City". It resembles the New York and Los Angeles. Some interesting places in the city have also been used in the Bayview, city of Need for Speed: Underground 2. The similarities with reality

All-wheel drive: UAZ 4x4 - a computer game in the genre of car simulator.
UAZ - is not just a brand of off-road vehicles. UAZ - is a true legend of the domestic automobile industry, this unique machine that operated where about roads not even heard of. It is this brand, UAZ, and is dedicated to the game "Full drive: UAZ 4x4» - Russia's first sports utility vehicle driving simulator for difficult terrain. You can make a remarkable wheel-drive vehicles to its most severe test of strength among the most that neither is a dense off-road, which has long been known for it is our Motherland.


* Range of SUV one of the giants of the domestic automobile industry - Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. The appearance and specifications of gaming machines to meet the relevant parameters of real cars;
* A realistic model of injury and off-road vehicle, depending on the condition of the road and obstacles placed on it;
* Implementation of the competition off-road types, characteristic of all-wheel drive cars: Trial, Trophy-raid, orienteering, off-road sprints;
* The distinctive feature of driving SUV: reduced transmission to overcome the most difficult areas and blocking interwheel differential;
* The effect of weather conditions and time of day in the passing routes

In late 2006, it was designed to complement the game "Full drive: UAZ 4x4", which was called "Ural appeal».

Features Supplement

* New impenetrable region "Ural Mountains»;
* New vehicles: UAZ 3303 "Tadpole," UAZ 31514 "Commanding" and UAZ 469 "Goat»;
* A virtual cabin, tire pressure control, modeling of the clutch pedal;
* Winch - the ultimate weapon in the fight against bad roads

In 2007 came the game-wheel drive 2: Hummer, which has become a worthy continuation of the series

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