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Khabarovsk illustrator Phil Dunskiy - adept kindness, calm, happiness and open yogi.Nesmotrya that his work recognized by many in Russia and abroad, Phil continues to believe that it is not yet an illustrator, and just learning. What honestly I told the website in an interview essay. On his happy childhood, growing up in a tight close connection with the drug that made him yoga, and how he loves his job. As, however, he loves the whole world. Not a man, but the warm sun, honestly. And work at it the same - cheerful, sunny and infinitely good.


I had a wonderful childhood, very bright, inspiring and quiet at the same time, so quiet, as if falling white snow-white in the forest, so thick that even the forest is not visible. Parents learn to HUDGRAF. Dad worked in Khabarovsk publishing house and in the evening after work, took some schlock house, sat and painted, and me and my sister, too soon really wanted to be like Daddy. And then he ordered to issue Harms, and he asked us to draw different things all the time praised very highly (in fact nothing special we did not do, he just knew how to inspire us) and asked to draw something else. The Pope was already a Russian Photoshop - take pictures of illustration, and then prints it on photographic paper (sitting in a red room, Macao paper in different trays - the developer, fixer, fixer) then draw as if on a new layer further details, something ink is removed, something whitewash, and again on the new, as if glued layers, photographed, shown - and a new layer. It was magic, vivid memories, especially since you can not sleep at night and be with him.

In general, my sister and 5 years already painted illustrations for several books and received their first real Soviet salary of 120 rubles. Chipped in and bought a computer ZX Spectrum, such a keyboard that connects to the recorder and the TV, and was recorded on tape sound like the squeak of a modem. You sit and listen to a strange 5 minutes and then play in Sabotёr, and still there was BASIC and can be programmed, display a circle or something to count.

We've had a lot of rare books on art, and for some reason I loved Bible stories. I painted them in 5 years, it is very funny: PAC PYATYA, Assumption, APLAKIVANYA, RAZHDISTVO ...

And my dad gave lined paper and I let his newspaper "Triminalnaya Chronicle." There were all sorts of stories with pictures, about a rabbit, parents, and my dreams.

And when I went to school, by the way, like a Filippok - 6 years, my interest in drawing began to fade along with the zest for life. It's funny to watch how the children are happy in 2-3 years, as their happiness in elementary school, and how it all falls off the end of the training. I did not know what to do after school institution, while I have nothing interesting was helped parents. I take the exam on the architecture and HUDGRAF simultaneously passed in both, but I suggested that HUDGRAF much easier to learn. There I went.

The institute is practically learned nothing, in fact I just had no interest. And it is possible and without the institution, there are so many good examples - for example, steep proud. The only thing I liked it - it chromatics, drawing and painting, but since I was a graphic designer, we were given too few hours for these items to at least learn something.

Dad showed me then work Dmitry Mitrokhin, and hinted that it is possible to draw curves and freely, so exactly draw I still do not know how, but I try to learn from today.

After graduation I went to work in the office, a designer. It took me six months to realize the full horror of prospects daily walk is not clear where, but for poverty wages at full employment dull projects for undeveloped region. We must pay tribute to the guys from the studio, where I worked for two years - they gave me a tablet, was seated next to a guy who knew how to paint in Photoshop, and we started with him secretly compete almost every day bringing home a new work that dorisovyvali spare time. In general, it was the first such outlet to not die of boredom. Even then I bunks * Oman, both of the Institute started as 7 years I did not even want to get out there, dirtiest smoking, eating different legal pharmaceutical drugs, something ordered through the Internet ... well, I tried everything. It seems that it is a very deep spiritual development, reading Castaneda, trying to hide his personal history and do other crazy things perfectly. I even once issued an invalid insurance at work, because I told them the wrong date of birth. And they just had not been fired?

Gordey once came to visit and brought GQ with his first illustration, he enthusiastically with a spark in his eyes told me how it's cool that he gets freelancing, and that here it is - out, and I did not understand, and I even at first I did not like at all his pictures. It was interesting to hang around.

Works "freaky" period

Pro style

Once on the guy with whom we compete, he showed me pictures of Oksana Grivinoy. I'm just in love with her. And direct such a curvature as I love the colors and chic, fun and style. Then I read a book by Yana Frank "Diary of a maniac designer" and learned that the copy on the first stage of a very possible and necessary. And I was curious to find out how it is so cool draws, how to do it. I wanted to do the same. By proudly painted in a similar technique, albeit with its nuances, but still. I became his pictures constantly look. And just when I wanted to understand, I realized how difficult it is, what it does. And how much is really cool - is printed in the same GQ just a guy from Khabarovsk. I probably still Grivinoy imitator, but many people now say that my works are quite different. I will definitely find something of their own, gradually. I do not like the fact that now it turns out. Another thing is that the scope of commercial illustration, I'm not ready to go, in principle, and on personal projects very little time left.

Yes, this is not a unique style, of course, there are so many kids paint, and they are becoming more and more. And though each person has something of his own, anyway - it already can be described as on the graphic * cial business. But it's even more interesting - again a competition, who will cease to develop, cease to be sold. Competition is the only benefit. I'm still at the beginning, Victor Melamed said (I asked him to criticize the work), he can count more than 10 illustrators who work in this technique, and that I still very damp, static, but the only thing I was allocated at the time - it is kindness and joy. I really did not want to draw the darkness, in my opinion, the beauty - the move upward to the sky, not down into the darkness.

Only when I feel great inside, then I think that everything is fine and wonderful. But if there is tension, even the most beautiful thing in the world is ugly, and I just want to find in it some shortcoming. I would like to do something good, to please others, to be useful, really want to share what inside that everything was at least as great.


I am sure that in graphic design, as in any business, in principle, too, can find their own way of expression, and through him to give himself to others, but I could not. I feel closer to painting. Maybe it's from my childhood. You sit yourself quietly draw, we can say not bothering anyone, and almost nothing to do, but you still pay good money. Cool well.

Illustration and pictures

Illustration should talk about something, I still have a problem with that, by the way. The idea is very important. This should be a good illustration of a beautiful picture, even without context. And just a pretty picture is not always possible to attach to the desired subject. Although I have a few times and so bought.

Day Phil Dunskiy

I get up at 5 in the ice-cold shower, then I read the mantra, doing asanas, pranayama and meditate for about an hour and a half. Then I have breakfast and start drawing parallel read mail, watch online, new pictures of others. In general, if you work a lot, I still try to draw only up to 18 pm, and then the rest. Recently I began to distinguish between so just experimenting because three times a week after 18:00 I take the mat and food as yoga. For the fourth year doing yoga since I gave up smoking, drinking and using drugs. I would recommend - yoga helps centered in itself, makes us more aware, attentive, calm, gives you a real sense of happiness, which is constantly growing.

Work, when not working

Sometimes that does not work, or too lazy to attack, or just not happy with the idea, the outline can not be obtained, but a lot of things. Then I go for a walk for a short while, if you have time. If the project term, the process is still to invent an internal problem - something that would like to learn that he would like to try new in this picture, and it becomes interesting. Even if I do not like how it is in the initial stage, it is still possible to lift your mood color. Very rarely have to abandon the projects, almost always turns out all right, and everyone is happy in the end.

Sources of inspiration

Inspired, of course, primarily the work of other illustrators, artists, animators, designers, photographers. A lot of the desire to live a morning yoga practice gives it the whole day charges. Inspired by new customers, especially if they are known. Defeat other children, a man with no legs, which in spite of everything found happiness within himself, a tree that grows up and continues to be orderly, keeping the wind and rain. Sun and moon, fresh air and all around the world. Did you know that lack of inspiration, the desire to live and grow - it's just a lack of prana, the vital energy in the body? Body enough to breathe a little bit and be in position to increase this energy. More help moderate fresh plant foods and new knowledge.

If ...

If not superinteresnaya my work, I would have probably gone to the forest to live in a small hut. Or have wandered the world, aimlessly. While there, the parents did not leave, they are starting to demand attention, it is necessary to return what they gave me. And what I was earning then I do not know. Anything.


It depends on the case. It's easier to draw all of the customer's sketches, and sometimes easier to offer the idea to explain what their version loses and do better. Sometimes I have a few days to think about how it should look. It happens that the time does not, then I also wonder - when fast work, enter into such a rhythm is exciting, and it turns out all by itself. I do naturally calm and very slow, I can draw a week that really make the day if there are no deadlines. He got up, brushed a bit of orange, went for a walk, came back, sr. It seems, though, of course, exaggerated and in fact very rarely can afford it, because a lot of customers, sometimes even waiting in line are a month or two ahead.


Usually first pencil drawing sketches on paper, I was very drawn to analog, everything is alive, now it turns out. Then scan the sketch in Photoshop impose a new layer on top of it is very transparent and used as a basis. A brush almost all of the standard I have, well, there are dots of this airbrush scanned and ragged brush strokes of watercolor. Tablet naturally. A4. My dream is to learn to paint in Painter to paint when painting mixed. But still I can not get used to the interface. For Windows software was OpenCanvas, similar to Photoshop, but how to paint mingled. The truth at me for a long time Mac.

The hardest

Probably, if freelance, the most difficult - discipline. The first time I left the office two months he lived at night. Very unusual, interesting and protest. I - like everyone else. And then it turned out much harmful for health. More difficult not relate personally to what you are doing, as in any business. As Bruce Lee said there? No experienced, there is only the experience? It's not me. Sometimes you look at the final image and think - wow, so how could I draw? I was sad when someone does not like my job. Yes, and I myself are no longer like a few days after delivery.

Most priyatnoePriyatno that you can choose their clients, projects, sometimes at work. The most important thing - I can share the love via pictures. Began to receive. People write amazing comments, in which it is clear that it comes at.

What is the easiest

Everywhere has its advantages. Directly with customers it is easier to understand what he wants to get to work quickly and often with minimal edits. Typically, an abstract task, in this case, and you can do whatever you want. Well, directly faster. But with steep agencies is very profitable to work, because there is a whole group of professionals, they give you and idea of ​​classroom will already authorized by the client, and sometimes sketches have composite, art director will help to bring the work to the mind, quality of praise, and then you're ready completely change everything, and with pleasure, on such projects is always rapid growth. When I was drawing for the Chinese Wrigley, agency DDB Guangzhou billion edits it sends me and always gets better. Without them I would do no such thing painted.

Favorite and least favorite

Unloved work almost all of which are older than three days. Everything changes so fast. I just really want to learn, but I can not. So far, it's not that. From there, I usually guided by the viewer that is pleasant to others, and to develop further. It's great that there is the Internet, all of these comments and on apprishieyty bihanse. Well, usually the most recent work like the most. I want to do everything, everything to change, and that it was not drawn on the computer, and live.

As illyustratoromEsli be honest, I also really want to become an illustrator, dream. I do not know how to be, but if you're still reading on, then start to respect their parents and all the other people around you, learn to listen, look for errors only in itself, but not in others, at least once a month, work out any donation, greed makes us tough. Constantly ask within yourself that you have given these friends who are better than you, it will help to grow. Rejoice simple things, do not be afraid to laugh for no reason, when you laugh without using the mind, observe who is there for you to laugh. Try to wake up as early as possible, there are no owls and larks, discipline gives a lot of strength and health. Get inspired before going to sleep the next day, remember how it was in my childhood - the night before the birthday wanted to get to sleep, to wake up and get more for their holiday. Celebrate, we did not come here to suffer.

For 25 years of my life, I realized that very happy and strongly presilno want you all to be happy a thousand times more.

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