Fresh rating in 2013: the most influential people in the world

A few days ago published a new ranking of the most influential and important people in the world at the end of 2013. The list includes 72 political, economic, business and public figures, and the ranking was headed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has shifted US President Barack Obama to second place :) Watch and read further.

1. Vladimir Putin

Who: Russian President
Influence Source: Russian
Branch: Policy
Age: 61

Russian leader's ascension to the top of Forbes rankings influence contributed to the process of "crackdown" in the country, and its achievements in the diplomatic arena.

In particular, Putin proposed a compromise acceptable to all parties a solution of the Syrian problem and took power in a conflict that almost escalated into full-scale war. In addition, the Russian president has given political asylum to former CIA employee Edward Snowden, loud revelations which have not only become a headache for the US intelligence, but also a problem for other countries, whose diplomats quick to ask for support from the programmer.

Under the control of Putin remains the world's largest nuclear arsenal, a voice in the UN Security Council and record deposits of hydrocarbons. The leader of the rankings has left at least another five years of absolute power, and potentially rule Russia until 2024.

2. Barack Obama

Who: President
Influence Source: US
Branch: Policy
Age: 52

The American leader has conceded the top spot ranking to his Russian counterpart on the background of the many squabbles in internal US politics.

Obama was unable to convince Congress of the need to implement the reform of its health insurance plan, which eventually led the country to a standstill: In early October, US government institutions had to be closed for 16 days due to the inability of politicians to find a consensus on the budget and the debt ceiling. No less painful blow to the reputation of Obama began exposing Edward Snowden, who put in the position of head of state ever justifies the man.

And yet, even with the introduction of a second presidential term and the accompanying suspicion of turning into "lame duck," Obama is the leader of the most powerful political, economic and military power in the world.

3. Xi

Who: Hu
Source of influence: China
Branch: Policy
Age: 60

New Chinese leader in 2012, officially took the helm of the influence of the second world power with a population of 1, 3 billion people, representing almost 20% of the population of the entire planet. China under Xi remains the largest holder of US foreign debt - Celestial has receipts of US Treasury $ 1, 3 billion. The rapid growth of the economy continues, in 10 years the number of official billionaires in China has increased from zero to 122, and the GDP has reached $ 8, $ 2 trillion. In addition to his post as chairman of China, Xi is the secretary general of the Communist Party and head of the military forces of the country.

4. Pope Francis

Who: Pope
Source of Influence: The Roman Catholic Church
Branch: Religion
Age: 76

Francis succeeded Benedict XVI in his chair head of the Church of Rome in March 2013. His mission - to breathe new energy into the institution, combining 1, 2 billion people around the world.

The first Jesuit pope and the first-born pope in Latin America has made a number of reformist statements of the call for gender equality to reduce the degree of critical rhetoric against supporters of abortion, gay marriage and contraceptives. Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, or in the world, uses social media, preaching in Twitter and even in accordance with the spirit of the age makes photographic "Self" - self-portraits for social networks.

He comes from a large family of Italian immigrants who settled in Buenos Aires. The pope is known as a passionate fan of the football club San Lorenzo de Almagro.

5. Angela Merkel

Who: German Chancellor
Source of influence: Germany
Branch: Policy
Age: 59

The most influential woman in the world is a key figure in the political and economic problems of the EU.

Merkel's commitment to hard-line savings and preservation of the euro as a common currency has helped many survive as EU integration structures, despite the critical state of the economies of the southern Old World and persistent calls to reverse the collapse of the North.

Recently, the "Iron Chancellor" without any problems re-elected, she takes a stretch of 2005. In the ranking of the most influential women in the world according to Forbes Merkel's climb to the top eight times in the last 10 years.

6. Bill Gates

Who: Co-Chair Charity Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Influence Source: Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Branch: business, philanthropy
Age: 58

With a fortune of $ 72 billion Gates recently regained the status of the world's richest man according to Forbes. The founder of Microsoft with the most time spent on the work of the charity fund, which operates with his wife Melinda.

As a philanthropist, he has already spent $ 28 billion. Recent major initiatives Gates' philanthropy - the April program against polio worth $ 335 million, which was joined by six other billionaires with contributions of $ 100 million, including the Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. < br />
Microsoft shares rising from the end of August, when the software giant announced the resignation of Steve Ballmer from his post as CEO. Gates remains chairman of the board of directors in the company, which he founded in 1975 with Paul Allen.

Along with Warren Buffett, Gates continues to recruit members for the initiative Giving Pledge, in which billionaires give a public commitment to donate at least 50% of his fortune to charity.

7. Ben Bernanke

Who: Federal Reserve Chairman
Influence Source: Fed
Branch: Economy
Age: 59

"Big Ben" is preparing to leave the most powerful economic post in the world January 31, 2014. Recently it became known the name of his successor - Janet Yellen, the Fed will be headed next year. Bernanke during his tenure as became a living symbol of the struggle with the consequences of the global crisis. A former professor at Princeton became the chief lobbyist for the soft policy of stimulating the economy and provided albeit modest, yet stable growth of the US GDP.

8. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Who: Saudi King
Influence Source: Saudi Arabia
Branch: Policy
Age: 89

Influence of the Saudi monarch comes not only from the high prestige in the Muslim world, but also due to control over 20% of world oil reserves (265 million barrels). GDP growth to $ 727 billion allowed the kingdom to enter the top 20 global economies. At the same time the unemployment rate remains at 12% and 50% of the population - are under 25 years old. On youth employment and housing programs, King Abdullah has recently allocated $ 130 billion.

9. Mario Draghi

Who: President of the European Central Bank
Source of influence: ECB
Branch: Economy
Age: 66

"Super Mario" has got not the most comfortable in the current economic realities of the post. He became the face of the problem of the economy of the eurozone countries with a combined GDP of $ 17 trillion. Draghi is necessary every time to set up the optimism of investors and to maneuver between the interests of such different by all criteria states such as Greece and Germany. And while he copes with this paradoxical task.

10. Michael Duke

Who: the general director of Wal-Mart Stores
Influence Source: Wal-Mart Stores
Branch business
Age: 63

The head of the world's largest retailer with revenues of $ 470 billion and the world's second largest employer with a staff of 2, 2 million people could not get into the top 10 most influential people. Duke as the general director of Wal-Mart could decide the fate of a signature product, simply remove it from the shelf, or put there. In the autumn he was part of the delegation of the 20 largest US companies CEO visited Washington, where he tried to convince President Obama of the need for early exit from the budget impasse.

11. David Cameron

Who: British Prime Minister
Influence Source: UK
Branch: Policy
Age: 47

Tory leader operates the sixth largest global economy, and often receives comparisons with Margaret Thatcher of the commitment to budget savings. However, Cameron went for the populist proposal to reduce the tax on electricity for households. A graduate of Oxford and a distant relative of King William IV is known as an active critic Edward Snowden. Two years later, Cameron will lead the Conservatives in the new elections.

12. Carlos Slim

Who: Chairman of the Charitable Foundation Honorary
Influence Source: América Móvil
Branch: business, philanthropy
Age: 73

Mexican telecom tycoon several years shifted from the position of Bill Gates the richest man of the world, but this year the newly ceded American palm. Slim's business empire includes assets in the mining industry, real estate development and media (publishing The New York Times). In 2012, the billionaire bought just three football clubs - two in his native Mexico and one in Spain. In February, the 2013th Slim Gates joined the initiative against hunger and support innovative farming techniques.

13. Warren Buffett

Who: the general director of Berkshire Hathaway
Influence Source: Berkshire Hathaway
Branch: business, philanthropy
Age: 83

"Oracle of Omaha", despite diagnostrirovanny prostate cancer and venerable age, does not let the threads of operational management of his business empire. His condition for the year increased by almost $ 20 billion, to $ 53, 5 billion, and Buffett does not lose the taste for great deals. Berkshire Hathaway in June started a takeover of the legendary producer Heinz ketchup for $ 23, 2 billion, while the energy of NV Energy purchased for $ 5, 6 billion cache. Investors continue to actively participate in the charity in July, he sent another $ 2 billion in the form of Berkshire stock to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Collectively patronage initiatives Buffett already reached the level of $ 20 billion.

14. Li Keqiang

Who: Premier Wen
Source of influence: China
Branch: Policy
Age: 58

Second, after Xi Jinping policies in China, Lee, despite fidelity to the ideals of the Communist party, known as an advocate of economic liberalism. He played one of the lobbyists of the World Bank, which is called the Celestial Empire to accelerate reforms in the direction opposite to state capitalism.

15. Jeff Bezos

Who: the general director of
Influence Source:
Branch: business, technology
Age: 49

Bezos rapidly become one of the world's most powerful business with the rapid development he founded online retailer. The Amazon with annual sales of $ 61 billion to expand its influence in the technology, fashion, streaming video and traditional media. Holding summer Bezos acquired The Washington Post for $ 250 million.

16. Rex Tillerson

Who: the general director of Exxon Mobil
Influence Source: Exxon Mobil
Branch business
Age: 61

The head of the largest US oil and gas corporation Exxon led to fenomalnomu result in $ 44, 9 billion profit last year. The company is the world's largest public oil and gas producer and operates on six continents. Tillerson is considered one of the most influential and effective lobbyists in the industry.

17. Sergey Brin

Who: Co-founder, head of special projects Google
Influence Source: Google
Branch: business, technology
Age: 40

Google co-founder for more than a decade smoothly and efficiently work in tandem. While Paige operational control over all search giant, Breen focused on the most innovative devices in the corporate division within Google X. We are talking about projects points "augmented reality» Google Glass, and unmanned vehicles. Along with Page, Brin has donated $ 400 million to charity this year.

18. Larry Page

Who: Co-founder, CEO of Google
Influence Source: Google
Branch: business, technology
Age: 40

The jurisdiction of the Page - world's most popular website with a monthly audience of 1 billion users, a corporation with head revenue of $ 50 billion and rapidly growing business. Google CEO is responsible for numerous transactions M & A, such as buying crowdsourcing app Waze for $ 1 billion and acquisition of Motorola Mobile for $ 12, 5 billion. The two 40-year-old co-founder of Google states have under $ 25 billion.

19. Francois Hollande

Who: French President
Influence Source: France
Branch: Policy
Age: 59

Hollande is the first in the past two decades, the French president of the Socialist Party, and immediately ran into financial problems experienced by the second largest economy in Europe. His popularity rating in October fell by 23% against the clumsy actions in scandal because of deportations of migrants. This is the lowest figure for the Electoral French presidents over the past 20 years - even lower than the unpopular predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy Hollande. Recently, the head of state criticized the American counterpart Barack Obama for listening to the facts of the US secret services of telephone conversations of millions of French people (only in the past month it has been heard and seen 70 calls and SMS messages).

20. Timothy Cook

Who: the general director of Apple
Influence Source: Apple
Branch: business, technology
Age: 52

Apple is the not only the most valuable company in the world, but also an unsurpassed reputation in the industry of design and technology in the film and music industry, in the media and telecommunications. This year, at the request of Cook, his bonus is linked to the stock exchange the company's performance. In 2012, the general director of Apple, Steve Jobs heir to the post, earned $ 4, 2 million.

53. Dmitry Medvedev

Who: Russian Prime Minister
Influence Source: Russian
Branch: Policy
Age: 48

The head of the Russian government, in spite of the serious loss of reputation after a reverse castling with Vladimir Putin, remains the second most influential figure in the Russian power vertical. However, the chances that the current president of the country will be decided for the second time to entrust the management of all the threads of his younger friend, is negligible.

60. Igor Sechin

Who: President, Chairman of the Board of "Rosneft»
The source of influence, "Rosneft»
Branch business
Age: 53

Faithful ally of Vladimir Putin returned to the Forbes ranking after a year absence. He was not included in the government of Dmitry Medvedev and kept tensions with the current prime minister. But the status of the head of "Rosneft" former curator of fuel and energy complex in the Cabinet started the "deal of the century" by the absorption of TNK-BP, worth $ 56 billion. Soon Sechin officially become a leader of the largest publicly traded oil company in the world in terms of production. He maintains a close relationship with the first face of the state that in Russian reality is the main resource of the administrative weight.

63. Alisher Usmanov

Who: CEO "Gazprominvestholdinga»
Influence Source: USM Holdings
Branch business
Age: 60

Russia's richest man, made his fortune at $ 17, 6 billion on metals, but in recent years to diversify its business, having acquired the assets in telecommunications ("Megaphone"), media (publishing house "Kommersant") and technology ( Group). He also owns a stake in the London football club Arsenal.



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