15 iconic roles that actors provide for life

Twenty six million five hundred eighty five thousand twenty six

We all know that stars Hollywood's bread is not the audience's recognition of the smear, and insanely expensive caviar, for example. Of course, not all actors earn in the tower? — a good fee only receive the most outstanding.

The website decided to find out what roles get rich our favorite actors and provided them to all remaining years.

15. Jim Carrey — Carl Allen

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.8
A talented actor can ask anything you want. Jim Carrey asked for the film "Always say "Yes,"" interest, and never lost. The total amount of his income from the Comedy made $ 35 million

14. Tom Hanks — Captain John Miller

  • The IMDb Rating Is 8.6
To remove war movies hard to play fueled by the heroism of the military is even harder. Tom Hanks handled the task wonderfully, and were awarded more than half of the budget. The film, by the way, this has nothing to lost — tape has earned 12 times more.

13. Johnny Depp — Mad Hatter

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.5
Johnny Depp for the role of a charismatic madman has received $ 50 million, exceeding the fee of the Central character — Alice (MIA wasikowska). The mad Hatter also graced the promotional posters of children's film — the charm is always a price.

12. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony stark

  • The IMDb Rating Is 7.2
Another legendary role and exorbitant fee: Robert Downey Jr., playing billionaire inventor, received the third Chapter of the "Iron man" the real millions. The film itself is, in turn, is still the most successful film of the Marvel universe.

11. Johnny Depp — Jack Sparrow


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