15 iconic roles that actors provide for life

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We all know that stars Hollywood's bread is not the audience's recognition of the smear, and insanely expensive caviar, for example. Of course, not all actors earn in the tower? — a good fee only receive the most outstanding.

The website decided to find out what roles get rich our favorite actors and provided them to all remaining years.

15. Jim Carrey — Carl Allen b6919f0894.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.8
A talented actor can ask anything you want. Jim Carrey asked for the film "Always say "Yes,"" interest, and never lost. The total amount of his income from the Comedy made $ 35 million

14. Tom Hanks — Captain John Miller e067cb4626.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 8.6
To remove war movies hard to play fueled by the heroism of the military is even harder. Tom Hanks handled the task wonderfully, and were awarded more than half of the budget. The film, by the way, this has nothing to lost — tape has earned 12 times more.

13. Johnny Depp — Mad Hatter 6efd10d4ed.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.5
Johnny Depp for the role of a charismatic madman has received $ 50 million, exceeding the fee of the Central character — Alice (MIA wasikowska). The mad Hatter also graced the promotional posters of children's film — the charm is always a price.

12. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony stark 838cd81ee9.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 7.2
Another legendary role and exorbitant fee: Robert Downey Jr., playing billionaire inventor, received the third Chapter of the "Iron man" the real millions. The film itself is, in turn, is still the most successful film of the Marvel universe.

11. Johnny Depp — Jack Sparrow 268746cd48.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.6
Depp is a really talented actor, and this idea reinforces not only the train fans, but also his huge salary. Let's face it, johnny has earned a "salary": all three "Pirates of the Caribbean" was based on his mouthy hero.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio Is Dominic Cobb f92232acc2.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 8.8
Despite the fact that the role of the genius thief in the film "the Beginning" is hardly the best in the record Leo, Hollywood hunk coped with it well and got your pot of gold — $ 59 million

9. Jack Nicholson — The Joker 8262bf8eab.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 7.6
Whatever tried on the great and awful Jack Nicholson — in any good. Adherent to him the role of a rabid psycho always gives juicy fruits. The legend of comics, the Joker, he brought to the critical point of madness, for which he received $ 60 million.

8. Harrison Ford — Indiana Jones 702bf72ffe.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.2
Every movie with Harrison Ford brings the tape a high rating and great reviews. Already a great actor has played many good roles, but the role of Indiana Jones provided a Ford for life.

7. Tom Hanks — Forrest Gump 58fbf56d9e.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 8.8
At first, Hanks promised $ 10 million, but, by happy coincidence, the budget of the movie grew and put pressure on the established framework. The filmmakers got the actor on the percentage of sales that ultimately earned him $ 60 million more.

6. Sandra Bullock — Ryan Stone ed3633964b.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 7.8
A dramatic Thriller about the astronaut-the researcher with great views and subtle psychology could not go unnoticed: 7 "Oscars", quite good charges and exceptional reviews. Pearl of the film, Sandra bullock, also was a side of her fees amounted to $ 70 million.

5. Tom Cruise — Ethan Hunt 5233b12ef0.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.1
Hollywood superhero Tom cruise not only once or twice deals with the bad guys and seduces beauties, but also selects films for the role of the unkillable spy in the second part of "Mission impossible" Tom earned $ 75 million the Next Chapter brought him a similar amount.

4. Tom Cruise — Ray Ferrier 495f427bec.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.5
We talked about the phenomenal ability of crews to choose grossing films. Here is another proof: "war of the worlds" shot deafening and brought the actor $ 100 million.

3. Will Smith — Agent Jay 4ecb1040f9.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 6.8
The first film of the series "Men in black" was canned luck for Smith, the heated interest of the audience for a light Comedy. For him, by the way, the actor received only $ 5 million Third film to compete with jokes and plot its predecessor could not, but on fees the competition was decorated with the most vivid character.

2. Bruce Willis — Malcolm Crowe be61da855e.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 8.1
Modest fee for a film "the Sixth sense" — $ 14 million + 17 % — did not promise Bruce Willis cash mountains, but, as it turned out, the film became for the actor a gold mine.

1. Keanu Reeves — Neo 8d322040a6.jpg

  • The IMDb Rating Is 7.2
The first part of the sci-Fi Thriller was met with a Bang, turning ordinary story into a kind of cult. The first film, by the way, Keanu brought $ 76 million the Second Chapter was a bright flash in the film and careers of all involved actors, and grossed worldwide almost $ 750 million Award for actor of the ascetic became the largest fee in the history of cinema — $ 126 million.

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