30 actors favorite comedies of childhood then and now

Twenty million two hundred sixty two thousand five hundred ninety eight

That seems to be like intelligent humor and intricately woven stories, but sometimes you want to just erase the memory again to reconsider one of those light teen comedies.

Edition Site nostalgia came flooding back, and we began to wonder, how now look the actors that we remember the young and carefree.

1. Eurotrip, 2004

The movie "Eurotrip" and remained the most successful in the career of a young artist. The last film with Maklovitsami was filmed in 2015, and horror film "the Last rites" was not favored by neither audience nor critics.

Twenty eight million six hundred thirty two thousand sixty seven

The career of Jacob, played in the Comedy one of the main prominent roles, in contrast to the colleagues, went to the mountain after the movie. In 2008, Pitts won the prestigious award for the film "Twenty one" and is now known for his roles in the TV series "fields of darkness", "Elementary" and "Brainless".

Eighty million two hundred forty four thousand twenty eight

Michelle managed to light up in cult TV series "Gossip girl" and continues to delight audiences with new roles in feature films and short films.

2. A neighbor, 2004

The role of young temptresses were given to Elisha easy, but now, it seems, in her career of a creative stagnation. After the "Neighbor" and "mean girls" you can't name a single famous film with her participation.

Thirty million two hundred one thousand seven hundred four

But Emile Hirsch, unremarkable boy became a recognizable actor playing not only in comedies but also in serious dramas, he is able to convey the depth of the character.

Thirty million five hundred three thousand nine hundred ten

The last success of the actor was the voice of one of the characters of the cartoon "Rango" that it is impossible to call the top. 49-year-old Timothy Olyphant continues to act in films, but stars from the sky is not enough.

3. ACE Ventura: pet detective, 1993


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