30 actors favorite comedies of childhood then and now

Twenty million two hundred sixty two thousand five hundred ninety eight

That seems to be like intelligent humor and intricately woven stories, but sometimes you want to just erase the memory again to reconsider one of those light teen comedies.

Edition Site nostalgia came flooding back, and we began to wonder, how now look the actors that we remember the young and carefree.

1. Eurotrip, 2004 c43231ead7.jpg

The movie "Eurotrip" and remained the most successful in the career of a young artist. The last film with Maklovitsami was filmed in 2015, and horror film "the Last rites" was not favored by neither audience nor critics.

Twenty eight million six hundred thirty two thousand sixty seven

The career of Jacob, played in the Comedy one of the main prominent roles, in contrast to the colleagues, went to the mountain after the movie. In 2008, Pitts won the prestigious award for the film "Twenty one" and is now known for his roles in the TV series "fields of darkness", "Elementary" and "Brainless".

Eighty million two hundred forty four thousand twenty eight

Michelle managed to light up in cult TV series "Gossip girl" and continues to delight audiences with new roles in feature films and short films.

2. A neighbor, 2004 ea9c32bdf7.jpg

The role of young temptresses were given to Elisha easy, but now, it seems, in her career of a creative stagnation. After the "Neighbor" and "mean girls" you can't name a single famous film with her participation.

Thirty million two hundred one thousand seven hundred four

But Emile Hirsch, unremarkable boy became a recognizable actor playing not only in comedies but also in serious dramas, he is able to convey the depth of the character.

Thirty million five hundred three thousand nine hundred ten

The last success of the actor was the voice of one of the characters of the cartoon "Rango" that it is impossible to call the top. 49-year-old Timothy Olyphant continues to act in films, but stars from the sky is not enough.

3. ACE Ventura: pet detective, 1993 961897fc92.jpg

Jim's life is divided into before and after, when his ex-girlfriend killed himself because of a breakup with the actor. Now the comic is less withdrawn and more engaged in art.

Fifteen million seven hundred thirty one thousand one hundred thirty four

On Courtney time has no power, actress at 53 still looks stunning as it was 25 years ago. Now she not only plays movies and TV shows, but she is the producer, Director and screenwriter.

Sixty eight million three hundred sixteen thousand three hundred twenty three

American actress who played in this film, the main villain, so far in films. However, these films cannot be called cash. The last picture that has a high rating, was the Russian TV series "Esenin" in 2005, where she played Isadora Duncan.

4. Major Payne, 1995 7f978f49dc.jpg

29-year-old actor starred in 58 films, but the real success brought only those where Orlando was filmed as a child. However, he has achieved great success on American TV.

Sixty six million nine hundred one thousand three hundred thirty seven

Karyn Parsons left an acting career, the last film with her was filmed 15 years ago.

Sixty one million nine hundred fifty nine thousand nine hundred twenty two

The role of the charismatic leader Stephen Martini was easy, but at the peak of popularity the actor has decided to throw his career and retrain as writers.

Fifty five million one hundred sixty seven thousand nine hundred fourteen

Damon from prolific acting dynasty Ulyanov is one of the most successful of the brothers-actors. Now he was more concerned in the series, and the last of them — "Lethal weapon" 2016.

5. Chick, 2002 d88748f1ef.jpg

This Comedy early 2000s cannot be called a cult, but it definitely sunk into the souls of the audience. While still young, McAdams probably could not imagine that ever get to the top of the Hollywood Olympus, and is one of the highest paid Actresses.

Forty one million six hundred forty three thousand four hundred twenty two

Anna Faris, removed a lot, but it's basically a low-budget picture with a slight American humor. Perhaps serious roles no one gives her the role of "the beauty of what a fool", which is already out of date when you're 40.

Sixty seven million four hundred eighty one thousand seven hundred ninety eight

Rob Schneider — comic actor, and Comedy in Hollywood are rarely big budget. Along with his friend Adam Sandler, Rob is constantly flashing on the screen, but people are not too appreciated their films.

6. Scary movie, 2000 89fe39091c.jpg

The most famous movies of this guy — "Requiem for a dream", "Without feelings" and "don't be a menace to South Central while drinking juice in the hood", and they were removed nearly 20 years ago. Now 45-year-old actor starred and voiced, but the peak of his career behind.

Twenty seven million seven hundred thirty seven thousand five hundred four

The last successful movie of the actress was "American pie: All Assembly", filmed in 2012. She is better known as professional poker player.

Six million five hundred fifty six thousand six hundred forty five

In addition to the film series "scary movie" Regina has starred in several romantic comedies and was shown in the movie "law Abiding citizen".

7. Party king, 2001 c3cfdc4a17.jpg

40-year-old Ryan Reynolds is now one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, he continues to delight fans of bright roles and his sharp humor on Twitter.

Seventy three million nine hundred twenty eight thousand eight hundred seventy two

American actor specializiruetsya more on soap operas and was even nominated for an Emmy in the category "Outstanding actor in a drama series".

Seventy four million eight hundred eighty nine thousand four hundred eighty two

Tara Reid starred in many teen Comedy, but was unable to escalate his heroines to more serious roles in movies.

8. American pie, 1999 ce1c1a27aa.jpg

The movie "American pie" be called a cult, but it is interesting that all of his actors have never shone as brightly as him. Jason Biggs starred in 107 films, but liked by the audience in the role of Jim.

Sixty million ninety seven thousand two hundred sixty three

Sean William Scott was voiced by one of the possums in the sequels "Ice age", but in the movie don't forget to do it.

Sixty eight million nine hundred thirty nine thousand seven hundred sixty three

In addition to the striking role in the cult film Thomas is still known as a good soap actor through participation in "grey's Anatomy" and other successful television series.

Sixty four million five hundred forty six thousand two hundred ninety four

In addition to the teen Comedy Chris Klein appeared in TV shows and even played a major role in the war movie with Mel Gibson, but that was back in 2002.

Five million two hundred seven thousand six hundred forty three

The role of Paul Finch made Eddie famous, but the runaway success ended. The actor, like his colleagues in the "pie", in films and television series, but serious role playing.

Seventy million five hundred twenty six thousand nine hundred forty

Alyson hannigan did not become hostage to one role, comedic actress has played in several cult television series, "Buffy the vampire Slayer" and "How I met your mother", she also continues to act in films and on TV.

Ninety three million five hundred twenty four thousand one hundred ninety five

Mina Suvari looks amazing for its 38, but large success in recent years can not boast. The last vivid film with her participation was filmed 5 years ago and it was the sequel to "American pie."

Seventy seven million five hundred ninety four thousand four hundred twenty one

Eugene levy is not just an actor, screenwriter and Director, but also producer and even cameraman. 70-year-old star is still in the ranks, and notable recent work was the voice of the cartoon "finding Dory".

Eighty nine million seven hundred eighty nine thousand five hundred thirty eight

American actress and stand-up comedian plays the femme, and she easily turns to win the love of the public. Except the cult Comedy Jen starred in a Comedy television series "Two broke girls", where in the 1st season, played as guest star, and 2 are already included in the main part.

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