Comedy Girl

These famous by actress comedy roles. For roles in comedies, they are ready to change their appearance, to become a glupyshek or wear fancy dress

Jennifer Aniston


Aniston is often compared with Barbra Streisand for charm, prostotu and comedic talent. It is for these qualities are so fond of Jennifer Aniston fans.

She became famous for his role in the cult TV series "Friends". In the role of Rachel Jennifer not only to make people laugh, but also asked the fashion trends. For example, her famous hairstyle "ladder" so pleased to fans of the series, that for a long time to come to the barber girl asking a haircut as "Rachel from Friends».

Courteney Cox


Courtney - girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, also famous by the TV series "Friends". However, Cox was not so lucky with the roles in cinema, but fans can enjoy her comedic talent in the TV series "Cougar Town," where Cox plays a major role.


Alyson Hannigan


This red-haired obayashka luck with full-length project. First it was the role in the film "American Pie", which stretched into 4 pieces, and then the series "How I Met Your Mother", which Hannigan has devoted nine years.


Alison and colleagues in the TV series "How I Met Your Mother»

Tina Fey


Tina - a famous American actress who has appeared in several films, but each of which revealed the obvious comedic talent, Tina Fey. In addition, Tina herself is writing the script to Stick "Studio 30", which is recognized as one of the best sitcoms in the United States.


Renee Zellweger


Comedy fame René after the film "Bridget Jones", where she played the charming chubby Bridget, looking for love.


Still from the film "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason»

Katherine Heigl


The former model has become famous as an actress after the series "Grey's Anatomy." But, apparently, the most Katherine like comedy projects. One of the most successful - the picture "Guo * Single Truth" where Heigl played paired with Gerard Butler.

Sandra Bullock


Over her shoulders role not only in comedies, but serious, dramatic projects. However, many perceive Bullock just as easily comedienne. I must admit that Sandra amazing plays in comedies and knows how to amuse the audience. Popularity came to the actress after the film "Speed", but a year later it was named one of the best comedy actress, for her role in the film "While You Were Sleeping».


Still from the film "While You Were Sleeping»

Reese Witherspoon


Witherspoon deserves recognition as a comedienne, actress and as a dramatic film. But it was her role in "Legally Blonde" Reese revealed potential as a comedic actress.


Scene from the movie "Legally Blonde»

Kate Hudson


Humor Kate Hudson in the blood. The first comedy "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days" set the tone for the entire subsequent career.


Isla Fisher


Isla Fisher is known for his roles in "Confessions of a Shopaholic," "Wedding Crashers" and the movie "The Bachelorette." Roles rustic and funny girls are easily actress. Former circus artist knows how to make people laugh. However, in recent years to move away from Isla dreams comedy roles and expand the horizons.


Still from the film "Confessions of a Shopaholic»

Anna Faris


Anna Faris - star comedy parody of the genre. This girl is associated primarily with the comedy "Scary Movie." For this project, Anna repainted a brunette and her many fans thought it was her natural color.

On account of Anna, except for "Scary Movie," several successful comedies.

Drew Barrymore

By the time of Fame as a comedic actress, Drew has been the glory of the problems with illicit drugs and rehabilitation. One of the most successful comedy "50 First Dates" where Drew Barrymore played paired with Adam Sandler. This year, the actors played together again in the comedy "Mixed».


Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz became famous after the film "Mask", where she played the blonde beauty. Later this image added yet comedic roles.


Scene from the movie "Bad Teacher»


Cameron in the role of Natalie in the movie "Charlie's Angels"


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