These girls 30

I can not believe, but these girls over 30. Of course, the profession makes them look good. But anyway, is the ability to "preserve" their beauty inspires respect.

Alicia Silverstone (34). She began her star rise in 17 years. Since then, her image and appearance almost not altered in any way.

Remember the girl from the movie "Scream" - Neve Campbell? She has 37 years, but is it possible to think so, looking at her?

Sarah - Michelle Gellar (34). This famous "Vampire Slayer" over the years, give only the wrinkles around the eyes. In all other respects she retained her maiden charm.

Kate Hudson (32) - the same mischievous little girl with a big smile, as in the beginning of his career.

In this photo, it looks like a vampire Victoria in "Twilight» ...

Natalia Oreiro can be proud of its youthful appearance. Did you say that to her for 34 years?

What was so remained.

Little Reese Witherspoon (35) does not lag behind their peers. Reese is careful to look as pretty as a decade ago.

Katherine Heigl (32) - a former model. Old School, apparently, helps her look young.

Another model and simply beautiful - Charlize Theron (36).

Funny girl reincarnated in a fatal beauty.

Laetitia Casta (33). And then good ...

... And now is the perfect ...

Claire Danes - 32, but she looks the same as 10 years ago.

Jennifer Goodwin (33) - one of those about whom they say that age does not have authority over them.

And, of course, Drew Barrymore (36). The girl has long crossed the 30-year mark, but the exterior is almost not affected.

In his image as if frozen "eternal blonde" Anna Faris (34). Although her career began to take off with a hairstyle with dark hair ...

Katie Holmes (32) - the eternal girl ...

Beauty Liv Tyler (34), like a fine wine, over the years, only brighter and more saturated.


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