Photo 30 Seconds to Mars

Each of the participants in this group about 40 years, but young girls still fall in love with these guys. Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Mileshevich - a group of 30 Seconds to Mars. Group of 30 Seconds to Mars was formed in 1998 by brothers Summer, who were later joined by guitarist Tomo Mileshevich today (by the way, is the youngest member of the band, he was 32 years).

This American rock band from Los Angeles does not accept pop music, because they play a alternative rock, but despite the fact that they are rock musicians they can be considered a rather merry men. Each of the guys is a very versatile person, so it is not surprising that together they create something, what no one else does not think.

Their music, their fan movement, their positive attitude pleasant surprise, so I'd like to show you their funny and amusing photos. It would seem that they should be exemplary fathers of families, but two of them (the brothers Leto) is still not married and have no children. Do not even say that they are for so many years with so much energy they act.

So, look at these "perennial blockheads»)


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