Sculptures of unimaginable beauty (16 photos)

This year the exhibition hall «Gaylord National Resort» near Washington hosted the famous annual festival of ice.

The exhibition of ice sculptures «At Ice!» In the exhibition hall «Gaylord National Resort» you can find everything - from dancing penguins to the two-story water slides (yes, on which you can ride). (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

Work aligns ice wall. The exhibition takes place in the tent area of ​​1393 square meters, where the temperature is kept minus 9 degrees. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

Sculpture at the entrance to the exhibition reminds her subject. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

About 40 artists from Narbina, China, where the tradition of carving sculptures out of ice has been around for a long time, prepare decorations. Jiang Bing Wang (right) working on a "mint" candy. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

Artists carve figures from the 5000 ice cubes, each of which weighs 181 kg. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

Bao Li carves ice wall. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

The workers worked about 30 days, some of them will work on the exhibition itself - to make sure that the ice was in shape. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

In the last room of ice lamb standing next to Jesus at the well-known scene. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

From left to right: Bai Guo Wei, Wei Qi and Zhang Ping Xu discuss how to make a cross out of ice for the scenes on a religious theme. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

Victorian scene has a grand piano and a Christmas tree. (Benjamin C Tankersley)

At this temperature, workers and visitors should be warmed. Exhibitions include long warm jackets for children from three years old and blankets for babies. (Sarah)

Huge crew for the whole family - a great opportunity for a photo. (Benjamin C Tankersley)

Chang Chun Lee carves ice poinsettia flower at the entrance to the exhibition. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

Who knew ice could be so sweet? Under a white canopy are beautiful colorful scenes. (Benjamin C Tankersley)

Frozen in time? The clock tower rises above the icy landscape. (Benjamin C Tankersley)

Working carving ice, producing a snowfall snowflakes. The exhibition will be open every day until the 10th of January, including Christmas and New Year. After the exhibition, visitors can go to the atrium «Gaylord», where it is snowing right inside, where you can buy souvenirs and funny t-shirts. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)


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