The first beauty contest

The first beauty contest was held September 19, 1888 on the Belgian resort of Spa,
then no one knew what it was supposed to start.
In the final he participated 21 contender for the title of "Queen of Beauty."

The girls were taken from the photographs sent to the jury. According to the reporter of one of the Scandinavian newspaper covering the results of those unusual events, "participants of the contest were to remain unknown to the general public, lived in a separate house, access to which was closed to outsiders, and they were delivered to the competition in a closed carriage." At the same time the men who were present at the event were dressed in tuxedos, women - in long dresses. The winner was 18-year-old Creole from Guadeloupe Bertha Sukkar, who got the prize of 5 thousand francs. Starting Belgium picked up by other countries, the most active of which were Germany and the United States. The history of beauty contests on the banks of the Rhine has more than 90 years. The first competition of the German beauties took the summer of 1909 in the Berlin cabaret "Promenade". The winning saleswoman of cigarettes from East Prussia 19-year-old Gertrude receive a prize - as much as 20 Reichsmarks in gold!

The very first "Miss America" ​​representative jury chose 8 September 1921, when the premiere of American beauty contests. The winner was 16-year-old resident of Washington Margaret Gorman, the daughter of an official of the Ministry of Agriculture. Incidentally, it was the worldwide debut of half-naked body - a girl for the first time in history appeared in public in a swimsuit. "Miss America" ​​was to set the example of chastity. The winner of the contract for "advertising" of the year was not allowed to appear in the haunts of vice or any events where alcohol is consumed. Beyond that, they themselves watch over carefully monitored. Failure to comply with these regulations is punishable by breaking the contract and taking away the prizes. Speaking of prizes. Interestingly, among other awards payable winners, featured a grant to study at a college or university in the amount of up to 50 thousand dollars. They say that the company "Miss America" ​​is the world's largest "provider of scholarships for women".

The history of beauty pageants took a new dimension with the advent and popularity of the "golden age" of TV. For the first time the contest "Miss America" ​​was shown live in 1954. The broadcast broke all records: it looked 39 percent of viewers - more than 27 million people. The first world beauty contests were held in 1951 in London were crowned here, "Miss Universe" and "Miss World". 30 contestants appearing on stage in swimsuits "bikini", which at that time were not yet known in England, created a furore.

Russian beauties, first choose among immigrant: the election of "beauty queens" of the number of our compatriots were held in 1927 in Paris. First he won the title 19-year-old Cyrus Sklyarov. In 1929, the jury, created with the Paris edition of the magazine "Illustrated Russia" has developed the conditions of competition. Elections "Russian Beauty" welcomed Ivan Bunin, Konstantin Korovin, Alexander Kuprin, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Chaliapin. By the way, in 1931 the title of "Miss Russia" received a daughter of the great singer - Marina. In the USSR, the first beauty contest was held in 1988. By the review of "Miss Moscow-88" is engaged in the Komsomol, but the sponsor of concern "Burda", whose magazines had just begun to enter the Russian market. In the qualifying round came tens of thousands of Muscovites. The winners were 16-year-old Masha Kalinina, who left school, he left Russia and is now trying to make a career in Hollywood under the name Mariah Keylin.

By the way, the first runner-up of the contest was Oksana Fandera, which also makes a movie career, but at home. After that beauty pageants in the country began to grow like mushrooms after the rain - from not too serious "Miss legs", "Miss Bust" to the traditional "Miss Russia", "Russian Beauty". Parades were held, and on a professional basis, "Miss Press" and "Mouth of the press", "Miss Tourism", "Miss Moscow University", "Miss Watch Factory" and "Miss store." Beauties choose among police staff and prisoners. Russian girls are not left unnoticed and international beauty parades. The first major victory was won by 18-year-old Julia Kurochkin who in 1992 became the "Miss World". In 1998, Rozalia Muraveva was proclaimed "Supermodel of the World" and "Miss Russia-97" Helen Rogozhin in 1999 turned into a "Miss Europe". The most "star" for Russian beauties began in 2002 when Svetlana Koroleva was "Miss Europe", and 24-year-old Oxana Fedorova won the title of "Miss Universe 2002". 24-year-old graduate student of the St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior was able to bypass the 74's the most beautiful girls in the world.

Throughout the history of beauty contests society's attitude to this action was not unique. In 1970-80-ies in the West, the waves rising protest movement against the exploitation of female beauty in order to profit from the business tycoons. Negative attitude to beauty contests and promote scandals, and then flashing around these shows. Even the first German beauty Gertrude accused that she won "to pull". In 1972, a scandal erupted around the contest "Miss Universe." It turned out that a representative of the jury - a fiction, and the fate of the crown alone decides the organizer of this spectacle Eric Morley.

Not long ago, the election of "Miss Universe" have been accompanied by speculation over whether changed if one of the participants their sex and if so, how to deal with it. A few years ago the competition, held in Cyprus almost ripped protesters feminists. But despite the criticism and scandals each year choose the most beautiful girl in virtually all countries and on all continents. And if the stars are lit, it means that it's someone who needs it ?!


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