Who won the Sony World Photography Awards (Part I)

March 19 were announced the winners of the first international photo competition Sony World Photography Awards 2013. As I told earlier, the competition is divided into several categories: professional, amateur and student work. The holder of the title of "Best Photographer" among professionals and the main prize of 25 thousand dollars will be called at a ceremony April 25, 2013. Well, today I represent to your attention the lucky among amateur and student surveys and holders of 5000 dollars.

Amateur competition. Category "Art and Culture". Winner Gilbert Yue, Hong Kong / China.

This year, in an open competition was attended by more than 55,000 amateur works that were presented in 10 different categories. The chairman of the jury and editor of "Amateur photo» photographers amateurs constantly surprised him and not only determination and passion, but also the amazing quality pictures.

Amateur competition. Category "Architecture". Winner Martin Bichcheri, Italy.

Amateur competition. The category "Computer processing". Hoang Nguyen Hip winner, Vietnam.

In the youth or student awards, with the participation of photographers under the age of 19 years, the competition was no less serious. Young, talented and determined photographers who have the talent and ability to take a moment and showed their vision of the world. Among them also chose the winner was awarded a cash prize and Photography Sony. Well, meet the top ten winners.

Youth Competition. Category "Portrait". Winner Bert Vicente, Spain.

Youth Competition. Category "Environment". Winner Xu Wei Shaw, Taiwan.

Youth Competition. Category "Culture". Winner Alexander Paluka, Romania.

Amateur competition. The category "Low Light". Winner Elmar Akhmetov, Kazakhstan.

Amateur competition. The category "Nature and Animals". Winner Krasimir Matar, Bulgaria.

Amateur competition. Category "Panorama". Winner Yu Kwon E, Singapore.

Amateur competition. Category "People". Winner Hisatomi Tadahiko, Japan.

Amateur competition. Category "Smile". Winner Ming Hui Guang (Mac Kwon), China.

Amateur competition. Category "split second". Winner Mathias Galvez, Chile.

Amateur competition. The category "Travel". Winner Manny Fayutag, Philippines.


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