Photos from the competition micrographs of Nikon (19 photos)

International Competition micrographs of Nikon's recently announced the winners of its 2010. The contest was founded in 1974 specifically for those who like to take pictures through a microscope. Looking to the world of animals, plants and minerals with the help of new technologies and the various tools contestants this year, we offer photos of crystalline formations, fluorescent body parts, reticulated structure and more of value because of its beauty and inner peace.

Increased 30-fold image of the head caddis larvae made Fabrice couple from Caen, France. (Courtesy of Nikon Small World)

Magnified 400 times fluorescent photos of glial cells in the cerebellum. Glial cells provide support to neurons in the brain. The photo was taken by Thomas Deerinkom from the National Center for Microscopy at the University of California, San Diego. (Courtesy of Nikon Small World)

Volchkoobraznye eyes of the male fly-by-night. Photo enlarged 10 times. Author - Laurie Knight of Konbridzha, Kent, England. (Courtesy of Nikon Small World)

Increased 63 times Photo recrystallized sulfur made by Dr. Edward Leimane Gaffordom of Ventura, California. (Courtesy of Nikon Small World)


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