«Celebrity Camera Club»

I think you yourself have noticed that in addition to being a celebrity in films, sing and dance, they also love to take pictures. They photographed everything, getting the most out of it, but sometimes they just have to take a camera in his hands for the next thematic photo shoot. So. Recently, the network I came across an interesting blog called «Celebrity Camera Club», in which the creator puts pictures of celebrities and sign the name of the cameras in their talented handles that very entertaining and sometimes even rare, since not all devices exist today, and photos of stars across the old, old.

Pictures of the offer little to the blog. Stars now photographers!

Cutie Natalie Portman with a Rolleiflex

Charming brunette Elizabeth Taylor and the camera Rolleiflex

Marilyn Monroe is photographed with the camera Nikon

George Harrison once with three cameras: Nikon F, Kodak Retina IIS and Rolleiflex

Bearded Paul McCartney camera Pentax Spotmatic hands

Recognizable style, but Karl Lagerfeld since this photo with Fujifilm GA645Zi quite changed ...

Charles Bronson and Leica M3

The young Brigitte Bardot and all the same Leica

Excellent shot caught the photographer next to Alain Delon, who filmed the world using a range finder:

Sean Connery and SLR

Stylish Brad Pitt and his Leica M3

Playful photoshoot Madonna with Canon g12

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and SLR

Handsome Johnny Depp photographed using Polaroid

Diane Kruger Sexy legs in the foreground. Pentax camera 67 in the second.

Elijah Wood on the cover of the magazine «Life» camera Hasselblad

Edward Norton and Rolleiflex

Charming Heath Ledger in a photo shoot with Polaroid land camera

Emily Blunt photographs kinds camera Contax G2

Bright Milla Jovovich with a Contax T2

Polaroid OneStep 600 in the hands of Krysten Ritter

Charismatic Clark Gable and Reflex korelle

"Vanilla" Alexa Chung and Rolleiflex

David Bowie and Leica m6

Little Michael Jackson with a camera Zenit EM

Sensual Angelina Jolie poses with Canon 1D Mark IV

Rolleiflex and charming James Franco

Mick Jagger and Polaroid

Bob Dylan and the Nikon SP Rangefinder

Zac Efron bit awkwardly holding Polaroid

Kristen Stewart and Nikon F2 Photomic

Drew Barrymore as a Polaroid

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck fool around with MF camera


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