"Star" Week in Photos, 9-15 August 2010

Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) spoke at the three-day festival «Lollapalooza 2010" in Chicago.

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) and Serena Williams (Serena Williams) have recently begun to frequently dine together. Apparently, the damaged leg does not bother Serena conduct public life.

In the United States began surfing competitions «US Open of Surfing» paparazzi and now have a chance to make great shots of athletes. We would not even have thought that on a surfboard is possible to fabricate. No wonder that these guys are called professionals.

Interestingly, Katie Price (Katie Price) knows that the dress she wore to the presentation of the movie "The Expendables» (The Expendables), almost does not hide her charms?

Jennifer Love Hewitt (Jennifer Love Hewitt) was another guest starred in the TV series "Law & Order. SVU »(Law and Order: SVU).

Can the star of "Twilight" to meet with a member of the group «Jonas Brothers»? Or Joe Jonas (Joe Jonas) and Ashley Greene (Ashley Greene) just friends? Time will tell.

Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) has launched another fragrance under the name «Tease». At the presentation socialite was in the form of a modern Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe).

Uma Thurman (Uma Thurman) has decided to sell his backpack at a charity auction. Immediately the question arises: what she had in the backpack? Maybe a samurai sword from the movie "Kill Bill» (Kill Bill)? Probably everyone happy he would be acquired.

Screens out the long-awaited film "Eat Pray Love» (Eat Pray Love) Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts) in the title role. The actress arrived at the premiere wearing a jacket and short shorts, and although she looked irresistible, created the impression that she did not feel at ease.

Candice Swanepoel (Candice Swanepoel) looks like a real superhero comics. Note the tights, high boots, shiny heels and gorgeous curls.

Whoopi Goldberg (Whoopi Goldberg) to please their fans a performance in the musical «Sister Act: The Musical».

The party «Nylon and Express' Denim Issue Party» in West Hollywood Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore) put on a very nice dress. This is one of the nicest outfits, which we have seen for the last time.

A common model would look nice, standing near the bottles «Captain Morgan». But Marisa Miller (Marisa Miller) is no ordinary model. She takes fencing lessons for the upcoming advertising campaign.

Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) looks a little funky, holding a check for flood relief. And this is not the first time he looks worried during the event.

Stars of the big and small screen, including Eliza Dushku (Eliza Dushku) gathered at the «Harold Pump Foundation Gala». The event is aimed at fighting cancer, in particular by raising awareness about the disease. And the most convenient way - to collect as many celebrities.

Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) was seen walking in Saint-Tropez with a few close friends. Karl, of course, chose a light gray suit, with matching boots, gloves and immutable. Baptiste Dzhiabikoni wore denim shorts and sports boots. Intriguing spectacle.

Singer Ke $ ha presented incendiary number on the show «Today».

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is temporarily interrupted his work and the governor arrived on the red carpet to promote the latest film Sylvester Stallone (Sylvester Stallone) «The Expendables».

In Bristol, England, was a festival of balloons.


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