Lady Gaga and the secrets of beauty

If you think that in order to achieve the same flawless image, like Lady Gaga, you must have some stylists to help correct make-up whenever you need or a huge makeup bag, makeup clogged to the top, then, you may be right. In today's post, that has to do Lady Gaga for her perfected image.


Lady Gaga has admitted that her mother since childhood taught her to wash your face with soap and ivory (Ivory Soap from P & G), but it does not mean that the singer should be the mother's instructions. On the question of how often it does not wash off makeup before bed, sofa replied: "Seven times a week. Yes, I know that it is harmful to the skin. But the Lord gave me excellent genes. " But the singer is always in your purse sunscreen. "I try to see to it that my face does not light up. Tan promotes the appearance of wrinkles, "- explains Lady Gaga.


Natural brunette by birth and by vocation blonde says really misses her dark curls, especially in those moments when it is necessary to do a regular haircut and chemical staining. In addition, the singer admitted that her hair fall out.

Eye Makeup

Lady Gaga does not put mascara or even false eyelashes glue. "I think it's very stylish - not to use neither the one nor the other. I just am getting liner eye ».


She argues that it is literally dying of foot massage after a hard day on the crazy height of heels. Massage helps her cope with the discomfort and reduce pain.


Lady Gaga rose fragrances Gianni Versace Baby Rose Jeans by Gianni Versace and Revlon Jean Nate.

The philosophy of beauty

This is perhaps the most important secret of the beauty of the singer. "You just need to be the way you are in, be yourself. When you imitate someone, it's boring ", - concluded Lady Gaga.



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