Lady Gaga: Dynasty

Style Lady GaGa - almost entirely from the 80s. While times were popular wigs, neon unnatural fabrics, leather clothes, thick makeup, strange movements ... No wonder the critics argue, then it most - David Bowie and Marilyn Manson. Lady GaGa - a phenomenon entirely borrowed - on behalf of up to hairstyles.

In fact, Lady GaGa Madonna imitates imitating Monroe. The same short blond hair curled, the same huge red lips, and even Andy Warhol did not hesitate to copy! Well, one once - well, the second time - as much?

But the similarities do not end there. Stage name - from the songs of the group Queen. Grim - from the design of the album «Alladine Sane». Scenery video for latest single - very much like the album «Sex».

It seems that someone has collected all remembered for his wild youth and fashioned collected from a single image. The clone 80, clone, and above all - Madonna, so to speak, "the new Madonna" ... with a lively old.

Quite amusing to compare the evolution of hairstyles Lady GaGa with the evolution of hairstyles Louise Ciccone - it seems that someone has had a very good album of photographs, which are periodically reviewed and open for new ideas. Adjusted for bangs - one to one.

Traced repetitions and costumes - I kept thinking something, and it reminds me of. It was found that simple. This is again a clone, but not obvious.

Six months ago, there were persistent rumors that Lady GaGa started work with David Bowie, has signed a contract and did the recording go. Bowie said it something like "Do not think, do not dream." I wonder what he would say Madonna, if she will offer something similar?


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