Celebrity who do not like Lady Gaga

Such God's creation, as Lady Gaga, by definition, can not but cause other people any emotion. Simply put: it, or adore, or it infuriates you. As for me personally, I think that Gaga - big nyashka, but there are people who believe that it [ censorship i>]))) And these "gagonenavistniki" there among colleagues scandalous singer.

Here are a dozen representatives of show business, which are not sympathetic to the queen of shocking. This is the best say their quotes

"I would prefer to work with someone who is not in the habit of so brazenly copied me. I'm attracted more original performers "- Grace Jones

"I was with someone just did not compare, but it offends me when I begin to compare to Gaga and the woman ... her ... Jessie J! I would not like to be like any of them "- Marilyn Manson

"She tries to be like Grace Jones and Madonna, but her music is only suitable for 20-year-old youths, coming off Ibiza. Damn, progressiveness it zero, but it is a very good simulator ยป- MIA

"I watched some of her videos, and even did not finish them until the end. What can I say ... In the work of any good artist should be some certain quality that fans appreciate the most. It is nothing like music. It is too simple and unpretentious "- Michel Gondry

"Lady Gaga, Beyonce and similar artists - poison our minds. People are more interested in who they are sleeping, lesbian if they have any relationship with Gaga's gay, etc. That's disgusting! "- Sandy Rios, TV presenter.

"I think Lady Gaga is as simple as five cents. Heidi Montag is much more talented than her "- Spencer Pratt

"Lady Gaga - singer-meteorite. It does not make any long-term objectives, it is necessary to entertain people here and now. But meteors are falling ... "- Tori Amos

"I do not think her songs are too terrible, but I will never listen to them" - Courtney Love

"Lady Gaga? And who is there such? Apparently, I'm old and something I do not know "- Noel Gallagher


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