Underwater life

Collected here are photos taken under water, but in them you will see not only the sea creatures - penguins, stingrays and seals - and other land animals, sometimes love to frolic in the water.

A three meter leopard seal grabbed the penguin in the dark waters of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica. (Amos Nachoun / Barcroft USA)

Opened his mouth and showing off his 5-centimeter razor-sharp teeth, this is beautiful, but deadly creating enough prey. (Amos Nachoun / Barcroft USA)

This amazing scene was filmed in the waters near the island of captivity Port Lockroy on the Antarctic peninsula, where every year are going to feed the seals. (Amos Nachoun / Barcroft USA)

Say cheese! Sea Leopard - the equivalent of a polar bear in the Antarctic, it is the largest predator on the continent. (Amos Nachoun / Barcroft USA)


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