Created the first personal submarine to stay

Engineer Graham hawk made the world's first personal submarine for two persons that can be used for tourism and recreation. The civilian version of the underwater apparatus established on military technology and is a model of reliability, simplicity and design.
Designer and engineer Graham hawke, who worked very long on the defensive, the U.S. Agency in charge of the design of warships in retirement wanted to continue working, but to get re in the civil direction. The fruit of his many years of work — the world's first civilian submarine, which was named DеepFlight Super Falcon or just "Falcon".

He is the Creator to position your invention as an underwater "flyer". Despite the extraordinary price of 1.7 million dollars Falcon is a broad spread among those who purchase yachts in the eight-digit sum. In this case Fаlcon will be a must for owners of his boats.

Submarine Fаlcon made for two people and is designed for dive average depth. Personal submarine has everything you need for survival at depth in the event of an emergency. In Falcon there are elements which are locked separately in case of damage to the skin, there is a communication buoy, there is a supply of oxygen for two days hours. All this helps to survive if the system is "a system of auto-lifting" will not fire. The rescue system can be started manually. Also it will work automatically when you damage the outer skin.

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