Video and details of unsuccessful landing Falcon-9R

Falcon 9 first stage landing burn and touchdown on Just Read the Instructions - SpaceX (SpaceX ) April 15, 2015 blockquote> Landing Falcon 9 first stage of the ship, "Just read the instructions» (Just Read the Instructions), aerial view. Time of the fall is not shown. Em> Updated 2015-04-16 01:15: SpaceX has published more complete and better quality version of this video .

After postponement SpaceX successfully launched Dragon truck to the International Space Station. The ship was separated from the second stage, opened solar panels and, most likely, it will dock with the ISS two days later. On board nearly two tons of cargo - food, equipment, scientific experiments. But the second task of this run again ended in failure.

Infographics about the process of planting the first stage Falcon 9. Large image is available by clicking. Em>

How said himself Elon Musk, the chances of a successful outcome was less than 50%. Just because of the large number of launches probability of at least one successful landing this year is 80%. Process состоит of the following steps:

Starting a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket from launch pad. Rocket engines are turned on and it comes off from the Earth, gaining altitude and speed. Shutdown all nine first-stage engine and its compartment. Turn the first stage and re-enabling the engines to extinguish speed. At stage has its own system of control and guidance that directs the missile in the direction of the ship, the spaceport. The device is moving at a speed of about 4,800 kilometers per hour. The engine turns back on. The stage takes the fully upright position. Revealed four latticed steering to further control the flight of a rocket. The speed drops to about 900 kilometers per hour. The last inclusion engines during landing on the ship, "Just read the instructions." Stage slows down to about 8 kilometers per hour. Revealed four legs made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Landing on a floating platform. Attendants, located a kilometer away from the ship reaches it, then fix the unit on the surface and eliminate any remaining fuel components.

Landing on the barge, the first frame, SpaceX em>

Planting of the first stage is almost over luck. The first photo shows how the stage hung over the ship, how to open a support, a second image hints that something went wrong. Elon Musk assumes , that the landing was normal, but excessive speed caused the missile lateral tip.

The second image, it can be seen in the fall, SpaceX em>

At the moment, except roller with aircraft available only video with extremely low frame rate, that is essentially just pictures - they were published only two. A few days later the ship "Just read the instructions" will return to the port along with the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, then staff SpaceX will extract and publish the web normal videos. Up to this point the exact analysis of what happened is not.

This is the third unsuccessful landing of the rocket Falcon 9. SpaceX Past attempts to gently put the first stage ended in failure: in the first case in January not enough liquid in an open hydraulic drive lattice rudders and paralyzed rocket landed on the ship. In the second case in February prevented the weather, so it was not possible to bring the ship into the sea platform, and automatic planted the first step on the surface, which was not. Planting of the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket will significantly reduce the cost of start-up, because then the rocket can be reused. Musk claims , that fuel costs only 0, 3% of the total cost of the rocket.

The new launch of the Falcon 9 already held on April 24, but the output will be Turkmen communication satellite, and the parameters of its orbit exclude testing return the first stage. Most likely, the next likely attempt to plant the first stage happen only 22 June to the delivery time of the next ship supplies to the ISS.

The video start. Start begins at around 15:45. Em>

Dragon is now on its way to the ISS. This is the sixth launch of the truck to the ISS (there will be 12) and eighth flight in general. Two days after the launch of the ship caught manipulator and dock with the station, and another five weeks capsule landed, off the coast of California. Dragon will return to Earth more than a ton of equipment, computer equipment, scientific experiments and debris. At the moment, the only available space truck, which is able to return cargo to Earth - the contents of "progress" is burned in the atmosphere.

A few seconds before the fall, SpaceX em>



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