Tesla Master Plan. Part two

Electric trucks and buses, complete autopilot, earnings for owners of cars Tesla

Elon Musk has never been seen in the excessive modesty and lack of ambition. For this he and love. Ten years ago, the entrepreneur has published a "secret" master plan.

While Tesla Motors only preparing to release their first model - a sports car Tesla Roadster, but Elon Musk spoke about the intention to release a large range of models, including affordable family cars. It is necessary to achieve the "overarching objective» Tesla Motors, which is the sense of the company's foundation - to help in the transition of the world economy from fossil fuels to solar energy fuel

. Such an ambitious goal of a revolutionary could not bribe his idealistic and ambitious. all convinced that Elon Musk was not joking Over the past ten years. And now he has published the second part of his grand master plan.

Elon Musk says that the first master plan of a decade ago is nearing completion. Tesla Motors Company actually managed to produce a range of electric vehicles. Very soon in the sale will be inexpensive mass model Tesla Model 3, which has already taken more than 400,000 pre-orders. Large Model 3 premiere will take place at the end of 2016 year.

Tesla Model 3

In simplified form, the plan Elon Musk consisted of several stages:

Make electric vehicle, which is bound to be expensive and is not intended for large-scale mass production

Use the money to in paragraph 1 for the development of the more popular electric vehicle at a lower price.

Use the money from 2 to create affordable mass of the car, this is the Tesla Model 3.

Note: start implementation of the plan could be just the 2nd or 3rd item, but Elon Musk explains that the chances of success were slim. So he decided to invest in a business only their own money earned from PayPal promotions and to attract external investment to start. Automotive business - a risky business. Elon Musk aptly remarked that US history was only two car startup that went bankrupt. "Establish a car company - it is idiocy, and electric car company - idiocy squared" - self-critically admits businessman

. And ...

Provide access to solar energy. Few believe in the feasibility of such a plan a decade ago. But now, the cost of solar energy caught up with the cost of electricity from coal and gas. And it continues to decline rapidly.

The businessman said that the first master plan written specifically to explain its position and defend himself against charges that Tesla produces luxury sports cars for wealthy people, because these sports cars and so many on the market. He explained that this is only the first step on the way to the big important goal.

The second part of the master plan is also written as a kind of protection. Elon Musk explains that combining Tesla and SolarCity companies do not need to transfer debt and collateral coverage, what his detractors accused, namely to achieve the fundamental long-term goals.

Company SolarCity installs solar panels on the roofs of private homes. It is rapidly developing business, although experiencing certain financial difficulties. Elon Musk recently proposed to join Tesla and SolarCity.

All actions Tesla Motors should be seen against the background of the picture and the main mission of the company and not on the basis of short-term profits, says Musk. In this sense, the past ten years have been quite successful. Now the future of solar energy and electric vehicles seems quite realistic and achievable. This is a matter that concerns everyone. In fact, mankind has no other choice: "By definition, we must eventually move to renewable energy, or we run out of fossil fuels and civilization collapses - logical reasons Elon Musk. - In view of this it is necessary in any case to get rid of fossil fuels. Virtually all scientists agree that the sharp increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and oceans -. This is crazy, so the sooner we will achieve sustainable development, the better »

Combining Tesla and SolarCity with the construction of a vertically integrated company fully integrated into the master plan and the overarching goal of Tesla. Now Elon Musk has identified several key objectives for the near future.

Integration of generation and energy storage
This is why you need the union of Tesla and SolarCity. "What these companies are separated from each other, taking into account the same origin and the pursuit of the same overarching goal of the transition to renewable energy - this is largely a historical accident", - says Musk

. Recall that the company SolarCity was founded in 2006 by brothers Peter and Lyndon Raivo, who implemented the idea of ​​his cousin Elon Musk. Elon himself became head of the company and helped with the launch of the project.

The deal for the merger to be approved by shareholders. Himself Elon Musk, the main shareholder, withdrew from participation in the vote, as well as chairman of the board of directors of both companies Antonio Gracias (Antonio Gracias).

Now Tesla Motors has launched a subsidiary company Tesla Energy, which offers household lithium-ion batteries Powerwall and Powerpack to power homes and businesses from renewable energy sources. So the above-mentioned "historical accident" looks especially ridiculous.

For ten years, SolarCity keeps leadership in the service sector to install solar panels in California, ranking second in the United States the number of plants.

If the shareholders approve the transaction, the post-merger combined company staff of 30 000 people, and all the products are united under a single brand Tesla. It will include electric vehicles, batteries and solar panels for the consumer market.

Expansion to cover the basic forms of road transport
Currently, Tesla Motors is working on two relatively small markets of premium sedans and electric SUV. With the release of Model 3, the future compact SUV and new pickup Tesla plans to cover all major sectors of the consumer market.

To succeed requires scale mass production as soon as possible, says Elon Musk. He says that this product is not a car Model 3, and itself for the production of these cars factory.

Ideally, this factory as a machine that produces machines - with iterative release of all cars of better quality. The machine for the production of car Model 3 can be regarded as a version 0.5, and version 1.0 is formed around 2018. "The first analysis of the principles of physics automobile production indicates that the improvement is about 5-10 times possible to version 3.0 on a two-year production cycle," - flowery explains entrepreneur and inventor. Commentators are now discussing how to understand these words in light of mass production Tesla Model 3 and the possible need for additional funding plans.

Covering all sectors of the consumer market, what will the next "machine for the production of cars» Tesla?

This question Elon Musk responds directly. There are still two types of electric vehicles: these heavy vehicles and urban passenger transport. Both of these modes of transport are being developed Tesla engineers at an early stage and should be presented next year.

Electric gruzovikSudya around, electric truck tyagcha Tesla will be named Tesla Semi. This truck is to significantly reduce the cost of transportation, thus will be more safe and pleasant to operate.

As an example, look at the tractor Nikola One of kompaniiNikola Motor. Heavy-capacity of 2000 hp is equipped with a set of 32 000 individual lithium-ion batteries total capacity of 320 kWh. Who has accepted pre-orders and the official presentation of Nikola One is scheduled for December 2, 2016.

On a full charge the battery with an extra bottle of natural gas tractor can travel 1200 miles (1931 km), it is declared cruising range on a single charge.

Nikola One

Electric avtobusChto As for buses, the taking into account of increased autonomy (see. Below), it makes sense to reduce the size of buses that can run on the route more often. The driver will probably "flight control».

In these buses do not need to do a few I / O, because the public transport of passengers with the crowds leave in the past. Such stops with bus call button will be only for those who do not have a smartphone. Independent bus will pick up passengers along the route. The absence of a few wires / O allows you to increase the number of seats in the cabin, and the movement of the autopilot will relieve traffic jams in the city, which often are clumsy heavy public transport.

Tesla bus project provides a place for the arrival of passengers on wheelchairs and passengers with bicycles.

Autopilot With the development of technology, all vehicles Tesla will receive a complete auto piloting and full fault tolerance.

Complete fault tolerance means that the autopilot can continue driving safely in case of breakage of any vehicle assembly.

Elon Musk points out that the hardest part of this problem - the development of software. All necessary equipment is already, in principle, there are cameras, sonar, radar and computers of sufficient power

. For the admission of the autopilot on public roads regulators are likely to require large-scale testing of approximately 10 billion kilometers in test mode. Currently autopilots Tesla passing just over 5 million kilometers per day.

Elon Musk also explained why the company now feels unfinished autopilot in the real world. The answer is simple: even in the current state of the autopilot increases road safety and reduces the risk of accidents, as can be seen from the mortality statistics. Marking a "beta" from the autopilot is now more symbolic. It will be removed when the safety of the autopilot in 10 times surpass the security drive in manual mode (safety is now higher by about 2-fold, based on the statistics of mortality in the US the National Traffic Safety).

Sharing (sharing) < br> As soon as the regulators approve the use of the autopilot, the drivers will have free time to pursue personal interests in the car: read books, sleep or play computer games. It is very convenient to add your machine to machines sharing a pool of Tesla (like Uber Pool). Call the nearest car going by pressing the button in the mobile app.

Why You Need a car owner? Mainly for the sake of money. The machine will generate income for its owner while he was doing his chores or work, or if you went on vacation. According to calculations Elon Musk, so the car can easily cover the monthly payment for your purchase, and quickly pay off completely. If a person went on vacation, then, in principle, can not be returned: the machine will generate enough money for his life in a not very expensive part of the world

. In a fundamental sense, car sharing is important for the whole economy, because at the moment cars are used only 5-10% of their time, and in the remaining hours are idle without work.

In cities where taxi demand exceeds supply, the Tesla company intends to open its own unmanned car parks.

Master Plan, part two
Thus, the second part of the Tesla Master Plan is as follows:

Development magnificent solar roofs for buildings with integrated batteries for energy storage

. Expansion of product lineup of vehicles to all major market segments.

The development of the autopilot, which is 10 times safer than driving a manual, with the help of massive road tests.

Opening Bonus program for the Tesla owners at the time when they are not using their cars. B>

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