Operation of Tesla in Russia: facts and answers

Team Tesla Club Moscow have answered the most common questions related to the operation of electric cars Tesla in Russia — where it is easier to charge, how often, how to connect car to the Internet, how to order, what is the cost of operation.

A lot of whether Tesla is already on our roads?Every year in Russia there are more and more Tesla. According to official data of the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT", sales dynamics of the brand in Russia is growing fast — 8 cars were sold in 2013, and in 2014 this number rose to 82.

As of 1 July 2015, on the roads of our country were 122 officially registered Tesla — and not all in Moscow or St. Petersburg. There are machines in Kemerovo, Barnaul, Khabarovsk and even in the Anadyr — read more on the infographic "AUTOSTAT" below:

What is interesting, according to Tesla Club Moscow, Russia is more the Model S is 250-300 copies. Perhaps the owners simply are not in a hurry to put them on record.

But as its charge if charging stations are still little?

The range of the Tesla on a single charge eliminates the need to use public charging stations in everyday use in urban environments. As practical experience shows owners, much easier to use the home stations, getting a fully charged electric car for a few hours at night when electricity rates are lower.

With the installation of such a device in the Parking lot, in the garage or in the office will not have any problems.

The need for public charging stations may be the owners of Tesla for long journeys. With regard to Russia it is too early to speak about well-developed infrastructure to address this issue.

Today there are projects on the organisation of a network of high-speed ChaDeMo charging stations. In addition, according to information on the official website of Tesla Motors, in 2016 Russia will have Supercharger stations — one in Moscow and St. Petersburg, two on the path between them, as well as on the highway M9 in the direction of Latvia.

Thus, within a year, a chain of superfast charging stations will connect Russia with Europe, giving a lucky owner of a Tesla in our country the opportunity to organize a comfortable trip using only the Supercharger on intercity roads and motorways. By the way, in 2014 the possibility of charging at the Supercharger network is a free option and comes as standard on all Model S and Model X.

Public street charging stations needed for electric cars with less than Tesla, the reserve — which is often lacking in the average urban resident. This question in Russia and the CIS is still open. However, there are always new charging in major cities, while only in the European part of Russia.

Progress is already clearly evident, considering both public and private initiatives, and therefore it will be possible to speak about full-fledged infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Since the vast majority of Tesla owners charge their electric cars at home or in the office, is to find out more on how to do it correctly, how long it takes to charge and what equipment you need. So, included with each electric vehicle is supplied standard charger (Mobile Connector), and you can also buy proprietary High Power Wall Connector portable charging capacity, which is hung on the wall of the garage. In both cases, it is necessary that the outlet was the normal ground.

Mobile Connector

High Power Wall Connector

The European version of the Tesla has the ability to charge from three-phase current therefore charges faster than the car in us spec. To use the advantages of charge you can use the red three-phase sockets IEC 60309 — this can be put in your garage, as they are often found, for example, at car washes, underground Parking lots, hotels and other places where connected a powerful electrical equipment.

To answer the standard questions about the speed of charging from your home network and the equipment needed, we decided to present all important information for the consumer in the table (data relevant when connecting three-phase current):

High Power Wall Connector (sample 2016) — 110 km per hour of charging. Mobile Connector — 55 kilometers per hour charging. In addition, there is the ability to charge from ordinary household outlet to 220V by using the appropriate adapter for the Mobile Connector. In this case, charging a car is not fast per hour added 14 kilometers.

By the way, both chargers are capable of operating at temperatures from -30 to +45 degrees Celsius, which does not give reason to doubt their effectiveness in the Russian context.

In General, to enumerate all of the available charging options Tesla — a topic for another material that we plan to publish in the near future.

What is the real mileage on a single charge? How much it shrinks in the winter? Generally, it is in the winter?The actual mileage of the Tesla Model S with 85-kilowatt battery in the warm season, when the average urban operation, 350-400 km on a single full charge.

Know which European country I regularly record sales of the Tesla? In cold Norway, where winter temperatures can drop to -40 Celsius, which is quite comparable with even the most severe winters in Siberia.

However, the roads of Norway travels more than 6 thousand Tesla Model S. Judging by the owner reviews, in winter, the reserve is reduced by about 20-30% — this means that it is in any case enough to the average city dweller every day.

In addition to the question of mileage in the winter, Tesla is simply much more convenient gasoline or diesel car — no difficulties with starting the engine in a strong frost, no need to wait for warm-up. Tesla is very quickly heated the cabin (because the heater is fully electric) and the seat, and in addition, you can set a comfortable temperature in the cabin by means of a mobile application before leaving the house. And the temperature of the battery is constantly maintained on-Board computer automatically at an optimal level.

By the way, the experience of operating the Tesla Model S in Russian frosts already there — for example, in Barnaul at -30 Celsius:

The cost of operation

It should be clear that the electric vehicle in everyday use cheaper, because there is no main item of expenditure — spending on refills. But one thing to know about this fact, and quite another to look at real numbers.

So, most effective for illustration, let's try on the following scenario from real life. Suppose we live in Moscow and use the car for daily commuting.

A one-way trip is 15 km, respectively, the minimum daily mileage is 30 km. For simplicity, the experiment will not take into account traffic jams and extra trips. Thus, the weekly mileage is 150 km away.

Let's compare the Tesla Model S P85D (700 HP, 3.3 seconds acceleration to 100 km/h in 7.3 million rubles) with competitors. For example, will select a comparable dynamics and the value of the car. Let it be the Audi RS6 Avant cost 6 000 000 rubles, with a capacity of 560 HP and with acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

And to make it more interesting, add to compare objectively economical car available on the Russian market — let them be diesel Skoda Octavia 2.0 D with a robotic gearbox.

In all calculations, we will use the stated manufacturers specifications, as well as the cost of fuel and electricity tariffs in Moscow on 3 November 2015.

Tesla Model S P85D Audi RS6 Avant Skoda Octavia 2.0 D fuel Consumption/energy in urban mode (100 km) 15 kW/h 14,9 l 6.4 l the unit Cost of fuel (l, kW)
  • 1.43 rubles/kWh (night rate)
  • 5.57 rubles/kWh (day rate)
42,10 rubles/liter (gasoline AI-98) 35,42 rubles/liter (diesel fuel) Weekly fuel consumption rate of energy (with weekly mileage 150 km) 22.5 kW/h of 22.35 litres 9.6 litres Total weekly cost of fuel/energy (when the weekly mileage 150 km)
  • 32 rubles 18 kopecks (if charging at night)
  • 125 rubles 33 kopecks (if recharged during the day)
941 340 rubles rubles 3 kopecks Safe if Tesla on our roads?

This question worries many potential owners of Tesla in Russia. And rightly so, given the tense traffic situation on the roads of our country.

Naturally, for access to public roads, the Tesla Model S passed all the necessary tests — EuroNCAP (Europe):

and NHTSA (USA):

Not just passed, and became one of the few vehicles that received the maximum overall rating is 5 stars for both methods in all types of crash tests.

One of the elements that provides such a high level of security, is the battery. And this fact is one of the objects of the fears of potential owners of the Tesla argued that it is not known how to behave in the battery or mechanical damage.

In addition, in late 2013 a wide spread of the Internet received news about the fire of the machine as a result of hitting an obstacle. To Tesla Motors as quickly as possible responded to the situation: it was found that a hole diameter of 7 cm in the battery arose from the collision of a car into a large metal object, the impact force which in the bottom is estimated at 25 tonnes.

Between the moment of impact and fire, it took more than 5 minutes, and spread of fire was facilitated by the fact that the fire to extinguish did the four holes in the protective metal shield of the battery and the fire went out, but did not reach the cabin.

In November it released a software update that increased the ground clearance of the electric vehicle, and in the spring of 2014, changes were made to the vehicle: under the bottom are hollow aluminum beam of a special shape, titanium plate and shield of extruded aluminium.

Aluminum beam or discards lying on the road, or if it is a very solid and stable object, softens the blow and sends it up in front of the battery compartment, near the front of the trunk, preventing serious damage and maintaining the car's handling. Titanium plate protects against damage to vulnerable components at the front of the machine, helping to neutralize lying on the road debris. Shield made of aluminium is installed in case the first two protection devices can not cope — it additionally absorbs and dissipates impact energy. The owners have already purchased the Model S are free to Supplement their electric cars improved protection at service stations.

The set of systems of active and passive safety in all picking the Model S includes 8 airbags, a system designed to prevent frontal collisions, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, warning about leaving the traffic lane, sensors in the seat position of the driver and passenger, a rollover sensor, automatically disconnecting the battery at the incident and so on.

What is the autopilot? Whether Tesla drives itself?

Yes, she is. In the presence of markup and corresponding conditions on the road.

Recently, Tesla Motors has released new firmware for their supercars, the main feature of which was almost a full autopilot for movement on the track.

We're already convinced by his own experience how this development can enhance the safety movement on public roads: first, from the autopilot there is no human factor during such maneuvers, as the rebuilding does not "see" another car in the blind spot; and secondly, in our eyes Tesla itself correctly as possible to avoid a collision with an inconsiderate road users, which was captured on our video:

The autopilot is a very useful function for travel on the highway and in traffic. From experience, it significantly reduces operator fatigue and increases safety of such trips.

How to service a Tesla in Russia? Because we have no formal service

Service electric car in Russia, make in our Tesla Club Moscow — we manufacture non-warranty repair, tuning and maintenance of the cars Tesla. If necessary, our service engineers come from the European representative of Tesla Motors. For huge and warranty repair has a process to send electric cars into service in Germany.

We can say that the concept of service Tesla is the maximum comfort and minimum headaches for the owner. Tesla is missing most of the parts working under high load and require regular maintenance to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Fuel system, timing belt, clutch, pipes and filters, spark plugs, rollers and other spare parts for owners of the Tesla more than a relic of the past. In fact, Tesla has no units, working to the limit, even a consumable like brake pads, has a much greater resource than traditional cars due to regenerative braking.

The manufacturer does not only updates the firmware of their electric vehicles remotely, but also conducts basic diagnosis and solving small problems.

As for battery life — Tesla Motors gives a warranty in 8 years with no mileage limitation. If you have any trouble changing the battery for free. In addition, the manufacturer maintains detailed usage statistics of each battery, information about the charge-discharge currents of the charge, any problems and can predict the behavior of batteries for many years to come. Tesla Club Moscow provides comprehensive assistance in warranty replace the battery.

If Tesla is connected to the Internet in Russia? Are all functions available? How to manage all options?

Of course, any Tesla easily connect to the Internet. For Russian owners have two options.

You can install the SIM card in the service of our club. We have the expertise of a specialist from Germany to replace the SIM card.

And you can do it even easier — putting to the salon any wifi modem.

Who travel to Russia for the Tesla?

All sorts of people, and among them personality in one way or another public. I'll give some examples.

  • German Gref, President of Sberbank: "These cars do not pollute the nature. They are very cheap and easy to use."
  • Michael Podorozhansky, chief editor of "auto review": "I want to know is it possible in Moscow to make do with an electric car. I still can do it".
  • Anton Belov, Director of the center for contemporary culture "Garage": "From the fact that much especially when operating, is a feeling not flawed car, but on the contrary, the car of the future: what it got rid of UFO, and so he came to you in your hands."
  • Dmitry Grishin, General Director Mail.Ru Group: "for Tesla cars is the iPhone of smartphones".

There is another interesting fact. Tesla cars are often bought as a gift. Because it solves a specific problem: what to give the man who has everything? Tesla — the perfect gift in this case. And prestigious, and interesting, and the caller delight in the consequence of every day use.

How to order Tesla in Russia? What procedures have to go through? How long to wait?

To order a Tesla in Russia and CIS is very simple. Overall, the whole process consists of three steps:

You contact Tesla Club Moscow with a desire to order an electric car, and we will help you to choose the desired modification of details and will tell about all the nuances.

We undertake all work on the car order, delivery and registration.

You get your Tesla in 3-4 weeks if you choose the machine from European warehouse. You can order the Assembly "under itself" — in this case, will have to wait 2-4 months.

In addition, you can choose for yourself and buy Tesla available in Tesla Club Moscow — in this case, the car will be ready the next day.

Where can I see a detailed review of the Tesla Model S and Model X?

It is easy to foresee that such an innovative vehicle as the Tesla caused a strong interest among consumers and media worldwide. Today you can find many in-depth test drives and reviews the Tesla shot as in the US and Europe, and in Russia.published

But to dispel last doubts, if you are seriously interested in acquiring Tesla, we have gathered for you a selection of the most detailed and exciting reviews:

Tesla drove on autopilot the third ring in Moscow:

Review of the Model S in the "Big test-drive":

Winter test of the Model S in the "Big test-drive":

Model S test at -31 degrees Celsius in Barnaul:

Michael Podorozhansky ("Autoreview") about Tesla Model S:

Grand test "АвтоПлюсTV":


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