Accidents involving electric cars Tesla: only drivers to blame?

In the latest accident Tesla Model X crashed into the wall of a supermarket

The owner of a new model of the electric Tesla Model X claims that the car suddenly scored the maximum speed, flew over the curb and crashed into the wall of the nearby shopping center. Behind the wheel at the time was the wife of the owner. The car itself has been delivered to the buyer in just five days before the incident. In the incident he blames electric, claiming that the vehicle is accelerated on their own, despite the autopilot disconnected

"My wife of 45 years, a driver's license from her for almost 30 years, there was virtually no accidents. This is not the case when the 90-year-old woman presses the gas pedal instead of the brake, "- said Puzant Ozbeg (Puzant Ozbag), the owner of the electric SUV. He also said that his wife had time to turn the steering wheel to the left, crashing into the wall is a shopping center, not in the window nail salon, located right on the course.

Life wife of the owner of electric is not threatened, but health has been damaged: during the accident damaged the woman's hand. Most likely, it happened at the time of release of air bags.

Immediately after the incident Ozbeg Contact Support the Tesla, who advised him to send the SUV into the parking lot, to the point until you reach the service center, where the SUV can be repaired. At the same time, support staff, reported that its experts shake their data on-board PC machines, to study the incident.

These cars were successfully loaded Tesla, as reported by the service desk. After a detailed analysis of the case it was found that the problem is not in auto-pilot. event log analysis showed that "this Model X was in manual mode, the autopilot or without included cruise control, both during the incident, and a few minutes before him. The company says that the car was traveling at a speed of about 10 km / h until the gas pedal is not depressed to 100%. The car accelerated in line with the actions of the driver.

"Acceleration was uncontrolled, the car scored the maximum speed, and stopped only after the collision with the structure of the wall, which caused significant damage," - wrote on the forum Puzant Ozbeg Tesla Model X. He also said that contacted the two owners of the Tesla electric cars, which have reported similar problems. One of them received a similar response from Tesla.

"The driver squeezed the pedal at 100%, not 90% or 85%, at 100%," - writes Puzant. "And in one and in the other situation, cars were driving very slowly, one of the cars entering the garage at all," - he continues. According to the owner got into an accident electric, sensors and software on-board computer can produce erroneous readings. Puzant argues that this case is not the first time.

According to research by the National traffic safety on US highways, errors in selecting the gas pedal or brake happen more often than one might think. In a month in the US alone from 7 to 15 accidents happen because of this error. This woman - 2/3 perpetrators of such incidents

. "The most interesting fact in the analysis of the sources is that women are more likely to get into accidents due to gas pedal or brake selection error", - stated in the report of the Administration. This fact has yet to be explained, though experts give two possible reasons: a smaller increase in women, plus the disproportionately high levels of various functional disorders such as neuropathy. If we abstract from the driver's gender affiliation, most other pedals confused young people 16-20 years old, or older adults - 76 and older. "The most critical factor in such accidents is the carelessness of the driver. Distract the driver or non-standard situation on the road, or unexpected incident that provokes panic behavior when the driver wants to slow down and not push the pedal ", - stated in the aforementioned report.

Administration of the study is based on accidents on the US data for the period from 1980 to 2009. Also, 899 accidents were analyzed, occurred from 2002 to 2012.

The company Tesla emphasizes that safety is a top priority.

In general, it is far from the truth. Accidents involving electric Tesla is a little bit, and deaths has not yet been, fortunately. The reliability of electric shows, for example, the recent accident Tesla Model S in Germany. Then the driver was at fault - a young girl who took the electric car from his father, and went riding with friends. She lost control, the car went off the roadway, and flying through the air 25 meters, at a speed crashed into the ground. The machine rolled over at least once. The photo can be seen in the announcement of the state in which turned out to be an electric after the accident. Fortunately, none of the five people in the cabin, shall not perish.

The car is very badly damaged, but interior was in good condition. One of the reasons that all survived - no engine in front of the cars, electric Tesla Model S is significantly smaller than the internal combustion engine, and arranged in a safe place for passengers. If an accident was an ordinary car, the engine could easily get into the cabin after it hit the ground, and if you do not kill, then break the limbs to those who are inside. In addition, the Tesla electric salon strengthened, in order to protect passengers in an accident.

In addition, in one of the accidents autopilot Tesla Model S I noticed that he did not see the driver, a man, and helped to avoid a collision with a truck. While driving on the highway the driver of Model S has left the autopilot mode is enabled, and it is possible to preserve the health of drivers, plus avoid damage to the vehicle.

Another recent accident also occurred on the fault of the driver. Then the electric Model S crashed into a cargo trailer as the driver left the car on the roadside in front of the trailer. Telemetry showed that blame the driver who did not follow the parking, breaking test conditions autopilot function.

And on April 26, the driver of Tesla Model S Arianna Simpson accused the company is that its electric car crashed at a speed of the car ahead. The problem, according to Simpson, was in an unexpected braking of the machine, which was to come. Autopilot, she said, did not react and an accident. At the same time if she Simpson braked, the consequences of the accident could have been stronger. According to the Tesla is, Simpson, pressing the brake pedal, the car is automatically removed from the autopilot mode, disabling the emergency brake at the same time.

After one of these crashes Tesla, the company published a statement: "Safety is a top priority of Tesla, we design and construct cars primarily on the basis of this. We also ask our clients to train in safe driving by using our machines. Since its release, the autopilot continuously we explain drivers how to use this feature, and reminded that they must remain attentive at all times and be ready to take control when using the autopilot.

The autopilot is designed for practical use, to give drivers more confidence behind the wheel, improve road safety and make driving more enjoyable by the highway. Autopilot Tesla - the most advanced of the existing systems, but it does not make a machine in the unmanned vehicle and does not remove the responsibility from the driver ยป

. Elon Musk in a conference said that the autopilot reduces the chance of an accident by about 50%.



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