Battery electric vehicles are getting cheaper quickly

A leader in the global market will be Tesla

The official mission of Tesla Motors is to accelerate the move around the world on clean electric transport. The main reason why electric cars are still more expensive than gasoline cars is the high cost of lithium-ion batteries. This is the most important thing is holding back the massive spread of electric cars.

However, the mission of Tesla Motors is gradually implemented. According to the latest report from the International energy Agency, sales of electric cars are soaring. In 2015, the world has sold more than 550 000 (+70%), so that the total number of electric vehicles on the roads has increased to 1.25 million



The most interesting thing happening with batteries. Since 2008, the cost of the batteries fell four times, and the energy density increased five times. Tesla promises that after starting Giavarini prices will fall much.

The fact that the world's fleet of electric cars exceeded a million pieces is a symbolic achievement. The report says that this success was achieved thanks to the efforts of commercial companies and government programs the benefits of clean vehicles.

The report has several interesting facts. For example, the number of sold electric vehicles China is in the lead, in second place — the United States, but the share of electric vehicles on the market front with a huge gap Norway (23%), followed by the Netherlands (almost 10%).

Source: International Energy Agency, Global EV Outlook 2016

The Chinese made a sharp jump in 2015.

Source: International Energy Agency, Global EV Outlook 2016

Except Norway and the Netherlands, the market threshold of 1% of the electric vehicles took another five countries: Sweden, Denmark, France, China and the UK.

By the way, just a few days ago Norway announced plans to completely switch to electric vehicles by 2025. It became known that Four major political parties reached an agreement in principle on the need to ban sales of vehicles using diesel and petrol engines. The Norwegian government began to draft a bill. If the bill will pass through Parliament, then sales of new gasoline cars will probably be banned or heavily taxed.

Elon Musk with admiration took the news from Norway: "it's amazing What a great country!" he wrote on Twitter.

In the case of Norway the piquancy of the situation is that this country is one of the world's major exporters of oil, at the expense of oil it receives a significant portion of the national budget, as well as Russia. Probably the Norwegian authorities believe that the transition to electric vehicles without a major impact on the export of oil because hydrocarbons have many other uses in industry.

The authors of the International energy Agency predicting a bright future of clean transportation electric vehicles, especially Tesla Motors. In the coming years, experts expect further decline in prices and improving technical characteristics of automotive batteries: "Technological progress, scientific and technological research and the transition to mass production have led to rapid falling prices and performance improvements in the last decade and promise to continue a gradual decline in prices in the near future. Cost of battery for hybrid electric vehicle PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), according to the U.S. Department of energy has dropped from $ 1,000 per kilowatt-hour in 2008 to 268 dollars per kilowatt-hour in 2015, which corresponds to the decrease of value of 73%".

Source: International Energy Agency, Global EV Outlook 2016

The international energy Agency calls the company Tesla Motors the main reason is reduced and will decrease the cost of batteries for electric vehicles: "Some original equipment manufacturers has announced even more ambitious price targets for electric vehicles BEV (battery electric vehicle): General Motors company said that the cost of batteries for the 2016 Chevrolet Bolt will fall to $145/kWh by October 2015, and it hopes to reduce it to $100/kWh by 2022. The electric car manufacturer Tesla is going to reach $100/kWh by 2020".

"Improving the cost of batteries and the energy density allows manufacturers to declare the reserve from a single charge, is unprecedented. For example, in March 2016, the company Tesla Motors began taking orders for the new Model 3, in which the minimum reserve will be 350 kilometers. The first car Model 3 needs to be delivered to customers in 2017."

Most recently the technical Director of Tesla, Jeffrey Brian Strobel (JB Straubel) hinted at the price reduction and technological innovation of the battery on Gigabit Tesla (Gigafactory), which will start on 29 July 2016. Strobel said, "much better batteries are possible due to innovations in chemistry and materials science". He continued: "We are seeing improvements in performance, not just lower prices". And the recent news that Tesla hired one of the world's leading scientists who are conducting research in lithium-ion batteries, confirms the words of the technical Director of Tesla.

According to his official biography, Dan, Jeff (Jeff Dahn) is considered "one of the leading developers of the technology of lithium-ion batteries... the author of over 500 scientific articles and co-inventor of 58 inventions, issued patents or filed applications".

Jeff, Dan and the Tesla Model S. Photo: Dalhousie University

It is said that when Jeff, Dan had learned about Gigabit Tesla, once said that he wants to work there. In April 2016, among other things, Jeff, Dan was awarded the Governor General's Innovation Awards (GGIA) — the state awards of Canada for the scientists and inventors for his "contributions to increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries".

In comments to the press about receiving the award, Dan said that now works on the technology of lithium-ion batteries that can operate for more than 30 years. This is especially important for medical implant to function until the end of life of the patient without the need for replacement. But also for vehicles, this technology will not be superfluous.

It is obvious that the International energy Agency sees the company Tesla Motors world leader in this field. And judging by the number of pre-orders for the Model 3 (more than 400,000), the buyers also agree that Tesla will certainly take its place in the vanguard of a revolution in the automotive market. published


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