Modern tanks

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I want to offer a brief overview of the little-known modern tanks. In terms of chronology is from 1950, unfortunately, the last century to the present day.
It's about the little-known or, more correctly, maloupominaemyh (in literature and on the Internet) limited-edition, experienced and advanced tanks.


Last serial Soviet heavy tank IS-8, also known as T-10, also known as the object 730 are manufactured in 1954-1966 godah.Vypuskalsya fairly large quantities (according to various sources from 2500 to 8000 cars). The last T-10 was officially decommissioned in 1993 alone. The tank I mentioned here as an exception (since the machine fairly well known) because the last Soviet heavy tank (stroyashimsya in the series) and one of the latest in the world of heavy tankov.Na export machine is not delivered in the fighting did not participate.

Combat weight 50 tons, engine power, 700 hp, speed, 42km / h, the book-by-16 mm (bottom) to 201 mm (forehead tower), power reserve, 200 km, the crew of 4 men armed - rifled gun 122 mm D-25TA with a barrel length of 48 calibers, 2 machine guns DShKM 12, 7 mm.

Experienced tank "Object 277". 1957. Released two copies. Armor ob.277 withstand shots close range armor-piercing projectiles caliber 122 mm gun D-25T. Do not pierce it, and was in service by 1957 76 - 122 mm shells and the cumulative jet granatomety.Na ob.277 were first established anti-nuclear elements zaschity.Vpervye in domestic practice was adopted by rangefinder sight TPD-2C, which combined in stabilized two planes with an optical rangefinder sight with the base tube positioned outside bashni.V across the object 277 has been installed semi-cassette mechanism zaryazhaniya.V February 1956 GBTU was considered and rejected by the preliminary design ob.277. However, during the month of CB LB finalized the draft and has made his statement. In 1957, at the Kirov plant it was produced two prototypes ob.277 and started their production tests. One sample was demonstrated ob.277 Khrushchev. But the leader of the tank did not like because he was convinced that the "single" (ie average) tank can solve all the problems of the heavy tank.

Combat weight is 55 tons, engine power-1090 hp, speed, 45km / h, the book-by-20 mm (bottom) to 290 mm (forehead tower), power reserve, 200 km, the crew of 4 men armed - rifled gun 130mm M-65 machine gun KVPT 2 14 5 mm.

Experienced tank "Object 279". 1959. In 1957, the Bureau of the Leningrad Kirov factory led L.S.Troyanova was finished drafting an interesting machine. One of a kind and unique heavy tank with four tracks, which had a lot of non-standard original resheniy.Tank had cast the tower, and the body was welded cast of four blocks. The front and side armor hull and turret of the tank had not made its way 122 mm armor-piercing and 90 mm cumulative projectiles at all angles of fire. The frontal armor hull was two times thicker than the series of T-10M. In addition, the curved design of the molded body provided Spaced Armour, complemented by its contours to a prolate ellipsoid. The first prototype of the tank was manufactured LB in 1959, two more were planned for 1960, but the assembly was not completed. Now "object 279" is in the museum in Kubinka.

Combat weight 60 tons, engine power 1000 hp, speed, 55km / h, the book-by-22 mm (bottom) to 305 mm (forehead tower), power reserve, 250 km, the crew of 4 men armed - rifled gun 130mm M-65 machine gun KVPT 1 14, 5 mm.

Experienced missile tank "Object 775". I mentioned it again as an exception, since the missile tank is completely separate and unique in its theme, worthy of separate work. The tank was equipped with a smoothbore gun-launcher that can fire guided missiles "Ruby" and unguided rocket-assisted projectile "Boer".

Experienced amphibious tank "object 906". 1963. Issued 2 cars. Layout of rear engine compartment. The body of the armor rolled aluminum alloy, steel tower. Suspension Individual torsionnaya.Tank equipped with loading mechanism in the rear recess 15 shots. The armament is stabilized in two planes.

Combat weight 15 tons, engine power, 300 hp, speed, 75km / h (water 10 km / h), book-from 15 mm to 30 mm, range-500km, 3-person crew , vooruzhenie- rifled gun 85-mm D-58 gun SGMT 1 7 62 mm.


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