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The main event of the automobile in 2013 fits in five letters - Tesla. I think that none of those who created the company to produce electric cars in Silicon Valley, could not have anticipated such a stunning success that hit the car under the modest name Model S. What's the secret? The person Elon Musk - creator of PayPal and SpaceX, is selected, as it turned out, the ideal marketing strategy is to create an electric premium? The needs of the young and successful ride on something very special, not suitable under any old standards? Why this revolution was a success, despite the fact that electric vehicles there as much as cars do. But so far they have never left their niche amusing exotic devices, machines for short urban trips. And here suddenly appeared a radiant handsome man with leather interior and wood, 17-inch screen instead of the control panel, engine 416 hp and runs on one filling of 250-300 miles.

It was a triumph of engineering, to squeeze everything possible out of the lithium-ion batteries and accurate marketing payment to the buyer with the money and the desire to be at the forefront of technological progress. Not only does Model S on crash tests showed excellent, incredible results, the car also became the fastest production electric car in the world, surpassing the US for tests National Electric Drag-Racing Association of almost all competitors. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 4, 3 seconds. So now in the United States to buy the Model S with a battery of 85 kW / h, it is necessary to wait their turn for two months - the plant produces 20 000 vehicles a year and can not keep up demand. In Norway, where Tesla was the best-selling car in 2013 (6,000 units sold), the buyers are waiting for your order five months. Tesla is actively building a network of gas stations in the United States, European countries and especially in Norway. The future, of course, for such cars - the era of the internal combustion engine and diesel engines will inevitably end, and vehicles that use electricity, will become the norm. Not so fast as we would like, of course, but it goes to.

Yesterday we Artem from Dauria Aerospace came to Tesla showroom in Palo Alto, close to the headquarters of the company. We were shown the Model S and we traveled on it by the district, drove by on the way to Tesla Motors Headquarters (pictured above). I took a few photos of the car in the cabin during the test drive.

That's chassis Model S. The two rear electric motor, the battery located at the bottom, under the hood. There are 16 blocks of cells that are separated from each other for safety. The units are about 7000 lithium-ion batteries Panasonic and own production Tesla. By the way, as the batteries are at the bottom, the center of gravity of the machine is located below the axis of rotation of the wheel (as in racing cars), which provides special stability of the vehicle. On the other hand, is the location of the battery was the cause of the fire known as Model S drove in iron design, lying on the road with such force that broke through the battery pack and the car caught fire.

Two electric motors. Power 416 hp I have traveled to the electric racing car Nissan (even write about it) and therefore know how electric vehicles can be dispersed, but still start Model S with the place is admired - this is a shot from a cannon when you presses in a chair and throws her head before dark In eyes. Moreover, all this happens in silence and hear only the soft sound of tires on the pavement. Employee interior Sylvie, who was with us said that they call this sound singing - singing machine.

Places in the car a lot. Two huge luggage - front and back.

Children's chairs in the rear luggage compartment as an option.

One of the main locations in the car - charging socket - concealed under the reflector.

In the American and European versions of the car are different outlets for charging. When you open the reflector, with mysterious lights cold blue light.

This is the key to the Model S. I suspect that the designer was inspired by views of key for the Porsche Panamera. However, they have nothing to start, no start button and the machine is actuated when the driver takes his place.

Recessed door handles are put forward in the approach to the car owner.

Filming in the cabin, in addition to the dashboard and control panel, nothing. Absolutely minimalist design without buttons, toggle switches and other beautiful. Therefore, when the machine is inactive interior looks strange, almost poor. I think when the Japanese will do such a premium electric vehicles, they will try to diversify the interior of the passenger compartment. But here everything is very simple, futuristic. Paul even (of course), the lever back and forth parking on the steering column, so the space between the front seats empty, with plastic floor tray for small items. The focus, of course, is the 17-inch monitor - control center of the vehicle.

Dashboard - here, too, everything is very simple. Left graph of energy consumption, in the center of the reading path of the residue left at the moment the data station, which is included. Switching to the metric system, Celsius, and 24-hour format takes place in the menu on the front panel.

Upgrade and configuration of a vehicle occurs periodically, as well as in any computer. You can see what is available in the new release and run the update via the connection to the server Tesla.

Sylvie has connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone, and the dashboard were pictures of her albums library.

The handle of switching of modes of motion.

The graphic interface of the system is similar to the previous iOS.

Management panoramic sunroof. Sylvie move your finger across the screen - top window opens.

This is what they do, apparently, anyone who gets in the car for the first time. It is hard to resist not to go to the browser to open your blog. Just like in the system iOS Tesla Model S does not support Flash for security purposes.

The screen can be divided into two functional parts. Here are the top rear camera, bottom browser.

Schedule of consumption charge - an important thing when driving. You can build your driving style by the average value, which is considered optimal. When the network will be ubiquitous gas stations, drive at speeds of 90 miles per hour will be free - free refueling at Tesla. And domestic battery charging ten times cheaper than gasoline or diesel - charge the Model S can be at home in the US for 5-7 dollars.

Navigator size of 17 inches - that's impressive!

The doors do not even have a conventional pocket at the bottom. Minimalism.

In the spring of Elon Musk said that by year-end electric car can be used on 70% of the US, and by 2015, the required number of fast elektrozapravok (called Supercharger) is planned to provide the whole country and neighboring Canada.

The interior layout is charging column Supercharger. It provides exercises to run about 300 km. in half an hour.

Here in the cabin and service station. There are cars that have been sold and those who put on the service - it is done once a year or after every 20 000 km. run. Himself repair shop asked not to shoot, but there's nothing interesting - the same lifts, equipment for mounting. The only difference - very clean and does not smell. Because electric cars.

The car of the first series of Model S, when it was possible to order a body color in the head will climb up, the paint was adjusted individually. Now do not do mass production already.

This is a common filling - 5-7 hours of charging the car almost completely. By the way, in addition to the standard and high-speed charging, Tesla and offers a full replacement battery pack for 1.5 minutes. It will cost 60-80 dollars - the price of gasoline full tank filling.

Tesla is incredibly popular in Silicon Valley. On the streets and highways constantly meet Model S. For example, Tesla at a gas station at the entrance to the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino.

Apple provides its employees with free refills.

This refueling at the entrance to the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park. Two Model S and two Nissan Leaf. Last rides compared to the Model S is approximately three times less on a single charge.

So collect the Model S:

Separately it is necessary to write about Tesla in Norway. Here, the car became a bestseller, breaking the record sales in the country. In September alone, it sold 600 Model S, a total of more than 2000 in six cities Tesla Supercharger put charging stations and their number is constantly growing. The state promotes the development of electric transport: the owners of electric cars are exempt from vehicle tax (it is 100% of the catalog price), value added tax and registration. In Oslo, drivers of electric cars are able to park for free on the band and ride public transportation. With Norwegian astronomical prices for gasoline and diesel electric cars from Tesla - a salvation. Despite the relatively high price for them - in the US starting price for the base model is $ 49 900, a model with a more powerful battery cost from $ 58 000 to $ 68 900 $. The European version of the Model S is worth 51 500 euros.

000. On the way and crossover Model X - with four engines (4x4).

Tesla - a typical creation of Silicon Valley, to realize the dream of one of the thousands of intellectuals who make up the most this concept - Silicon Valley. Elon Musk, it seems to me, is another Steve Jobs showing people new horizons. The man who made a fortune on the best in the world of payment with PayPal. The man who came to Russia in an attempt to buy the missile, it can help to send to Mars, a greenhouse with plants. The man who made the company, which now runs the cosmos rocket and Grasshopper amazing. Here's a man stands up for an electric car with a simple name Model S. Still, probably this is the reason the success of Tesla - the identity of its creator.



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