The revolution in the automotive industry! The company Tesla is building a network of free refills for their electric vehicles.

The company Tesla Motors makes a revolution in the world automotive industry. Not only that, they have created the first electric vehicle that on a single charge can travel up to 500 kilometers, so also equipped with a network of special charging stations for Supercharger, which Tesla vehicles can "refuel" for free! This is not a simple charge from a household network and accelerated fast-charge stations that replenish energy stored in the car battery much faster! Such an approach will forever change the face of the automotive world.

When a company Tesla began development of its own electric car, few believed in the success of the enterprise. Even the famous automobile corporations have not honored create electric car that would satisfy the demands of customers. For the electric car has earned the reputation of little cramped remnants that crawl at a speed of turtles and require recharging every 70-100 kilometers. And for a full electric charge had to put at the outlet for a long 14 hours.

Tesla's managed to change the attitude towards EVs. After all, their offspring - a complete machine that is in no way inferior to their petrol siblings. And most importantly, on a single charge electric Tesla are able to overcome 500 kilometers! This means that their use is not restricted to only one city.

Furthermore, for long-distance voyages company creates a network of charging stations Supercharger, which Tesla vehicles can be charged completely free! In addition, fully charge the car takes on an accelerated method. If from the usual outlets need to charge your electric car at least 14 hours (depending on the current strength in the network), the Supercharger stations it takes just over an hour if the charge is completely dead batteries to the maximum. And for half of the capacity of the battery charging enough and 20 minutes!

All Supercharger charging stations equipped with solar panels, and themselves provide electricity. That is why at such charging stations free of charge. Of course, the construction of fast charging stations is also worth the money, but the money to install them already included in the price of the finished car. And if the producers of traditional cars spend a considerable portion of the profits to participate in road racing, the Tesla provides its customers with free refills.

In two years, Tesla has equipped more than 450 charging stations Supercharger, which has 2 500 charging locations. And that number is growing rapidly. Already on cars Tesla can travel across America. And in Europe, you can take a trip on the French Riviera to the most northern parts of Norway.

Supercharger on the charging station can be refilled for free throughout the operating line of all current models of Tesla: Business hatchback Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X SUV and the upcoming low-end car Tesla 3.

Unfortunately, in the post-Soviet countries mark Tesla officially presented. While many motorists have already purchased their own Tesla machine and taken across the ocean, or turned to the services of "gray" dealers. However, in such a case would have to be recharged from an ordinary power outlet, as the charging station Supercharger can not be purchased for private use. And before the official release of Tesla's to our markets with long-distance voyage on electric car will have to wait.

Whatever it was, but the company Tesla has already revolutionized the auto industry. And further development of electric vehicles will follow the path trodden by them. No wonder the Tesla now occupies a leading position in sales of luxury car segment in the US and in Norway in September 2013, it has became the best-selling car brand! Now with Tesla's work closely global auto giants such as Daimler and Toyota. So it is very likely that they, too, take up the development of a network of charging stations for your electric Supercharger.

Modern technology striding across the world by leaps and bounds. And in 5-10 years, our fleet can get a completely different look. And how do you feel about the idea of ​​electric cars? Share this post with your friends so that you can discuss the prospects for the electrification of the vehicle fleet in the country.

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