Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt. Competitors, worthy of respect

It so happened that the two automotive giants - Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt, happened to be in the spotlight of the public, which is somehow related to electric vehicles. Fans of eco-friendly vehicles modernity unusually lucky: they have to watch the battle of the two most powerful manufacturers of electric vehicles. Regardless of who ultimately will be on the podium as the winner, the very opposition suggests an exciting and unpredictable spectacle. Tesla Model 3 or Chevy Bolt? That is the question.

Tesla Model 3

It would seem that nothing extraordinary happens. As sometimes happens with gasoline models, which belong to the same class and the emergence coincides in time. What is the essence of the raised wave of excitement? To deal with the situation, it is necessary to turn to history.

Director General of the US company Tesla Elon Musk planned to create in the first place, the model available to the general category of consumer. However, after a while it turned out that the realities of life turned out to be more severe than the rosy plans Mask. The cost price exceeded the planned figures. As a result, the final price was unaffordable for many visitors. Creating a budget electropenalty departed at a later time.

Interest in Tesla is not lost: the company's fans continue to follow the novelties, waiting is about to appear finally affordable electric car by Elon Musk. A major problem holding back the demand for electric mobility transport, is the lack of adequate infrastructure. Without a sufficient number of charging stations sales growth should not wait. This is one of the directions, which gives special attention to Tesla. Equally important is the creation of a new generation of batteries with increased capacity. Creating an extensive network of gas stations, the development of high-power power supply aimed at achieving the main goal - to increase the maximum power reserve without battery. There was an attempt to create a service replacement services charged battery in the discharged. However, innovation proved to be unprofitable and the company had to abandon it.

Potential consumers stubbornly waited. I waited and believed that representatives of the promises of General Motors and Tesla to create an adequate public inquiries inexpensive model finally come true. And on the horizon there was not one, but two similar variants, the target audience was taken aback. In whose favor to make a choice: Model 3 or Chevy Bolt? Excitement acquired tangible form. Especially zealous supporters of electric vehicles began to carry out various surveys and betting.

Chevy Bolt

Las Vegas, January 2016. International Exhibition of Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has provided one of the venues for the original version of the electric Chevy Bolt. Model immediately attracted the attention of a variety of proposals. And, first of all, affordability 30 thousand. Dollars. Bribes also chief technical indicator - the maximum cruising range of 320 kilometers. It is worth, at the level of the best world analogues. Probably not the last role played by the mass of the sample release date - the end of 2016. Wait a long time is not necessary. The press began to actively advertise Chevy Bolt in all editions.

General Motors bathed in a sea of ​​love and admiration. However, the triumph was extremely fleeting - until March 2016. At this time in the arena appeared Elon Musk with his brainchild - Tesla Model 3. The wave of excitement about the new Tesla model has swept the previous surge associated with Chevy Bolt. Elon Musk took the unusual marketing move: for a year and a half before entering the car market, the Internet was launched pre-orders for the Model 3. Just at this time, the presentation of the model. During the presentation of news, that is, for 2 hours, 135 thousand people had to pre-order. The first week was a record:. 325 000 wanting to have a prestigious brand and inexpensive power

What will GM on the background of an unprecedented triumph of a competitor? Is it really all rosy in the world's leading Tesla? A more detailed analysis reveals certain peculiarities and nuances. In 2009, the American government has put in place a special program, which intends to encourage the development of clean vehicles. Under the federal plan, the first 200 thousand electric cars buyers will have a discount on the 7, 5 thousand. Dollars for each unit purchased cars.

In the future, the program assumes that over the next six months after the implementation of 200 thousand. Electric, each buyer will be entitled to a discount of 3, 75 thousand dollars. Six months later the discount will decrease to $ 1, 875 thousand. By 2020, the subsidy program will stop. This fact can not be absolutely the same: maybe the time will come new laws to stimulate sales

. Tesla, and GM have different approaches to the advertising sector and differ in the method of supplying their products prices. Price, which is shown in the price, refers exclusively to the American market, which is covered by subsidies. Tesla has installed 35 thousand dollars per unit, GM's offered -. $ 30 thousand, of course, for a person who is not knowledgeable in marketing subtleties, the price is 35 more than 5 units than 30. But in fact, Chevy Bolt is so much after deducting discounts. 7, 5 th. dollars. As for the buyers from other countries, they will have to pay full price - 37, 5 thousand dollars.. But those American compatriots, who was late for the program term, as will become electric car at full cost.

Tesla built a slightly different strategy from GM. Planned production of electric cars - 0, 5 million units per year.. Specified in the advertisement price corresponds to the total cost of the Tesla Model 3. Of course, in such quantities a discount will affect a small part of buyers. However, early electric vehicle reservation, there is a real chance to take advantage of the federal exemptions.

Next, it follows that by giving electric car Tesla Model 3 at ($ 35 thousand.) Than Chevy Bolt ($ 37, 5 thousand.) Price, the company Elon Musk fully used the potential of a reduced program. The result: a car - not yet, but the effect - has already been achieved

! It is worth considering, and the technical capabilities of competing models. The main parameter - the maximum reserve of Model 3 and Chevy Bolt is at a fairly high level, 346 km and 320 km, respectively. Experts say that in order to make the driver feel quite confident enough to have electric car with a power reserve of 300 kilometers. There, the predominant point for both the considered electric cars.

We can say chtoTesla more carefully than the Chevy Bolt think through your steps and how to implement a global program - the mass transition to environmentally friendly transport modes. Supercharger network of charging stations, patented by Elon Musk, intends to significantly extend the distance by which the electric car will be able to move without recharging. In 2017, the number of Supercharger stations will increase by 2 times, and Model 3 will be able to drive any distance, with virtually no restrictions. In addition, the Tesla has developed its own standards for charging stations so that owners of electric cars from other manufacturers will not be able to use them for charging. Such a monopoly will attract some consumers Tesla side.

As for appearance, each of the models in question certainly find its fans, because they do not have to argue about taste. Someone will like the practicality of a hatchback body and a rather spacious interior Chevy Bolt. Others will appreciate the stylish electric car Model 3 and the function of the autonomous driving.

Despite the undeniable advantages of starting Tesla models, General Motors has not shown any concern. According to the representative Chevy Kevin Kelly, guidance refers to a situation has arisen with a certain philosophical approach and believes that any movement forward, including healthy competition is good for electromobility as a whole.

Perhaps this optimism is based on some facts that have not yet been made public by the company. It is possible to count on a dramatic change in the last minute pricing policy of the company. And then, some potential buyers competitor will join the army of fans of General Motors. How do I know? We have to wait quite a bit - before the end of this year, when the first Chevy Bolt will appear on the market.


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