Elon Musk confirmed that patents are free for all

In June 2014 Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, at the shareholders meeting said , the company will give all corporate patents Tesla Motors for public use .

"Yesterday in the lobby of the headquarters in Palo Alto wall held patents Tesla. Most of them are not. They took off, in the spirit of the movement open source, to promote the technology of electric cars "- wrote Elon Musk in the corporate blog .

The only point of contention in the public policy of patents was the phrase that the intellectual property of Tesla Motors, you can use a "bona fide" purposes. This left some nedogovorёnnost: what if Tesla Motors will choose who can use patents, and who does not.

Now Elon Musk removed all doubt. He explained , that patents are available to the whole world without any restrictions.

At the Detroit Motor Show Elon Musk gave an interview to the press. Approximately in the third minute of the video reporter asked how many automakers took advantage of the offer Tesla.

Musk said that he could not know:

- Actually, we do not require of any formal negotiations. So they can just pick up and use them.

- Is there any licensing process? - Asked the reporter.

- No. You just use them. I think it's better, because we do not need to enter into negotiations and everything like that. So we do not know. Perhaps you will see in future models of cars, if they decide to use them. I>

Opening patents, Elon Musk said the policy change. Previously, the company sought to patent unique technologies to defend against competition from major automakers. It was assumed that they too will begin to mass produce electric cars. "We could not be more mistaken," - recognizes the mask. As demonstrated by the reality, concerns generally are not too interested in promoting this technology. Until now, the machine hydrocarbon fuels account for 99% or more sales of any major concern.

In other words, big companies poorly susceptible to this, a revolutionary innovation. They are too focused on the usual business. Elon Musk realized that business Tesla Motors threatens not so much competition from other electric vehicles as the lack of competition, that is too much gasoline cars coming down the production line.

It turns out that the opening of patents only expanding car market and, ultimately, it is advantageous to the company.

But not everyone agrees with this logic. Some representatives of Wall Street completely delighted that scattered intellectual property. For example, a representative of some of the investment firm Technology Equity Strategies in большой Article genuinely outraged "irresponsible" behavior Elon Musk. He says that patents are very important in today's high-tech industry, you need to hold on to them, to make a profit. Like, a technology company is highly dependent on the protection of their intellectual property, copyright and trade secrets. Without it can not survive in a brutal capitalist competition.

Well, the future will show who was right. But is indicative of the fact that Wall Street can only play in a zero sum game. According to them, must be the winner (the owner of the intellectual property) and loser (devoid of a patent). They basically do not understand the logic mask for which you need to help others, to win the most.

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