Elon Musk will open all patents Tesla Motors

Last week, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, at the shareholders meeting hinted that the company is considering to transfer corporate patents in the public domain. Experts suggest that we are talking only about the number of patents on individual functional units. But no, the mask was able to surprise the public for the second time. In the corporate blog, he explained, we are talking about all patents .

"Yesterday in the lobby of the headquarters in Palo Alto wall held patents Tesla. Most of them do not. They removed, in the spirit of the movement open source, to promote the technology of electric cars, "- writes Elon Musk.

Many IT companies in favor of patent reform and against patent wars, but to refrain from transferring patents in the public domain. Elon Musk showed how to fight for real.

Any automaker or individual is free to use intellectual property Tesla Motors. If you observe the rules of decorum (fair use), the Tesla Motors promises not to sue.

Elon Musk has further explained the change of policy. Previously, the company sought to patent a unique technology to defend against competition from major automakers. It was assumed that they too will begin to mass produce electric cars. "We could not very wrong," - admits the mask. As demonstrated by the reality, concerns generally not too interested in promoting this technology. Until now, the machine hydrocarbon fuels represent 99% or more of sales of any major concern.

In other words, the big bad company susceptible to this, a revolutionary innovation. They are too focused on the usual business. Elon Musk realized that Tesla Motors business threatens not so much competition from other electric vehicles as no i> of the competition, that is too much gasoline cars coming down from the conveyor.

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