Flight to Mars in 2025, a visit to the ISS and the truck Tesla: that Elon Musk pledged to StartmeupHK 2016

From 23 to 30 January in Hong Kong held a festival startups StartmeupHK. One of the speakers was a guest entrepreneur Elon Musk. At the moment, the billionaire is working on several projects that are designed to change the world: it is a private space company SpaceX, electric Tesla Motors, solar panels and vacuum SolarCity train Hyperloop. From the stage Musk shared several interesting details about their plans.

Delivery of the ISS
Musk looked very tired and shabby. This is probably the jet lag, the effects of jet lag after a flight in an airplane. But this did not prevent the head of SpaceX to talk about the company's plans.

At the moment, with the help of the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule to the International Space Station can be delivered about three tons of cargo. This is one of the few ways to supply the ISS necessary supplies and equipment. Others - it ships the company Cygnus Orbital ATK, Japanese "Konotori" and Russian "Progress". Change of crew only with the help of Russian "Soyuz". With the end of NASA's Space Shuttle program has lost the opportunity to launch a man into orbit, so at the moment the United States has to buy a place in the "Soyuz" to launch astronauts to the ISS.

But the situation gradually corrected in the framework of the Commercial Crew Development (CCDev). It implies that private companies will develop a manned spacecraft, and will be run by request of NASA astronauts. One of the participants is CCDev Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX. The company is going to deliver the human mask to the ISS using the capsule Dragon V2, also known as the Dragon 2. At the moment, the ship is still being developed. For example, recently I was promoted to test jet engines: managing them, the capsule hovered above the ground. The first launch of the people on board is planned for next year.

In Hong Kong, Musk said that he wants to fly to the ISS in 4-5 years. He has passed training in parabolic flight on a plane to create the conditions of weightlessness. The billionaire has given the weak value of the importance of physical fitness: microgravity in orbit means that only need to hover somewhere in the ship. In the past, individuals have visited "Peace" and the ISS for a fee as a tourist destination, but gave them to state the Russian space agency. The visit to the station head of the developer delivery system - this is something new.

Flights to Mars
Dreams Mask does not stop at the creation of a taxi to deliver astronauts to the aging station in low Earth orbit. One of the ideas that pursues Elon - is the conquest of Mars. Musk says he wants to die on Mars, but not from the impact when landing.

In Hong Kong, the head of SpaceX explained why he is pursuing a similar goal. Musk said that the colony on Mars will become a milestone in the history of space exploration, the reference point for further deeper fly. Humanity can either stay monoplanetnoy civilization, waiting for death from any disaster or it's time to move forward to the colonization of the set of star systems. And the conquest of Mars - is the obvious next step forward on this path. In the future, Musk wants to create a self-sustaining colony on Mars. The purpose of the conquest of the red planet in a global sense - is the preservation of the human mind, if life on Earth will cease. Ultimately it all comes down to inspiration: every day, not just want to solve the pressing problems and to pursue some higher purpose.

To reach Mars need a bigger rocket, which is called Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT). Also need a ship, in which people will live. It will be a system for the next-generation Falcon-Dragon.


Currently available materials for small MCT. Comparison of the Falcon 9 v1.0, v.1.1 and MCT 9 engines Raptor. Em>

In Hong Kong, Musk said that he hopes that he will be able to describe the architecture of this great vehicle and a Martian spacecraft at the conference International Astronautical Congress, to be held in Mexico from 26 to 30 September this year. A first flights to Mars SpaceX plans to carry out in the area in 2025. For comparison, NASA plans to land a man on Mars in the thirties of this century. Not too close to the plans SpaceX? Asked leading Musk said that for him 9 years old - a lot.

Musk also runs the electric company Tesla Motors; the conversation went largely on the prospects for the development of electric transport in China. And let the falling oil prices complicate the transition to electric vehicles, Tesla thinks about the creation of new models. Musk not exclude , that Tesla did not stop at the "sex" -lineyke. (The names of the three models were to emerge in the word SEX, but the company "Ford» пригрозила court and became the Model E Model 3.) In Hong Kong, Musk said that plans to build elektrogruzovika not excluded from the possible, but did not give any other details. Currently Tesla manufactures a luxury Model S sedan and electric SUV Model X, plans announcement Model 3.

In electric Tesla recently appeared autopilot, which at some point in the trip, you can assign control of the vehicle. Musk shared his thoughts on the future of technology. He predicts that within a few years, steering in cars may be only option. If it is, the wheel is hidden, it will only appear in the Control Panel to intercept control. The head of Tesla Motors is confident that most people will own their own cars, but a small part (at a rough estimate, one third) still switch to a subscription, which means that at the request of the right type of car will come to the house on their own subscriber.

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