The American football team lost because the broken tablets Microsoft Surface

The team lost the match in the National Football League United States due to the fact that its members have broken tablets Microsoft Surface, which are used to study the tactics of the opposing team. At least, these tablets are no longer referred to as iPads.

Microsoft officials said that the problem was not in the plates, and the network to which they were connected.

Before today, the two other lasting memories of the Surface with the NFL this year - first: - MG Siegler (mgsiegler) January 24, 2016 blockquote>
Coaches and players in football for many years used photography to study the tactics of opponents and think about their own actions on the field. Now they have to have this tablet - Surface gadgets NFL became official through a contract with Microsoft.

Players Patriots team in one of the matches of the plates have stopped working, while their opponents continued to use them safely. It accused Microsoft of network problems, not the device.

The Verge reports that before the team was accused of создании noise headsets rivals , used for communication. Karma?

On the campaign tablets Microsoft Surface company spent $ 400 million , but persevered speakers call them iPads. During one of the matches of the announcer joked about the assistant coach: "look how long he learns to scroll through images on iPads».



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