Microsoft stopped development of Windows, the new version will no longer be

"We are here right now releasing Windows 10, well ... so, Windows 10, we are releasing. Well, Windows 10 - the latest version of something is now, so we are still working on Windows 10, uh, work ... until unreleased in general "- this statement was made by Nixon, Jerry (Jerry Nixon), an employee of the corporation and razrabotchik- evangelist, speaking at the conference this week, Ignite.

Nixon explained that when Microsoft released Windows 8.1 in the past year, the development of Windows 10 was carried out simultaneously with it. Now, Microsoft employees are free to talk about future updates to Windows 10, because the secret will no longer update. Despite the fact that these statements sound as if Microsoft decided to kill Windows, and not to let the new versions, the reality a bit more complicated. Future - «Windows as a Service».

«All myakotka in Windows as a Service» i> blockquote> In Microsoft has long discussed the idea as a Windows service, but the company has not condescended to explain exactly how this idea is compatible with future versions of Windows . Possible cause - will no longer be any major versions of Windows in the foreseeable future. Microsoft has changed the approach to the development and deployment of Windows, and Windows 10 is the first attempt in this direction. Instead of big releases will now be regular improvements and updates. This is partly accomplished by separating the components of the operating system, whether it's "Start" menu or Solitaire "Klondike", into individual parts that can be updated independently from the nucleus. This, of course, essential undertaker's shop, but Microsoft is actively working on this concept for Windows 10, to make sure everything will work on different types of devices.

Microsoft is ready to release a number of applications and services that will be one of the driving parts of Windows 10, and we will witness in the coming months. The company is already testing the preview builds of Windows 10 on volunteers and prisoners. Some applications - Xbox, Mail and Office - have adapted to the monthly cycle of updates, similar to their mobile counterparts, instead of rolling fatty updates every few years, which is still nobody wants to put and obscurantism, using Office 2003.

«Windows is not dead, as opposed to the version numbering» i> blockquote> When I spoke to Microsoft about allegations of Nixon, the company did not refute them. "Recent comments at a conference on the Ignite Windows 10 reflect the continuous delivery method innovations and updates to users Windows» - said Speaker of Microsoft in response to the request for The Verge, - «We are not yet discussing branding future versions, but buyers can be sure, that Windows 10 will always be fresh and working on a heap of devices, from PCs and finishing Surface Hub, HoloLens and Xbox. We are committed to a long future of innovation Windows. »

With Windows 10, it is time to stop treating Windows as a reason for the annual hype about the new version. In many ways, similar to how regularly published updates Google Chrome, version numbers, for which no one pays attention, an approach that has decided to try Microsoft, is likely to lead to a similar outcome. This is the essence of the idea of ​​Windows as a Service. Of course, Microsoft can try to use the name Windows 11 or Windows 12 in the future, but if people simply update to scores and regular updates will suit all, most likely, all will be called simply operating system Windows, without worrying about its current sequence number. What you will use?
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