The lady, who is afraid of nothing

History of the road police of Minnesota

Once I stopped an old lady for speeding on the highway 210, 197 mile, just to the east of the city of McGregor, Minnesota.
Asked present law, registration and insurance. The lady gave me the documents.
I was somewhat surprised (considering her advanced age), found among documents licensed to carry concealed weapons, and asked whether it is armed at this time.
The lady replied that yes, she had a gun in the glove compartment of .45.
Something made me ask, and whether she had more weapons than those mentioned. She said yes, she in the center console 9mm Glock. At this point I asked, "Is that all?". No, she said, there is still .38 in her purse. Then I asked what she was so afraid.
The lady looked at me and said, "Yes, no x * ene I am not afraid"


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