Never say "just in case"

You have so sometimes when I Wake up, go outside and feel that are in heaven, feel to such an extent that hochesya to pinch my nose to see the reality of what is happening?

Still from the film "Miss Sloane"

First, of course, the sun. No wonder the horoscope I am a Leo, solar creating, uneven breathing at the sight of all brilliant?

And secondly, understand what the meaning of life. Can you imagine? UNDERSTAND!!!!

In magazine Oprah Winfrey had an article called Just in time. For people far from the economy, explain that the expression "just in time" appeared as a feature of the business model of Toyota. Toyota refused to include in its factories, a large number of stocks and parts. They started to make cars on the principle of the sushi bar. Sushi is being made only when customer walks in, and not in advance. The Toyota management is the first who has tried to plan how much of any items they need every day, they refused to excess inventory and demanded from their suppliers, so they brought them the necessary materials just in time.

Previous experience of automotive and other Assembly-line productions was based on the principle of "Just in case" – "just in case". That is, you need to contain lot of inventory and extra staff in case if something goes wrong, because no one in this world can't be trusted.

Article Oprah dedicated to the fact that the principle of "just in case" can complicate our lives and to deprive her of any pleasure, while the principle of "just in time" can make us happy as a pink elephant.

I'll just tell how I see it, and you decide for yourself. The principle of "just in case" based on the attitude that in this world all was not enough, you need to prepare for the worst, you need to be careful and Thrifty. The principle of "just in time" based on the attitude that this life is just all enough that life is not a fight, but a full Cup and cornucopia that when you need help, money, time or health, you will not have to wait for a dirty trick at every turn.

For example, the best my accomplishments, I'm most proud of in life is my family, my children, my progress in career and my friends. I sincerely believe, for example, that the world is full of love, and that love need not be earned, that will love me for who I am. I'm not trying to earn the love, not afraid that someone won't love me, not trying to control how my husband or children spend their time, do not pester him with questions "do you respect me?", not satisfied with a scene and do not require evidence of that love.

On the other hand, there are many women who constantly seek to control their men and children (just in case), I do not believe that they are loved and appreciated around looking for a trick, a double meaning and expecting trouble...

My lovely friend did not dare to divorce her husband of three years – (husband – almost finished a drug addict, by the way) simply out of fear that suddenly she can't do it alone. She's a Bank Manager enquiring with the Bank, two children and her husband, a drug addict, afraid that can not cope alone without her husband, who took away her money and was constantly put family at risk?????

I'm sure I'll find a job that works for me and for all my competition is full in this world. So I'm not afraid to lose my job. It can happen, but it's not such a tragedy, which paralyzed all thought. No need to curry favor with his superiors, or to understate their payroll queries in a time of crisis ... just in case. In Germany I had a colleague who was afraid to leave work at 7 PM only because the head is still at work. She had nothing to do this all the time, but she in any case was sitting at work and left only after the departure of the chief.

I'm not afraid to get sick, do not fear that my children will get sick or that they will be on any allergies, do not fear that they will develop some kind of complex, not the house hold a lot of drugs and do not forbid children to walk around without a hat or eating ice cream on the street... just in case.

On the other hand, two issues where I'm constantly touching base and stepping on a rake is the weight loss and driving. Previously, it was also shopping in store. Was shopping in post-Soviet Russia, when I was afraid that tomorrow something will or will not be my size or will be more expensive, so you need to take now. Then, when money was more or less enough, all these stocks I throw out to hell. Now I have a lot of shoes and books, but I don't throw for anything, no matter how much you earn, there is a big difference. Canned mackerel or old "good" sweater I threw away ten years ago without any regret.

I'm afraid to drive the car because "you never know what can happen" behind the wheel. Before we take the train Luxembourg – Rotterdam, I buy a salad and a juice for the road – just in case you get hungry. See the problem? – I see.

As soon as you start to do something not because you need it now, but just in case, a reserve or rainy day – just happen to be somewhere where he was going. The apartment gets cluttered, stomach, and even more so, you do not communicate with those people you like and spend time on it. How many of you have girlfriends who are from the last forces "hold" for a loveless marriage just because you fear that they never no one else will love? And how many people "stick" for unloved work?

On the other hand, the best that I have in my life, I got without a fight and without any special merit. Beautiful day, sun, sex, health, books, friends, the opportunity to travel, see nature, meet people, and even the Internet, music, good movies – it's all literally fell on my head. Like all of us. I mean, what if life was generous with me so far, and not just generous, but generous manna from heaven, why prepare for the worst? Why?

I realized that those who are not afraid to lose everything and start over, those at risk in moderation, but not burrow. And those who are afraid, terribly afraid that their luck is temporary, that tomorrow someone will come and take away everything that such a moment will never happen again, that was the last and only chance those exactly and do all sorts of crazy adventures and crimes. To be an optimist – it does not mean life one day, and tomorrow though a grass not to grow. On the contrary, to be optimistic is to understand that tomorrow there will be more UPS and downs, new opportunities and new chances, so it makes no sense to put all the as on one last card today, and put a bullet in the forehead, if the card is not played.


Author: Yana Afanasieva


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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