The most common cause of death (25 photos)

Life - an unpredictable thing. At every step we can watch for the deadly danger, since the crash and ending with lightning strikes. What are the chances of dying from a disaster?

We bring you the top 25 reasons that, according to statistics, can result in death:

25. Fireworks

For example, in the United States, about 10,000 people each year go to the hospital with injuries and burns because of the careless use of fireworks. Chance of death: 1 to 615 488.

24. Tsunami

The probability of death from a tsunami depends on the place of residence, but in terms of statistics the odds are 1 in 500 000.

23. asteroid

In the past, the chance of dying from an asteroid was equivalent to 1 in 20 000. Now, thanks to the development of science likely to die from an asteroid is 1 in 500 000. The researchers believe that even this probability is 4 times higher than the probability of dying from a lightning strike.

22. The attack dogs

The chance to be bitten to death by man's best friend is 1 in 147 717.

21. Earthquake

Again, it all depends on the location of the person. In the area of ​​high tectonic activity chance of dying from the earthquake is 1 in 131 890.

20. bitten by a poisonous animal

According to statistics, the risk of dying from a bee sting 2 times the chance of dying from a dog bite, and is 1 in 100 000.

19. Lightning

Every year around the world about a quarter of a million people fall under the lightning strike. Chance of death: 1 to 83 930.

18. Tornado

Living in the United States and India, of course, increases the risk of death from this natural disaster, and about 1 in 60 000.

17. Death penalty

The risk of being punished by a deadly penalty depends on the nature of the crime and place of residence. For example, in China, North Korea, Yemen and Iran, the death penalty criminals is not threatened. Yet the chance is 1 in 58 618.

16. Flood

One of the most common and dangerous natural disasters each year takes more lives than any other natural disaster in this list. Chance of death: 1 to 30 000.

15. Plane crash

Flying an airplane is considered safer than the car ride. Chance of death: 1 in 20 000.

14. Drowning

According to the World Health Organization death by drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death, which each year kills hundreds of thousands of lives. Chance of death: 1 to 8 942.

13. Electric shock

Including death from lightning and lethal penalty, an electric shock in the United States occurs in about 1,000 times a year, and the majority of accidents occur in the workplace. Chance of death: 1 to 5 000.

12. The accident at bicycle

Most often death in such an accident occurs as a result of a collision with a car. Chance of death: 1 to 4 717.

11. Natural disasters

These include lightning, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The chance to die because of the wrath of mother nature is 1 to 3 357.

10. Fire

Approximately 50-80% of fire deaths are most often due to smoke inhalation, not because of burns, but in general in the United States, this factor takes thousands of lives each year. Chance of death: 1 to 1 116.

9. Gunshot

Of course, the danger of being shot can occur in any country, but the risk increases in the United States, Guatemala, Brazil and South Africa. Chance of death: 1 to 325.

8. Fall

It is the leading cause of death among children and the elderly. Chance of death: 1 to 246.

7. Suicide

Every 40 seconds the world is one suicide every year and deliberately deprive themselves of the lives of some 1 million people. Chance of death: 1 to 121.

6. Crash

Car crashes are the most common cause of death. Because of them die each year about 50 000 Americans. Chance of death: 1 to 100.

5. Accidental injury

For this reason, it occurs about 30 million hits an ambulance emergency care, and die as a result of these circumstances, about 100 000 people a year. Chance of death: 1 to 36.

4. Stroke

For the inhabitants of the developed countries it is one of the most pressing problems. The chance of death is: 1 to 23.

3. Cancer

In recent years the risk of cancer becomes as inevitable as death and taxes. Chance of death: 1 to 7.

2. Heart disease

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels have become the most common and major cause of death worldwide. Chance of death: 1 to 5.

1. The Hayflick Limit

Even if a person does not die from disease, accident or violent death, his cell at some point cease to divide, they will decay and eventually die. This phenomenon is known as the "Hayflick limit" (in honor of this phenomenon discovered Leonard Hayflick). Although modern advances in genetics can extend this process, the study demonstrated that at the moment the maximum life span in humans is about 125 years.


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