The most frequent cause of death in one picture

People are funny, assess the risks to their lives. They are afraid of becoming a victim of terrorists, but calmly light a cigarette. Scared of flying on an airplane, but do not hesitate to send messages behind the wheel.

We present to You this infographic illustrating the most frequent causes of death in the UK (data of the organization: National Health Service).

The most common causes of death

The meaning of this picture is extremely important if you want to live longer, much more to fear from cigarettes or obesity than ephemeral threats.

In the following picture describes the risks that often lead to death. Here are the most common causes of death displayed even more clearly.

Risks that lead to death more often

Think about health today.

Humanity is evolving at a tremendous pace. Who knows, maybe taking risks will allow you to live to immortality.

All good health! published



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