Is there life after death: the Facts and evidence

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The answer to the question: "is There life after death?" — give or try to give all the major world religions. And if our ancestors, distant and not so distant, life after death, is presented as a metaphor of something beautiful or, on the contrary – terrible, that modern people believe in religious texts described Heaven or Hell, is quite difficult. People become too educated, but not to say that smart when it comes to the last frontier of the unknown. There is an opinion about the forms of life after death and modern scientists. About whether there is life after death and what it is, says Vyacheslav Gubanov, rector of the International Institute of Social Ecology. So, life after death facts.

— Before raising the question, is there life after death, is to understand the terminology. What is death? And what life after death might be, in principle, if the person no longer exists? — When exactly at what moment a person dies – the issue is not resolved. In medicine, a statement of fact of death was cardiac arrest and not breathing. It is the death of the body. But sometimes the heart doesn't beat — man is in a coma, and the pumping of blood is done by waves of muscular contraction throughout the body.

Now look from the other side: in Southeast Asia there are mummies of monks who have grow hair and nails, that is, the fragments of their physical bodies alive! Maybe get something else that my eyes can see and measure health (very primitive and not accurate from the point of view of modern knowledge of the physics of the body) devices? If we talk about the characteristics of energetic-informational fields that may be measured in close proximity to bodies, they are altogether anomalous and greatly exceed the norm for the average living person. It is nothing, as a channel of communication with the fine-material reality. It is with a view these objects in the monasteries. The bodies of the monks, in spite of the very high humidity and high temperature are mummified under natural conditions. Germs do not live in a high-frequency body! The body does not decompose! So here we can see a good example that life after death continues!

A living mummy of a monk in Southeast Asia. Another example: in India there is a tradition to burn the bodies of dead people. But there are always exceptions, usually very advanced spiritually people whose bodies after death, generally do not burn. Apply other physical laws! Is there in this case life after death? What evidence to accept and which to refer to the unexplained mysteries? Doctors do not understand how the physical body lives after the official recognition of his death. But from the point of view of physics life after death – a fact based on natural laws.

— If to speak about thin-material laws, that is laws, considering not only the life and death of the physical body, but also the so-called body slim dimensions, the issue of "is there life after death", you still need to take some starting point of reference! The question is — what?

Such a starting point is to recognize that physical death, that is death of the physical body, the cessation of physiological functions. Of course, physical death, and life after death fear and accepted for most people, stories about life after death are as comforting, giving the opportunity to weaken the natural fear — the fear of death. But today, interest in issues of life after death and evidence of her existence has reached a new qualitative stage! All I wonder is there life after death, everybody wants to hear the evidence of experts and eyewitness accounts...


— The fact that it is not necessary to forget about at least four generations of "atheists", who since childhood hammered into his head that physical death is the end of everything, no life after death is not, and coffin limit is not at all no-th-th! That is, from generation to generation, people have asked the eternal question: "is There life after death?" And received "science", a well-reasoned answer of the materialists, "No!" This is stored at the level of genetic memory. And scarier than the unknown – nothing.

We are also materialists. But we know the laws and Metrology subtle planes of matter existence. We can measure, classify, and determine the physical processes under laws other than the laws of dense world of material objects. The answer to the question: "is There life after death?" — is outside of the material world and school physics course. It is worth to look for and the evidence of life after death.

The life after death. Physics of the subtle planes of matter existence, explaining what will happen beyond death (that is, the change of dimensions). Today the amount of knowledge about a dense world goes as interest to the underlying laws of Nature. And rightly so. Because formulating their attitude to such a complex issue as life after death, one begins to look sensibly on all other matters. In the East, where various philosophical and religious concepts developed more than 4,000 years, the question of whether there is life after death is fundamental. In parallel with it is another question: who were you in a past life. It is personal opinion about the inevitable demise of the body in a certain way formulated "world — view" allows you to move on to the deep philosophical concepts and scientific disciplines relating to both human and society.

— The acceptance of the fact of life after death, proof of the existence of other life forms — free? And if so, from what?

— People, who understood and accepted the existence of life before, parallel and after the life of the physical body, acquires a new quality of personal freedom! I, personally, three times passing through the need to understand the inevitable end, I can confirm this: Yes, the quality of freedom in other ways cannot be achieved!

Of great interest to the questions of life after death is caused by the fact that all passed (or not passed) procedure declared in the end of 2012 "doomsday". People — mostly unconsciously – feel that the end of the world took place, and now they live in a completely new physical reality. That is, they received, but not psychologically understood proof of life after death in a past physical reality! In the planetary Energo-informational reality, what took place before December 2012, they died! So what is life after death, you can see now! :)) This is a simple method of comparison available people sensitive, intuitive. On the eve of the quantum leap Dec 2012-th year on the website of our Institute came to 47,000 people a day with one question: "What will happen after this "amazing" episode in the life of earthlings? And is there life after death?" :)) And happened just this, that the old conditions of life on Earth died! They died from 14 Nov 2012 to 14 February 2013. Changes have occurred not in the physical (dense material) world, where everyone just waited and was afraid of these changes, and in the world of fine-material — energy-information. The world has changed dimension and polarization of ambient energy-information space. For someone it is fundamentally important, and someone did not notice the changes at all. So in fact the Nature of some of the people are different: someone sensitive and someone supermaterial (grounded).

— Is there life after death for all without exception or options? — Let's talk about thin-material structure of the phenomenon called "Man". The visible physical appearance and even the ability to think, reason, which many people limit the concept of Genesis is only the lower part of the iceberg. So, death is a "change of dimension", the physical reality, where it operates a centre of human consciousness. Life after death the physical body is ANOTHER form of life!

Death is a "change dimension" of the physical reality, where it operates a centre of human consciousness I belong to the category of the most educated in these people's questions, as part theory and part practice, as almost every day during our consulting activities is forced to face various issues of life, death and information of the previous incarnations of various people seeking help. So authoritative, I can say that death is different:

  • the death of the Physical (dense) body
  • death Personal
  • Spiritual death
Man is a triune being, which is composed of his spirit (a real live thin-material object presented on the causal plane of existence of matter) of the Person (entity, like the aperture on the mental plane of matter existence implementing Agency) and, as we all know – the Physical body is represented in a dense world and having their genetic history. The death of the physical body is only the moment of transfer of the center of consciousness to higher levels of existence of matter. This is life after death, stories which leave the people who "jumped" due to various circumstances at the highest levels, but then "came to himself". Through such stories can be very details to answer the question, what will happen after death, and to compare the received information with scientific data and innovative concept of man as a triune being, considered in this article.

Man is a triune being, which is composed of spirit, Personality, and Physical body. Accordingly, the death can be of 3 types: physical, personal (social) and spiritual As mentioned earlier, the person sense of self, is programmed by Nature in the form of fear of death. However, it does not help, if the person is not manifested as a triune being. If the man with the zombie identity and distorted world Outlook, does not hear and does not want to hear the control signals of his spirit Volodarskogo if it does not perform the tasks assigned to him in the current incarnation (that is its purpose), then the physical shell with the Manager her "naughty" ego can be quickly "reset" and the Spirit may begin to look for a new physical media that would allow him to sell to the world their tasks, getting the necessary experience. Statistically proven that there are so-called critical age, when the Spirit makes account people material. Such age is a multiple of 5, 7 and 9 years and are, respectively, natural biological, social and spiritual crises.

If you walk through the cemetery and look at preferential statistics date of leaving the people of life then can be surprised to discover that they will correspond to these cycles and critical ages: 28, 35, 42, 49, 56 years, etc.

Table 7x7. The critical age of life,
as well as the challenges each year of life. — Can you give an example of when the answer to the question: "is There life after death?" — negative?

— That's just yesterday, we discussed the following consultation case: there were no signs the death of 27-year-old girl. (But the 27 – small saturnine death, spiritual crisis, triple (3x9 — cycle 3 times in 9 years) when a person is "present" all his "sins" from the moment of birth.) And he had this girl to go riding with a guy on a motorcycle, she was inadvertently jerk, violating the center of gravity sportbike, it was necessary to substitute a blow of an oncoming car its not protected by a helmet head. The guy, the driver of the motorcycle, escaped with the hitting only three scratches. Watch photos of girls, made a few minutes before the tragedy: she holds a finger at his temple like a gun and the expression it fits crazy and wild. And at once all becomes clear: she has issued a pass for the light with all the ensuing consequences. And I now have to tidy that kid that agreed to ride. The problem of the deceased – it was not developed personal and spiritual. It was just a physical shell, not a crucial task of the incarnation of spirit into a specific body. For her there is no life after death. She really wasn't living fully in physical life.

— And what are all the options in terms of life anything after the physical death? The new incarnation?

— It happens that the death of the body merely translates the center of consciousness on more subtle planes of matter existence and he, as a complete spiritual object continues to operate in a different reality without the next incarnation in the material world. It is very well described by E. Barker in the book "Letters of the living deceased". The process that we're talking about — evolutionary. This is very similar to the transformation of Shitik (larvae of the dragonfly) the dragonfly. Shitik lives at the bottom of the pond, dragonfly – mostly flying in the air. A good analogy of the transition from the dense world in the subtle-physical. So a person being near the bottom. And if you die the "advanced" People, spent all the necessary tasks in a tightly-material world, then it turns into "dragonfly". And receives a new task list on the next plane of existence of matter. If the Spirit has not yet gained the necessary experience manifestation in the dense material world, then there is reincarnation in a new physical body, that is, starts a new incarnation in the physical world.

Life after death on the example of evolutionary degeneration of Shitik(caddis) in dragonfly

Of course, death an unpleasant process, and how possible it is to delay. Not least because the physical body gives a lot of features not available "upstairs"! But inevitably there is a situation when the "upper classes can not, and bottoms do not want". Then people from the same quality goes into otherwise. Here again it is the attitude of a man to death. After all, if he was prepared to die physically, in fact, he is also ready for death in any of the previous as a rebirth at the next level. It is also a form of life after death, but not physical, and social previous stage (level). Reborn on a new level "cha-cha", that is, a child. For example, in 1991, I received a document where it was written that all the previous years I was in the Soviet army and Navy are not used to. So I ended up a healer. But died like soldiers. A good "healer" that can blow a finger to kill a person! Situation: death in one and birth in another. Then I die as a healer, seeing the inconsistency of this kind of help, but went much higher, to another life after death in the past as — level causal relationships and teaching people how to self-help and techniques informatici.

— I would like clarity. The center of consciousness, as you call it, may not return in a new body?

— When I talk about death and evidence of the existence of various forms of life after the physical death of the body, it is based on a five-year experience of supporting the dead (there is such a practice) to more subtle planes of matter existence. This procedure is performed in order to help the center of consciousness of the "deceased" person to reach the subtle planes in clear mind and memory. It is well described by Dennion Brinkley's book, "Saved by the light". The story of a man who was struck by lightning and that was three hours in a state of clinical death, and then "woke up" with a new identity in the old body – is very instructive. Sources, in one way or another giving factual information, real evidence of life after death abound. And so, Yes, the cycle of incarnations of the spirit on different media is finite and at some point, the center of consciousness goes on subtle planes of existence where the forms of the mind are different from familiar and understandable to most people perceiving and describing reality only in material and tangible plane.

Sustainable plans of matter existence. The process of embodiment-disembodiment and the transition of information into energy and Vice versa — knowledge of the mechanisms of incarnation and reincarnation, that is, knowledge about life after death, have some practical sense?

— Knowledge of death, as physical manifestations of the subtle planes of existence of matter, the knowledge of how are post-mortem processes, knowledge of the mechanisms of reincarnation, the understanding of what life is after death, help us to solve the issues that today are not solvable by the methods of official medicine: children's diabetes, cerebral palsy, epilepsy – are treatable. We don't do that specifically: physical health – consequence of the decision of Energo-informational problems. In addition, there is the possibility of special technologies to take the unrealized potency of the previous embodiments, so-called "preserves the past", and thereby dramatically increase their performance in the current incarnation. Thus it is possible to give a complete new life unrealized qualities after death in a previous incarnation.

— Are there any sources that are credible from the point of view of the scientist, which I would recommend to explore for those interested in the issues of life after death?

— Eyewitnesses and researchers about whether there is life after death published today in millions of copies. Everyone is free to make his presentation about the subject, based on various sources. There is a gorgeous book, Arthur Ford, "Life after death, as this was told to Jerome Ellison". In this book we are talking about the experiment-the study, which lasted 30 years. The theme of life after death are examined here based on real facts and evidence. The author agreed with his wife to prepare during the life of a special experiment on communication with the spirit world. The experiment condition was the following: who will go to another world first, he needs to get in touch at the pre-agreed script and with the observance of pre-defined test conditions to avoid any speculation and illusions in the experiment. The book is Moody "Life after life" — a classic of the genre. The book by S. Muldoon, H. Carrington, "the Death of a loan or the release of the astral body" is also a very informative book that tells about a man who could repeatedly go in their astral body to come back. And there is a purely scientific work. The devices showed very well the processes that accompany the physical death of Professor Korotkov...

Summing up our conversation, we can say the following: the facts and evidence of life after death has been accumulated over human history many!




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