Life Wani was full of ups and downs.

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 - What boy?
 - While not breathing, Ivan, probably during the contractions was choking.

 - Save the boy. Time mother's death 15: 36.
Hearing that her time has come, Death has moved away from the wall and approached the woman. During childbirth Death was near, waiting for his moment. Death is very punctual, she's never late, but previously had not speshila.Dlya doctors fight for the lives of mothers over now she was on the verge between the worlds and Death came to her to do his duty. Reaching disembodied hand from under the black cloak, she closed her eyes forever zhenschine.Kapyushon harboring Death head turned toward the boy lay. Before her lay a little body, cyanotic, doctors tried in vain to get the baby to reveal the lungs. She was ready to lend a hand to the boy, but he filled the chamber ogluschayuschy cry baby, if he had just surfaced from the depths ozera.Smert pulled down her hand and her face in the shadow of the hood there was a fleeting smile: "Well done, lad!" - I read in her eyes. She had to take both the mother and child, but apparently in Nebeská Chancery decided this time inache.Ona stood behind the doctor, looking at the guy screaming malchika.Myslenno wishing to meet with her soon and in due time, dying to retire, leaving the matter alive. Already turned toward the door, she heard crying tone izmenilas.Ona turned and then she realized that the boy sees, feels, and reaches out to her, as if her mother. Death was ready to lay her nonexistent soul, but it was true! Little boy chose her! Sometimes the death of communicating with human beings when she called with the help of rituals, but the people could see it only in the allotted time, and this time the boy has not yet come.
Death came to the baby and handed him a whitish finger weekdays woven of mist. Ruchenkami grabbed his emptiness before him, death stood and smiled, it was quite funny.
Death was not a cruel and wicked, at times she spent hours talking with my clients, telling them about the existence of another, giving advice, sometimes joked, causing a person to die with a smile on litse.Pochemu something from living was made to fear it, but in fact it was a conductor to another "life." She never took with them on a whim, often has been completely impartial, because it gets the job. Sometimes it happened that death comes to man, and regretted doing their part. For example, recently she had to take an old man who has lived 86 years and in that time has made many good deeds for the living that death was sorry to interrupt such a decent life.
His presence calmed the baby, Death has decided to continue the planned work to date, deciding at the same time to visit malchika.Ona lightly touched the hairs on the head of a boy, reason for calling themselves his Vanya.
Soon the boy and called Ivanom.Iz hospital took him umershey.Ona sister and her husband could not have children, and the appearance in the family embraced Vanya sign from above.
Ivan grew up learning to sit, walk, talk, well, his death comes naveschat.Ona told him about the great, now gone, the people with whom she happened to meet, about ancient times, different animals and the wonders of our world and the other. The boy was in such moments, and listened attentively to her, as if he had been told the most exciting in the world of fairy tales. As time went on, Vanya growing up, studying the world around us and everyone understood the question he asked of Death, she tried to explain to the boy principles mirozdaniya.Chem better said Ivan, the longer they talked about everything. Of course, Death has always been with him, but she came to him in his free time. The boy grew and Death began to think that soon he will realize that it is not a person and, in principle, should not be with him obschatsya.Kogda Vanya was about 6 Death decided to tell him who she really is.
 - Wan? You know who I am? - She asked, sitting beside him on the highchair.
 - You're my friend, this one is just me. - Proudly answered boy playing with a plastic mashinkoy.Smert took a deep breath and continued:
 - Do you have anyone say that the world has life and death? What people sometimes die, well, that is, leave us and go away forever?
 - Yes, death comes to them - seriously answered Vanya, raising her glaza.- my neighbor Aunt Mary told me that her son Vadik death came and now it is gone.
 - That I came for Vadik. - Death sounded muffled voice from under the hood, weekdays whole burden of responsibility once leaned on her plechi.- I Death Ivan.Eto I come and take away my job lyudey.Eto.
For a moment the room was deathly silence. Bright yellow machine froze in the hands of a child. Vanya looked at death, and she looked expectantly at the boy, waiting for his reaction. Suddenly Vanya smiled:
 - You're my friend, you're not bad. Look Dad Artem policeman, everyone is afraid of him, too, but he treated me ice cream - in the child's eyes shone with pride and a strong belief in their slovah.Smert grinned and patted his hair said:
 - And rightly so, death is not an enemy to anyone. And now I'll tell you about the great magician, whom I came not so long ago ...
After talking for a long time the subject is not raised, but there was that sooner or later would have waited proizoshlo.Smert Vanya in his room, he was about to have to go back to school. She was just going to think about your plans for tomorrow, I flew into the room in tears Vanya:
 - Who hurt you? - Death asked sympathetically.
 - I told the guys that play with smertyu.- sniffed, he said Ivan- and Sasha told his mother. She forbade him to be friends with me and told me that I need to show the doctor. But I'm not lied. I'm playing with you?
Death for a second thought about his answer and for the first time acquainted with Vanya realized that nothing she intervened in the life of this man rebenka.Neestestvenno friends with death.
 - Yes, Wang, but you must understand that of all the people only you can see and hear menya.Ko everyone else I come only to put it another istoriya.Esli vremya.Ty- you want, I will not come to you.
 - No! You're my friend! You're my best friend! - Quickly rattled Vania - Nobody knows so many interesting stories! Do not leave me! Friends do not leave each other! You yourself told me of eternal friendship in the eyes of a child ...- gathered lake of tears, a little bit more and it would be gone in an endless weeping. Death soon after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", leaned toward him and zagovorischetski whispered in his ear:
 - Then let our druzhda be a mystery! You know how to keep a secret? - Vanya happily smiled and nodded. Since then, Vanya cherished this taynu.On very proud that he has such a mystery.

As the years passed, Ivan grew up, graduated from the University. They are also secretly communicate with each other. Death has been a bystander in his life, she told him instructive stories, but I never give advice. Several times Ivan wanted to elicit from her about his fate, but death always answered him that in his hands and around his vremya.Uzhe in adulthood she gave him to understand that he would live the life that he himself creates. Each of us is the path, the path each takes a certain time and this time is zhiznyu.Kazhdy chooses a life, but within the permitted period of time and when the time comes the turn at the end of death.
Life Wani was full of ups and padeniy.Byli schaslivo times, and sometimes, like anyone, they took possession of toska.V life happens and important discoveries and strong disappointment, including losses. Between them was an unwritten rule: "Do not ask when the time certain people" .Ivan knew that sooner or later will leave with his uncle and aunt and other relatives lyudi.On never blamed Death and lived every day, because he did not know when it's his time.
Decades have passed, he had a family, children, grandchildren. Even when death came for his wife, he only smiled sadly and nodded Smerti.On realized long ago that differently does not happen, but with age has become increasingly looking to the end of his journey. He became wiser with the years, it also happens that during a conversation, he taught what are Smert.Do looked interesting picture of their communication. Here it is, in a black cloak with a hood sits in a chair by the window, and in front of her white-haired man, whose feet are covered with a woolen blanket. They could spend hours looking out the window and talk or just be silent and think about his.
The last few days, Ivan felt unwell, aching heart and bothered a whole bunch of geriatric diseases. He felt that something was wrong and it may soon turn. In the last conversation he had violated a rule and asked her when his turn. Death silently looked at him and left. Ivan then regretted his question, he even for a moment imagined that she would not come to talk to him, and from these thoughts in his heart all turned over. He imagined that she would not come, and before his death he did not see death, how foolish it would not zvuchalo.Ot these thoughts he laughed, he realized that in any case he was still able to see her and apologize. Wait for him for a long time was not necessary. It took just five days, and gathered around his bed rodstvenniki.Vrach told them that Ivan left a short time and that nothing can be done. However, Ivan, this news does not sorrowful, rather he took it as dolzhnoe.Pozzhe evening when he left for a vacation close she came to him. It appeared as suddenly as always, but this time the death of silence, without greeting, stood against the wall opposite his bed.
 - You have to visit or for me? - Grinning, asked Ivan.Smert silence came over and sat next to his bed.
 - I'm for toboy.Tvoe time is coming, Ivan.
 - I really thought after our conversation, you get back more - man sighed in relief, glad that he can again speak to her.
 - I could not vernutsya.Prihodit in the allotted time - my rabota.Kto would have thought that one day I will carry out their work and at the same time to say goodbye to you.
 - Forgive? Are we with you then not see each other? After all? You Death in the end - in the eyes faded with age Ivan lurking sadness, and a children's voice flashed resentment.
 - Proschatsya.Smert comes to living, but death will never come to mertvym.- She took him by the hand. For a moment, Ivan's face became a mask of anguish, but after a few moments, he smiled at her, taking gryaduschee.Smert smiled back at him and asked:
 - What do you rasskat last anecdote?

Close Ivan found a couple of hours. On his face was peaceful smile, as if the hand even after the death of someone clutching his hand.



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