If the father of the dead girls were not looked for a mirror, he would never have discovered her secret.

Athena Orchard from Leicester, England, was a sweet, fun girl who loved the sport and with great dedication took care of his 6 sisters and 3 brothers. Shortly before Christmas, she had found a tumor in his head. The fact that the girl is sick, no one knew until she passed out in the kitchen. Doctors girl terrifying diagnosis - cancer of the bone, which was a shock to all who knew her. Athena urgently held a seven-hour brain surgery, followed by chemotherapy. All this has deprived her hair, vitality, but not a positive outlook on life, which does not leave her either during the exhausting and long struggle with the disease, either before his death.

After the funeral, the parents began to disassemble the items in the room the girls. Pushing the mirror, Daddy Athens saw that his entire back wall painted with a marker. He began to read the writing, but could not read to the end, as tears came to his eyes. The message, which left the girl to his family and to all people of the world, touched him to the quick, and melted the hearts of millions of people.

That's what Athena had written on the reverse side of the mirror before his death:

«Happiness depends only on us. Maybe it's not a happy ending, but the story itself. I>

The meaning of life - a meaningful life. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary - a small "no». I>

Happiness - is the direction, not the target. Thank you for that you exist. Be happy, freedom, trust, I remain always young. You know my name not my story. Did you hear about what I did, but not about how, through what I went through. Love - like glass: extremely beautiful, but fragile. I>

Love is rare, life is strange, nothing is forever, people change. Every day - especially Live it to the full, because tomorrow you may find that ill with an incurable disease. Life is bad, but if you make it so. I>

If someone likes, he will not let you go, no matter how difficult the situation is. Remember that life is full of ups and downs. Never renounced order without thinking about what you can not live a day. I want to be a girl who makes a bad day better, and the one who changes the life of the people I met. I>

Love is not how often you say it, and how can you prove it by his actions. Love - like the wind: it can be felt, but not seen. I would like to love someone and to open his heart to this man. Love is not with those with whom you see their future, and to those without whom you can not see it ... i>

Life - a game, and love - the prize. Only I have the right to judge yourself. I>

Sometimes love - it hurts. Now I'm fighting myself. Baby I can feel your pain. Dreams I have replaced reality. It hurts, but nothing, I had grown accustomed to. I>

Do not rush to judge me, you see just what I decided to show you ... you do not know the truth. I just want to be happy and to be happy without judgment. I>

This is my life, not yours, so do not be worried about what I'm doing. People will hate you, rate, try to break, but then how can you resist it, makes you you! I>

You do not need to cry, because I know that we will meet soon ». i>

These incredible words strike to the heart. Athena was very wise for his age and has had time to learn a lot about life. According to the stories his mother, the girl was strong and cheerful, had a keen mind and loved to write. Parents say Athens is sure to keep the mirror, because it makes them feel that their daughter next.



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