WORLD - a mirror:

Types of mirrors, or how not to get lost in reflections.
"Even the mirror can not afford to show you you yourself, if you do not want to watch." R.Zhelyazny

The world and all that is in it, is our direct mirror. What we see around us - a reflection of showing who we really are. The objective of such a mirror is not simply reflect some moments of our lives, but also help to understand myself, to see what generally tend not to notice. It is only through the mirror you can look at ourselves.

What does it mean to recognize a mirror? That is not to fall in response to some stimulus to be able to understand why there was this or that situation, to draw conclusions and to direct their energies not to change the reflection and the changes in himself. After all, only by changing the reflected (ie ourselves), and reflected changes.

You could even say more. These mirrors form a complete system, including some of the aspects from the overall picture of the world and ending with loved ones. In total there are seven. Let's look at each of them.
Mirror confidence Being

On account of this latest, seventh mirror. However it is better to start with him. Since it is a trust to life begins our tour of the world through the mirror. Confidence - it means to let life happen as it is, let the waves behave in its infinite wisdom.

Mirror confidence through a situation in which we find ourselves, we reflect the degree of confidence in the Life. How easy is it for you float downstream? Do all you manage? Is it good for you? And if your position at the time is now poor, if life is a series of tests, which can not pass without a strict control on the part of the mind, think, do not you trying to control the uncontrollable? After all, the idea of ​​being much more complex than we can imagine, and trying to structure and maintain its power in the events, you express the most distrust of senior fisheries.

Confidence - it's always easy. Confidence - it's the best thing that could only happen to you.
Mirror yourself

This is the first mirror that reflects you directly. And to be precise, those character traits that you currently do not accept that you do not like, are denied and suppressed.

How does such a mirror? On your path of life will always meet people with similar qualities, which will cause your negative reactions. Here's a simple example. Man is constantly faced with dishonest people. Why is that? What is the reason? What does such a mirror? The answer is simple - perhaps the man himself is dishonest with you? That is thinking one thing, but ignoring their true desires and doing something else. Be honest with yourself - it means to think, speak and do the same thing.

Look for people who irritate you, that cause the negative and think about it, maybe it's your own mirror? And what you do not like them - it's your own features?
Mirror conviction

This is the second in a row mirror. Not always people calling you have a negative reaction shows directly to your line. This feature you can simply not be, but the people, reflecting its constantly meet on your way. For example, you really do not like people who abuse alcohol, but such personality constantly arise before you. Then this is the second mirror - a mirror of condemnation.

What does this mean? This mirror points to your attempts to adjust everything by itself, must not call everyone to be different. But the key point here is that in fact you are again not fully accept yourself.
The mirror of our issues

This mirror reflects the positive aspects we have in us, but who for one reason or another we lost, drowned. Those. If we meet a person and admired some of his qualities, habits, talents - it means that these qualities are in us, but for some reason we do not see and do not vostrebuem.

This mirror encourages us to turn to him in search of the perfect, light, the better. Do not hide behind a mask deep talent greyness and ordinariness, and boldly show them to the outside.
Mirror compromise

This is the fourth mirror. And it comes when we step on your throat, do all under the direction of mind, ignoring the true desires and feelings.

Compromises with you - it is much to be one thing and do another. This act against conscience, justifying some logical reasons. The inability to listen to the heart and soul, the inability to live their lives, the inability to be themselves. Mirror compromise immediately shows us that a disharmony in the conviction itself. If these feelings are familiar to you, think about what you went with a compromise? Where you ignored gusts your true self?
Mirror parents

Fifth mirror is our parents. Here we must remember the following: Mother always shows us what love is, and his father - the credibility of life. Subconsciously, looking at them, we write a program for the perception of life. If the father has thrown you, by the same token, he showed that life can not be trusted. It is not surprising if in the future you'll just try to control everything, not trusting the flow of life. If your mother was strict rules and did not show much love, then as an adult, and you'll receive love through control and rigidity. Your parents reflect the quality of your love and the credibility of life, which at the moment are rooted in you.

Look closely, maybe right now it is time to understand the causes of your subconscious beliefs and change vital reference points in the direction of true happiness?
Mirror the dark night of the soul

We find ourselves in the mirror, when ourselves in a situation full of despair, when it seems that all any longer, is the face and only emptiness ahead.

Sooner or later every one of us gets up in front of this mirror. But what it represents to us? In any of the deepest despair there bottom. And touching the day, you can push off of it and go even higher than it was before the fall.

Once in such a situation, it is important to remember that from you now nothing depends. You just need to let go and say - come what may.

But remember - there comes the dawn, and the moment of realization of the best solution will come as an unexpected epiphany. The main trust, the main thing to let this happen.

Mirrors serve us well on the way to the assistants themselves, they call attention to those imperfections that can be corrected on the qualities that can be developed for those situations that require participation.

Look at the world around. What does it for you? Which of the mirror at the moment the most obvious to you and loved ones? To be able to recognize the mirror, be able to find a reason in itself - is the key to conscious and happy life. You can not change the reflection, but you can change yourself, then that too will change around. Therefore, looking at the reflection, remember that the source of what you see - only you.

Let your life in the world of mirrors will be realized and happy. Watch, and may arrive with you the truth.


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