Funny swindler Ostap Bender and leader of nobility Jon Dough

In the courtyard of the mid-twentieth century. Funny swindler Ostap Bender and leader of nobility Jon Dough Madame Petukhova looking for treasures. I suggest you look at the reconstruction of the events of one of the places of their search with photos and detailed comments.

Almost looked like this station Beslan in those days. It was four o'clock in the morning. Mountain peaks lit dark pink sunlight. Mountains do not like Ostap. - Too much bling! - he said. - The wild beauty. Imagination idiot. Worthless thing. "It was the fourth hour of the morning" ??? There neuvyazochka.Samy early sunrise in Vladikavkaz is in iyune.V this month the first rays appear at 5:26 am. (2013). In Vladikavkaz station visitors waited a large outdoor bus Zakavtopromtorga and affectionate people said: - Who will go on the Georgian Military Road - in the city are taking charge. - Where are you, pussycat? - Said Ostap. - We were on the bus. Let driven, free time.

Vladikavkaz station at the time

So looked bus "Zakavtopromtorga."

Which hotel is it unlucky povёz concessionaires? Perhaps in the current «Imperial».

There's a bureau "Zakavtopromtorga."

But another office is in the hotel "Europe" is also a proletarian prospectus.

The second floor corner of the building occupied by guest. "Europe".

Podvezenny bus to the office Zakavtopromtorga, Ostap, however, hastened to register for a place in the car. The lively conversation with Hippolyte Matveyevich, he admired belted cloud Table Mountain and finding that the mountain is really like on the table, quickly withdrew. Enjoy views of Table Mountain, Bender could have one of the two points marked in red. Indeed, while the trees on the avenue has not been so high and the view of Table Mountain from these points was great.

In Vladikavkaz, I had to spend a few days. But all attempts to get the money to travel on the Georgian Military Highway, or did not bear fruit, or give enough money only for the daily food. Attempting to charge citizens dimes failed. The Caucasian ridge was so high and can be seen that taking his show money is not possible. He could be seen almost everywhere. But other beauties in Vladikavkaz was not. As far as the Terek, then he proceeded past the "Trek" for the entrance to the city that the money levied without the help of Ostap. Alms produced Hippolyte Matveyevich brought in two days and thirteen cents. Photos of the entrance to the track mid-20s, I did not find. But in the mid-30s, he looked exactly the same

Then Ostap pulled out from the recesses of his jacket stowed deck of cards, and seeding the road at the outskirts of the city, started a three-game map. Next to him was instructed Vorobyaninov, who was to play the role of an enthusiastic audience, surprise win easily. Behind friends in the clouds drawn ridges and snow-capped peaks. - Reds win, lose dark hair! - Shouted Ostap. Before the assembled crowd of tribal Mountains, Ingush and Ossetians in felt hats Ostap threw three cards face down, one of which was red suit and two - black. Any citizen asked to put on a little red card any bet. Guess Ostap undertook to pay on the spot. - Reds win, lose dark hair! Noticed - set! Guessed - Take the money! Highlanders flattered simplicity and ease of winning the game. Red card in front of all went to the right or to the left, and there was no difficulty to guess where she went. The audience gradually began to get involved in the game, and Ostap to blezira already lost forty cents. The crowd joined in a brown Circassian rider in a red cap and wing with the usual dagger fell on his stomach. Perhaps rider-Ingush looked that way :)

- Reds win, lose dark hair! - Ostap sang, realizing profit. - Noticed - set! Guessed - Take the money! Ostap made a few passes and threw a card. - There she is! - I shouted the rider, leaping from his horse. - Won reds! I well noticed! - Put the money katso if noticed, - said Ostap. - Lose! - Said the mountaineer. - Nothing. Lost - pay the money, - said Ostap. - Ten rubles put. - Put your money. Highlander opened the floor and took the Circassian poryzhely purse. - That reds! I could see well. A player raised his card. The map was black. - Another card? - Asked Ostap, hiding win. - Throw. Ostap threw. Highlander lost another twenty rubles. Then thirty. Highlander in that whatever was decided to fight back. The rider went on the entire loss. Ostap had not coached in three cards, and lost their skills, shrugged this time very badly. - Give me the money! - I called Highlander. - What?! - Shouted Ostap. - People have seen! No moshenstva! - People have seen, not seen - their business. I saw you changed the map, instead of reds put little black! Give the money back! With these words, the mountaineer approached Ostap. Tipster stoically suffered the first blow on the head and gave a stunning change. Then Ostap pounced on the whole crowd. Vorobyaninov fled the city. Ingush testy beat Ostap long. They cooled off as quickly as the night cools down the mountain air. Ten minutes later, a mountaineer to recapture public money was returning to his village, the crowd returned to its everyday business, and Ostap, elegant and far spitting blood from a broken sochivshuyusya gum, stumbled to connect to Ippolit Matveyevich. Where is this place where Ostap Ibrahimovic cut off "kicked" by the local population, is unknown :) But how could look like "gamblers" in felt hats:

- Enough - said Ostap - one way out: to go to Tbilisi on foot. In five days we will go two hundred miles. Nothing, dad, charming mountain views, fresh air ... We need money for bread and sausage amateur. You can add to your vocabulary a few Italian phrases, that's what you want, but in the evening you have to gather up at least two rubles! .. For lunch today, I do not have to, my dear friend. Alas! Bad odds! .. Very early concessionaires crossed the bridge across the Terek, barracks and walked deeper into the green valley, in which there was the Georgian Military Road. What is the "bridge" mean? Closest to the Georgian Military Highway Bridge-iron. Through him, most likely crossed the Terek companions.

Further by the text, it comes to the barracks. Probably "Barracks" is a Cadet School.

- We were lucky Kish - said Ostap - night was rain, and we will not have to swallow the dust. Inhale, the leader of clean air. Sing. Remember Caucasian poems. Behave as it is necessary! .. But Vorobyaninov sang and remembered poems. The road went uphill. Nights spent in the open air, reminded himself batters in his side, heavy legs, and amateur sausage - a constant and painful heartburn. He was leaning to one side, holding a five-pound bread wrapped in Vladikavkaz newspaper, and almost dragging his left leg. The most large-circulation newspaper in Vladikavkaz that time was the newspaper "labor power." Perhaps that was the bread was wrapped in it.

Again, go! At this time in Tbilisi, this time on the beautiful road in the world. Hippolyte Matveyevich did not care. He did not look around as Ostap. He emphatically did not notice the Terek, who was beginning to rumble intermittently at the bottom of the valley. And only the sun shining icy peaks that vaguely resembled him - not the brilliance of diamonds, not the best glazetovye coffins master Bezenchuk. Bender was young and full of energy, can not be said about the Keys. Look, it looked like the way to skheme1925 year that they had to go through. "Still higher, and higher, and higher ...»

Prior to the first postal station - Baltic - travelers were in the sphere of influence of Table Mountain. Its dense array elephant with streaks of snow followed them ten miles. Travellers overtaken Zakavtopromtorga first passenger car, half an hour - bus vezshy least forty tourists and no more than one hundred and twenty suitcases. - Bow Kazbek! - Ostap cried after the car. - Kiss him in the left glacier! After the car a long time in the mountains smell of gasoline fumes and heated rubber. Zvonko jingling, overtook the travelers carts Highlanders. Towards the bend left chaise. The Balta Ostap gave Hippolyte Matveev inch sausage and he ate two inches. - I'm the breadwinner of the family, - he said - I'm supposed to enhanced nutrition. Station Balta:

After Balta road entered the ravine and walked the narrow ledge carved into the dark cliffs. Spiral road curled up, and in the evening the concessionaires found themselves at the station Lars a thousand meters above sea level. They spent the night in a poor tavern, and even got a free glass of milk, beguiled the owner and his guests card tricks. St.Lars. Perhaps in one of these houses travelers spent the night :)

The morning was so charming that even Vorobyaninov sprinkled with mountain air, walked cheerfully yesterday. For Lars station immediately stood a grand wall of the Lateral Range. Terek Valley then withdrew narrow gorges. The landscape grew darker and more numerous inscriptions on the rocks. This inscription about S.Lars, 100% caught the eye of Kise and Osa:

Where the rock so squeezed for Terek that the span of the bridge is only ten fathoms, where concessionaires have seen many inscriptions on the rocky walls of the gorge that Ostap, forgetting about the majesty of the Daryal Gorge, cried, trying to overcome the roar and moans Terek - Great people! Note leader. You see, just above the clouds and below the eagle. Caption: "Nick and Mick, July 1914" An unforgettable sight! Pay attention to the artistry! Each letter in the size of the meter and painted with oil paint! Where are you, Nick and Mick? Conceived and Vorobyaninov. Where are you, Nick and Mick? And you now, Mick and Nick doing? Grown fat, probably aged? Probably now the fourth floor does not rise up, not that the clouds - the names of their draw. Where are you, Nick, serve? Poor serve, you say? Golden childhood remember? What is it you have gold? This spotting some canyons you think gold childhood? Kohl's, you terrible! And your wife Mika nasty woman, even though she is guilty as much as you. When you draw your name, hanging on a cliff, Mick stood down on the highway and looking at you with adoring eyes. Then it seemed to her that you are a second Pechorin. Now she knows who you are. You are a fool! Yes, yes, all of you are - slides beauty! Pechorin, Pechorin, and there, staring at the stupidity of the report can not balance! - Kish - Ostap continued, - and let us perpetuate. Zabem Mike tanks. I, by the way, and chalk is! Honestly, it is useful now and write: "Kitty and Osia were here." And Ostap, without thinking twice, folded on the parapet enclosing the highway from the seething abyss Terek reserves amateur sausage and began to climb the rock. Vorobyaninov first watched the rise of the great schemer, but then lifted and turned and began to look at the foundation of the castle Tamara, preserved in the rock, like a horse's tooth. It is from this place begins a fragment of a film about the adventures of Ostap Bender, Ippolit Matveyevich Vorobyaninov and father Fyodor in the Caucasus. The film's director Leonid Gaidai -Veliky.

At this time, a few miles from the concessionaires, from Tiflis in the Daryal Gorge became the father Fyodor. He was a soldier dimensional step, looking only forward a firm with diamond eyes and leaning on a crutch with high curved end as the biblical high priest. On the last of his money to his father Fyodor reached Tiflis and now walked home on foot, eating freewill offering. While going through the Cross Pass (2345 meters above sea level) was bitten by an eagle. Father Theodore swung at daring bird crutch and went on. He was tangled up in the clouds, and muttered: - Not for personal gain, but merely the will that sent his wife on me!

The same phrase he repeated, entering the Daryal Gorge. The distance between the enemy declined. He turned over the cusp, Father Fyodor ran into an old man in a gold pince-nez. Gorge split in front of his father Fyodor. Terek stopped its millennial cry. Father Fyodor learned Vorobyaninov. After a terrible failure in Batumi, after all hopes were dashed, a new opportunity to get a wealth effect on his father Fyodor unusual way. He grabbed Hippolyte Matveyevich for skinny Adam's apple, and squeezing his fingers and shouted in a hoarse voice: - What to do with thee treasure murdered her mother? Vorobyaninov, nothing like that waited, silent, rolling his eyes so that they are almost touching with a pince-nez.

- Speak! - I ordered the father Fyodor. - Repent, sinner! Dough felt that he was losing his breath. Here Father Fyodor already triumphed, saw a jump on the rock Bender. The technical director was coming down, shouting loudly: pounding Against the gloomy rock, boil and foam rollers! .. Great fright struck the heart of the father Fyodor. Mechanically he continued to hold the leader's throat, but his knees were shaking. - Ah, here is one ?! - Friendly cried Ostap. - Competing organizations! Father Fyodor did not hesitate. Obeying beneficent instinct, he grabbed concession sausage and bread and ran away. - Beat him, Comrade Bender, - shouted from the ground to catch his breath Vorobyaninov. - Catch him! Hold! Ostap whistled and cheered. - Chu-oo-oo! - He shouted, starting after him. - Battle of the Pyramids or the bender on the hunt! Where you run, the customer? Can you suggest a good chair gutted! Father Fyodor not resist persecution and flour climbed the steep rock completely. He pushes up the heart rises to his throat, and features known only one cowards, itching in the heels. His feet came off the granite and carried his master up. - Do u have! - Ostap shouted from below. - Hold it! - He took our supplies! - Vorobyaninov yelled, running up to Ostap. - Stop! - Thundered Ostap. - Wait, you say! But it only gave new strength was faint father Fyodor. He hoisted a few jumps and found himself six feet above the ten high inscriptions.

- Give the sausage! - Cried Ostap. - Give the sausage, you fool! I forgive you! Father Fyodor had heard nothing. He found himself on the level ground, climbing on which it was not possible until now no one person. Father Theodore seized dreary horror. He realized that he could climb down is impossible. Rock went and fell on the road perpendicular, and the opposite slope there was nothing to think about. He looked down. There raged Ostap, and at the bottom of the gorge glistening golden pince-nez leader. - I will give the sausage! - Cried father Fyodor. - Shoot me! In response Terek roared and rushed out of the castle Tamara passionate cries. There lived an owl. - Take-ite me! - Plaintively cried Father Fyodor. He saw all the maneuvers concessionaires. They ran under a rock, and, judging by the gestures, ugly foul language. The rock on which probably sat Father Fyodor

An hour later, lain in the stomach and later head down Father Fyodor saw Bender and Dough goes towards the Cross Pass. This place is also able to identify :)

One of the most picturesque places on V.G.D. Scala Carry by My God.

Later, a quick night. The darkness and the hellish roar beneath the cloud trembled and wept father Fyodor. He no longer needed earthly treasures. He wanted only one thing - down to the ground. At night, he roared so that at times drowned out the Terek and in the morning refreshment amateur sausage with bread and satanic laughed at the bottom of the car runs. Rest of the day was spent in contemplation of the mountains and the heavenly body - the sun. At night, he saw the Queen Tamar. The Queen arrived to him from his castle and coyly said: - The neighbors will be. - Mother! - With a sense of his father said Fedor. - Not for personal gain ... - I know, I know, - said the queen, - but merely the will that sent thee a wife. - How Well do you know? - Surprised his father Fyodor. - Yeah, I know. They came to a neighbor. The sixty-six play! A? She laughed and departed, blowing in the night sky crackers.

On the third day the father Fyodor began to preach to the birds. He somehow persuaded them to Lutheranism. - Birds - he said his sonorous voice - repent of their sins in public! On the fourth day he has shown the tourists below. - Right - Castle Tamara - said experienced guides - and left a living person is, and what he lives and how he got there - is also unknown. - And the people are wild! - Astonished tourists. - Children of the mountains!

There were clouds. The father of Fedor eagles circling. The bravest of them stole the rest of the amateur sausage and flap folded in a foaming Terek pound and a half of bread. Father Fyodor eagle shook his finger and smiling radiantly, whispered: - Bird God knows neither care nor labor busily not recoiling durable housing. The eagle looked at his father Fyodor, shouted "cuckoo-re-ku" and flew away. - Oh, orlusha, orlusha, the more you bitch!


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