Preserve the memory (51 photos)

One blogger from New York, shared with us the archival photographs, which were found by accident.
All photos taken by Frank Fetter - American expert seconded to the Soviet Union in 1930.
Many of the images are made in Kazan, some part of Moscow, and the rest in places that have probably not be identified.

1. Soviet citizens closely looking at the photographer from a visiting American institutions under the guise of "TsentroSPIRTlavka».

2. Actually it all started with a photo. In the provincial town N had so many hairdressing establishments and funeral bureau that seemed residents are born only to shave, shave, freshen up and head vezhetalem immediately die.

3. It was a pleasant street, which occur in the county towns. To the left of the wavy greenish silvered glass coffins funeral "Nymph". To the right of the small, crumbling with putty windows glumly sat down dusty and boring oak coffins coffin Goldsmiths Bezenchuk.

4. Apparently it looked so "nice street».

5. A residence permit for foreigners and seasonal (it?) The card in the name of Frank Fetter.

6. Street trade kvas.

7. Women in the samovar.

8. Foreigners.

9. 30 girls.

10. Traders cakes in the market.

11. Sellers keys on the market.

12. sulfuric mineral baths.

13. Turn to the institution under the guise of "TSENTROSPIRT Shop»

14. Book- powerful weapon of mass communion.

15. Stand in the library. "It is not permitted to take the newspapers and magazines to the country».

16. The train with one carriage.

17. Turn to the stall.

18. Man (8 th photo) with the car Ford A.

19. Filling the bus in Moscow.

20. strengthen defense of the USSR. All-Union lottery Osoaviahima razygrovali world travels.

21 on Sverdlov Square yesterday fell under the horse cab e8974 c. O. Bender. The victim escaped with slight shock.

22. shoeshine.

23. Dining snack.

24. The Moscow street.

25. Boarding the bus in front of the Bolshoi Theater.

26. Seller suitcases.

27. stall K.TS.R.K.

28. The private grain trade M. Timofeeva.

29. TsentroSPIRTlavka.

30. Build a cultural collective poultry.

31. Market.

32. Long live the 10th anniversary of the Soviet Tatarstan.

33. "students of military department of the Kazan Veterinary Institute».

34. All in Highways! - He said hurriedly, looking at Ostap caught up with him. - To establish mass production of Soviet cars! Iron horse takes the place of peasant horse!

35. On the market.

36. Delivery of bread in a workers' cooperative.

37. Barber.

38 - Bender! He walks along the road. Goose! This marvelous bird walks, and I stand and pretend that it does not concern me. It fits. Now he will hiss at me. These birds think they are the strongest of all, and this is their weak point. Bender! This is their weak side! ..

39. Hail to the Leninist unity of the Communist International.

40. Farmers at dinner.

41. Comrade kommunar! Be polite in the dining room, it is arranged for you and your interests.

42. The queue at a tobacco shop under the advertising lottery.

43. On the market.

44. On the river.

45. The steam tractor.

46. ​​10 years AGSSR.

47. Chinese street vendor.

48. Seller gramophones and records in the market.

49. Do not peace, but a sword capitalism carries the international revolutionary movement, prof.

50. Camel.




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